Surge staff inadvertently nerfed?

Yes im aware of the bug with surge staff using empowered psionics. Thats not what this is about. Surge staff properties have been set now to randomly target enemy limbs? Hard to want to use a weapon when i dont know if its going to require 2-3 bolts, or 10.

I get the nerf to EmpPsi. Totally justified, but im having trouble understanding if the limb targetting change was intentional. Seems like an oversight or a mistake.

Am I missing something? Was this change intentional FS?

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I don’t know what you mean, there is no targeting with the surge staff, it just does its base damage.

I’ve never seen it being able to deal weakspot damage, not even against huge targets like the Nurgle Beast back.

I think they nerfed its damage against armored enemies, though.
Without a crit, it now takes 5 hits (and above 100% peril) to kill a single rager.

This used to be true. With the new patch it seems surge is now randomizing where it hits. I believe smite has the same property, but i dont think it was ever intended for surge staff.

So instead of just targetting body it now targets limbs thus reducing the damage because of limb damage reduction.

I tried it a bit in the psykanium and it’s a bit iffy.

I wouldn’t know how to tell which part of the body it hit, but now I actually see random weakspot hits, even though it does not matter where I point the reticule: sometimes they’re orange somtimes they’re not…

The consistent utility was the whole reason to take the weapon, but now… It seems like the property that jumps smite attacks to limbs is stuck on the surge staff now. Hopefully they address it.

The surge staff essentially took an pretty chunky damage hit due to this change. Again I understand the interaction with EP was a bug, but this is… not great.

Id rather they revert the staff back to idk pre patch 13 or something because this aint it fam.

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