This is going to kickstart the modding discussion back up: New mod allows you to change your height - Serverside

Posting before someone else does, so I can wrap it in a nice Poll.

Shortly summarized: This mod allows you to change your character height post-creation and it does issue the command through the game servers. Your character height changes permanently and it’s visible for everyone else.
Also, the size you can change to is completely within the set boundaries you’d have at character creation for your class.

On a technical level: It’s in violation of Fatshark’s original modding policy for Darktide.
On a practical level: It’s still purely a visual change and is within the parameters what you could have done anyway. Just allows you to redo your choice.

How do you feel about this?

  • Mods should not change server sided code, including this one. This is unfair and will eventually lead to a slippery slope where modders feel comfortable messing with the game…
  • Generally mods should not change server sided code. However, this one is sort of an exception. It doesn’t impact, cheat or negatively impact anyone else and what you can do with it was readily available without this mod.
  • I’m generally fine with mods that also access server sided code, as long as they don’t impact anyone else or the game negatively. I’m all for spicing it up.
  • My opinion is not represented by this poll.
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This mod is fine in my opinion cause its something that FS had s planned already


I think this should be something FatShark had designed a long time ago. FatShark hid the entrance for some reason. But it was discovered by the author.


[Tin foil hat on] Stuff like this gets me closer to being convinced that someone in FS is hellbent on stonewalling anything that can help players bring down their playtime 'cause “mUh KPI”. [Tin foil hat off] Even though the most likely answer is just bad project management . . .


It’s not such a bad theory, but I also go with the latter. They saw the release date creeping up on them like a shark (hah!), so the fishtank people had to get into emergency contingent plan and leave all the unfinished things for later.


I believe that Fatshark should welcome improvements to their game made by modders.


VT2 has a history of adding features created by modders or exploits discovered by the community, and that’s already true for Darktide as well.

I recall CMs said the team wanted to look into improving the post-creation customization of characters so we can expect it soon (in Fatshark time).

imo this is a feature that should be provided and managed by fatshark, the fact that FS doesn’t, does in no way shape or form make it desireable to me that modders can dabble in serverside player documentation.


Not cheating in game as you need to deco reco

FS should have allowed this for a long time

But, mod breaks FS rules…

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Not only that, this is also something I’d consider QoL.
Sure it has an effect on gameplay but not in a way that actually matters to anyone but yourself.
I recently changed my zealot to be taller in order to hit heads more easely. That is not something I or anyone could’be known before playing the game so being able to change it after makes complete sense to me.

True enough. If it gets taken down because of that, fair. The thing is, just like with laws, if a law is stupid, nobody will follow it and it won’t be enforced. I have a feeling this will fall into the same cathegory.


It’s news to me that even has an affect on gameplay.
Out of the millions of First-Person Games, this is one game where the
player size = player view + player hitbox actually matches up.

Kinda impressive really. Surprised they didn’t advertize that feature.

You know what I mean. It makes no difference in what you do but has the tiniest possible impact on your effectivenes if you know about it. Not like being able to hit heads on zombies will make or break a mission ^^

Wouldn’t height also change your hotbox?

I’m surprised mods are even capable of modifying anything server side.

That just seems like a silly thing to allow.

Same here… But it obviously works.

And this show how it was hard to allow us to change this… let’s wait the mod that permits to change your name.

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I’m 100% onboard with players modding games to their liking, whether that includes cheating or not, but not in forms of cheating that affect unwilling players.

If Fatshark wants to complain, it should add the basic utilities mods offer.


When visiting the Chirurgeon, he says:
Don’t Worry! I’ll keep both legs the same length!

That’s a clear reference to height modification, so it most likely didn’t make it into the game in time.

I’m starting to realize that most things we currently have are just place holders for much grander systems which take a lot longer to implement. I for one am glad they compromised and gave us the half-baked version because I honestly couldn’t wait for another year (October 2023) to play.


Yeah, height affects what you see and can’t see while in cover and does give you a bigger hit box. Some youtuber made a video about it

Now we just need a mod for changing our names too.

And while we’re at it, a mod to play with the weapons we want, the way we want them to be.