Trapper nets go through materials

Issue Type (Required):

Enemy Mechanics

Issue Description (Required):

This has been in the game (though has somewhat improved) since launch. Trapper nets go through fencing, boxes, and, sometimes even walls. My main issue with it is how immersion breaking it is. Things that look like a net should not pass through result in the net clipping through. Cover doesn’t behave like you expect it to. The visuals clip.

There’s a lot of this in the game: tox flamer fire turning corners, gunner bullets going through stairs, etc. Let’s start removing some of this stuff to make the game feel better.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. Find trapper.
  2. Bait it.
  3. Try hiding behind an object the net shouldn’t pass through. Various objects have different repro methods. I’ve attached a screenshot for one particular one.

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Often (<75%)

Platform (Required):

PC - Steam

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I’ve heard it said this happens because Trappers use hitscan rather than a projectile to dodge. That’s why you can successfully dodge the net’s projectile yet still find yourself ensnared by it.
I really hope they address this issue in the future because having the net’s ignore walls and obstacles is ludicrous.


Poxflamers are also among the enemies that like to shoot “around the corner” (horizontally and vertically). It’s very strange when you’re looking for cover behind a solid concrete pillar only to be hit anyway… Or when the floor is suddenly on fire because an invisible torrent of flames is fired from 2 floors below.

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@Unskinner I made one for flamers as well: Tox flamer fire goes around corners.


Can confirm this happens quite a lot even though it’s very inconsistent in my experience. In some places you can be netted through objects, in some others you can’t. Either way they shouldn’t be able to ever net you through anything, period.


Let’s hope today’s patch addressed this!

  • Fixed cases where the Scab Trapper could shoot through fences / grates or other transparent barriers.


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