Trauma staff doing less damage than indicated

Issue Description:
Trauma Staff for psyker, in current version of the game (1.0.14), deals incorrect amount of damage.

Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Test in meat grinder as Psyker
  2. Voidstrike and surge staff’s charge attacks (right mouse click) deal the correct amount of damage to crushers, consistent with the damage table breakdown (carapace armor) in weapon inspection.
  3. Trauma staff’s charge attack deals incorrect damage to crushers, markedly less than what the damage table indicates.


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Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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Are there any words on this? I would hope to have a confirmation whether or not it is bugged.

Thank you for your report! You say you only notice this issue with the Carapace Armour damage, not with other armour types?

It seems that all other armor types also report lower damage than indicated.


Hi! Thank you for finding this bug.

The bug is that we acidentely added the damage from the explosion twise and in the weapon detail view we displayed a higher number then intented. The bug is hence in the stat screen and not with the ammount of damage the weapon does. This bug is only comstic and don’t effect gameplay in a mission.

The weapon stat screen will get patched in the next patch but the weapon does the correct amount of damage.

Best regards! / Guendolin from the Dev team.

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Hmmm, may I ask what’s the purpose of this weapon then? Check this other thread Trauma staff stats are unbalanced and unnoticeable (peril generation, blast radius)

Currently, it feels so bad to use compared to the other staffs. It should at least have a different light attack and the charge should suck enemies towards the center.

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Sorry, but can you just remove this staff then? If the damage right now is intended then this weapon serves no purpose and only makes getting other staffs from the RNG shop more difficult.

So you made the staff worthless intentionally? What use is it then and waste dev time on something that can’t compete with any other staff and isn’t a viable option?

I’m just trying to follow your logic here.