Think We Will Get New Classes Sometime?

Just the way the classes are titled makes me think there will be more down the line.
Like, why ‘Zealot: Preacher’ when it could just be ‘Zealot’ or ‘Preacher’? Unless there were to be more subclasses under the heading of ‘Zealot’ later.
Same with every class.

I believe that Darktide was initially planned to follow in the footsteps of Vermintide 2 - until someone at Fatshark had a big brain moment and decided to make an in-depth Skill Tree for every Archetype, instead of just adding new Subclasses for them.

For example, the Zealot left tree, middle tree and right tree were originally going to be the Preacher, Purifier and Assassin Subclasses respectively.

Since Darktide now has the superior Skill Tree system compared to the Subclass system from Vermintide 2, we can only hope for new ARCHETYPES, and not new Classes.


Yeah i know a lot of people want Ratlings, but i dont think those will work, for one thing they would be even shorter than Bardin in Vermintide and their main role is sniper which doesnt really work for a horde system very well, the closest thing to that is left tree veteran already. I think the tech-priest may be cool, introducing their own gadget blitzes or something along those lines.


I mean… “where there is a will, there is a way” but Tech-Adepts will always be easier and cleaner to implement alongside our current Archetypes compared to Ratlings.

Ratlings are definitely possible, but they HAVE to stand out from Veterans if they are implemented - the issue there is HOW to implement them in a way that they stand out from Veterans.


A techpriest of some sort is what comes to mind most immediately.

An Engineseer with a big two-handed omnissian axe could be rad, and fit within the existing team “scale” without getting into specialist combatants like Skitarii. Canonically they also have power armor, something not otherwise seen in the game, though that needn’t necessarily be represented. I’d imagine they’d be something that has a ton of toughness with heavy and slow two handed melee weapons but more limited mobility and evasion features than other classes, a Blitz that could be a mega-whack from a Servo arm or blast from a servo-mounted weapon (maybe an overcharged plasma shot or flamer burst once every X seconds?). A class that can take lots of hits, bring some specialist firepower in limited quantities, buff the team, throw around a huge axe, but not really be the primary offensive powerhouse and isn’t going to speedrun anything. Could have abilities built around personal refractor fields or disabling enemy ranged weapons or increasing team RoF/reload rates, etc.

That said, Fatshark needs to address gear acquisition and crafting before anything else, a new class is still going to be frustrated with that just as much as existing stuff.


Other way around. They had planned on doing the tree, those weren’t ready so they went with the classes, then returned to it

Sold yes, but nothing stop them from adding new branches on either side of the current tree


Ratling would need to rework the maps. And they don’t introduce anything. So lots of work with pretty much no payoff (+cosmetics)

That’s certainly possible, but the tax nodes for certain builds would be INSANE :weary:

Deep Rock need to invest in some better equipment-

Woah… Where am I?

There are a couple of maps which would already work with Ratlings or even Long-Las Veterans, the Director would only need to play nice with the Players who stay back on the previous points of no return, but that all seems VERY situational.

So much no. I didn’t know what ratlings were before this game, but now I hate them. And I hate the word tipple. Ratlings are my most played conversations and I really am so sick of them. Purge all ratlings.

Originally we were promised much more customization. We were promised many things. Originally, I thought they ran out of time, which is fair enough you have to hit release eventually unless you are star citizen… but it seems more like there was that AND a major leadership change.

We’ve been begging for an admech class since launch. A full tech priest might be ‘too high ranking’ but someone down the line maybe. Engineseer IDK, but Skitarii have full augmentations and are as weird as tech priests but lower ‘rank.’

My idea is that there’s a shipment of ‘mostly’ dead Skitarii being sent home to Mars from “war number 5” because they are busted and due to be ‘recycled.’ The Inquisitor requisitions them, they get extra work to be restored to full function, and thrown into the fight. Boom. Skitarii!

Obviously that can be edited as required by logic and lore, but the basic concept would explain getting Skitarii with a slightly different origin story from the other rejects.


It would come down to class unique weapons, combat abilities, and stamina + sprint modifiers ultimately.

Giving them unique movetech to skitter-scurry (yes, I know they aren’t skaven) with a lot of unique single shot weapons with equally unique reload talents that only work on small magazines would make them stand out enough I think.

Whether you can make them effective and worth playing is a whole other matter without actively invalidating one class or the other.

EDIT: Honestly, a mobile Bardin engineer from VT2 with a sniper instead of a minigun would be a thing without being too broken.


I know that I complain a lot about Bethesda… but unlike Star Citizen, their games do eventually release :rofl:

Except that it’s really not an issue. the trees are already made with paths that aren’t crossable everywhere.

If needed yes they could increase the max level to 35 or even 40 (Though I really don’t think it’s needed and would only serve to buff current builds.

The problem with Ratling is that the enemies use cover, imagine playing a full game crouched.

A Sniper weapon (Be it Longlas, Ballistic Rifle, Neddler Rifle or some for of sniping staff) isn’t an issue by itself.

It’s much simpler to explain that the Moebian System which has a couple of Forge World and also should have Technica Guilds on pretty much every world, has people from it being sent to the penal system, either as is, or to keep with some broader lore, or to be sent to special institution to be Servitorized.

This would put them in the same category as the Psyker (Who in the narrative were being brought to special Penal institution to be given to the Black Ships.

Both option let them keep the “Tech Adept” as a Reject, but seeing as we are owned by the Inquisition, would lend itself to them being able to use Admech weapons (cleared by Hardon if need be) cause they would be more Tech minded.

Could just have an x-ray scope for their signature weapon (and be able to shoot through cover) that might also just be their combat ability.

The combat ability variations itself could just be different ammo types. Again, nothing original just going off of Bardin engineer.

Dunno, about any lore accurate ratling rifles that can shoot through walls and stuff, but yeah.

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So basically a crouching Veteran with the Sharpshooter and a Plasma gun…

Devil is in the details. You look at 2 even 3 out 4 of the Sienna careers, and you could easily be as reductive.

WHC vs Merc, or Grail Knight vs Warrior Priest.

Yet we know they’re very different the same way a MG XII las has a far different playstyle than a MG IV despite just being numerically different.

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It’ll be like the Volus characters in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

Skitarii are more then just servitors, though there is a LOT of overlap.

Skitarii retain more higher brain functions so they can act independently in combat, and aren’t made for a single function but can use many weapons.

They are also heavily augmented. What that would mean at the end of the day is infinitely debatable, but what is sure is their augments are usually more elaborate (both in general purpose and specific natures) then a servitor designed for one task like fire support or heavy lifting or being a medicae station.

A ‘reject’ skitarii would be more interesting then a plain servitor. And remember the new character will need voice and dialogue lines.

“Praise be to the Omnissiah, I have discovered grenades!”
“We are privileged to be cogs in the great machine, will you fail in your duty to turn as required and bear the loads given?”
“Access Denied!”
(in response to any awkward question) “File not found.”

One of the Skitarii personalities could also have a crush on Hadron. Could be fun.


Not Servitor, people who are supposed to be Servitorised.

Same way as for Psykers. Which let them have a more varied origins. With some being from the Skitarii legions, but other simply being from Technica guids and such