A bug with psykers

A bug with psykers, the Lightning Staff would sometimes do only half the normal damage.Coming from translation software, please forgive me.


There was a bug before this patch where the middle keystone ability was affecting surge staff and giving it +125% damage.

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I have never used 125%bug, I always choose the leftmost part of the talent tree.

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Yeah something weird is going on here. Occasionally crits do as little as normal hits.

470 crit
441 crit
392 non crit
961 weak spot? (I thought surge always targeted the body? I am crazy confused by this)
1133 crit

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ik_wH9xM1Y

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Yeah, it seems like flak and carapace damage has been reduced? I seem to remember it did slightly more to them.

I almost never use surge staff so I can’t say what the difference is between then and now, but it seems pretty wild that I’m critting for 470 and 441 with some casts, while also critting for 1133 on others.

It is said that the electric cane will hit the enemy’s arms, legs (limbs), causing damage to be halved

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It’s because Surge and Smite both target random hit zones now. If intended behavior for both rather than just Smite, it needs refinement


No weakspot hits but can hit limbs? I’ve got no words.


Although I understand why, this feels even more angry now


It’s incredibly unfun and infuriating to play with now. Can confirm the findings; The staff randomly targets a limb leading to on average up to 40% less total damage done over a run than before.


Yeah. I’ve seen this too. Makes overall damage incredibly low, and makes enemy-to-enemy damage incredibly inconsistent.


It’s wild. I actually timed it, my Surge staff, ostensibly only good at single target damage and completely geared towards killing crushers, takes 8.94 seconds. This is the best time I achieved. Much of the rest of the time I had to stop due to my peril being maxed out and it was closer to 14-15 seconds.

My illisi sword, a weapon whose entire ethos is for clear hordes and geared towards unarmoured and flak armour, can kill it in 10.09 seconds with charged heavy attacks reliably without coming close to maxing out Peril. A weapon who shouldn’t be coming within light year of an Elite is slower by just over a single second.

Now obviously there is variance in that due to RNG and crits…but that variance was often making it so that you even can’t kill a single crusher without blowing up. If this is the surge staff working as intended FS might as well just take it out of the game.


Hopefully this gets looked at. Right now the surge staff is incredibly inconsistant. They seem to be having trouble seperating the surge lightning barrage from the smite ability properties.

I refuse to believe this was intentional because if it was then it relegates surgestaff to dumpster-tier, and that my friends just isnt cool at all.

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I’m so glad I found this thread. My bolt staff was feeling so weak today and no one was even exploding when it killed anymore. Thought I was crazy!

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I have not been a fan on surge staff since patch 13 but now I just feel bad, this should not be a thing.

Yeah about that glitch fix… at least it’s better state than before, not quite pre-glitch state but slowly getting there, next month ? :upside_down_face:

Before it was usable if you didn’t abuse the bug. Now it isn’t usable at all. We have very different ideas of better.


Surge staff also no longer has enemy explosion animation. It was so fun and felt so good. Please return it!

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You never qp ? yeah it’s better but not good ofc.

Took them a month to fix the glitch, really hoped they wont mess up, but hey get used to it :upside_down_face: