Trappers and Snipers need Retuning

No this isn’t a whine thread… well it kinda is…

Trappers can shoot nets thru solid objects like gates/balusters/door jambs

And snipers can shoot through objects that I cannot target them back with brain burst.

I’m not even mad trappers can shoot thru other enemies, but gates/fences is lame as hell.


Oh, the joy of having a sniper pointing me from 3 meters behind a wide-dented fence and having all my shots stopped by the very strong air in the midst of the fence…


Are you sure about that? I use poles, walls, and boxes to avoid trappers all the time and it works. Even tho I dodge at the same time but I don’t even see a net going through those objects at all. Of course, it will go pass a thin bunker around the map, they are not even tall to begin with, but for the most part we can hide behind a lot of things.

There’s more issues than that. Trappers are also silent a lot of the time or will shoot their net without warning, sniper can shoot without a laser or shoot you through a dodge


Snipers can keep tracking you after they play their fire sound.

I can’t be 100% certain, but I have a sneaky suspicion trappers can at least sometimes, target my Zelly when invisible… I always wondered if anyone else noticed it :slight_smile:

This is more of an issue than the OP, yes.

It turns out if you invis right after the shot already register to fire, you gotta dodge it, otherwise it will catch you in invis.

The net is a projectile: even if it’s shot at another party member if you walk in the trajectory you get trapped.

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Yep, that’s also true.

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