Low CPU usage

Hi, everyone. Most people are saying how CPU intensive this game is but for me the CPU usage stays at 25-30% all the time. Irrespective of the hordes.
FPS drop severely during hordes. My GPU usage is fine.
My specs
Ryzen 7 5800H
3060 mobile 6gb vram
16gm 3200mhz ram
Everything is updated.
Running the game at 1600p with all low settings and DLSS super resolution set to Balanced.

thats pretty normal cpu usage for a game
people saying that the game is cpu intensive are lying

Every modern game, including Darktide will have a limit on how much threads it create to be utilized by a single core. For example, if the max thread count is 6, and you have 6 cores. you can put all 6 cores to use and have 100% utilization. Double the core count and the CPU will be utilized for 50%. This might be a bit over simplified, but you get the idea.

So, it all depend on the amount of cores that someone has. Your system might have plenty of cores and might appear to be doing very little.

Hi and thanks for your reply, making the game use all cores option is the one that is there in the launcher right?
I set it to 14 which is the max and I checked task bar for the it’s processor affinity and all the cores are checked on Darktide.exe as well. I tried to change priority of cpu to High but it said access was denied. Set the Darktide.exe to run as admin and even running taskmanager as admin but I still couldn’t change the priority to High. Any other things I can do?