So with the Datamines sublasses being posted, is it possible we can see them somewhat soon?

A reddit post has posted subclasses in the games data for each class. Some are still unnamed but for each class a second sublass exists as well as some ability names and how they seem to work. So could we be seeing these soon or are these just put there for a much later date? Usually in other games datamined things are planned to be released relatively soon after their addition.

Link to those who are curious and want the full post: https:

It’s like taking GTA6 leaked video and demand announcement of that game even its clearly not ready.


Thats an entire video game. These are new classes. The 2 arnt even remotely comparable.

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Its the same, both are not ready.

I know theyre both not ready. No one is arguing that. Its just speculation of how soon. When Kerillians 4th class was leaked/datamined it was launched a few months later. Just speculating if this is a similar situation with the subclasses that have seemingly full passives and are nearing the completion process.

Probably not the same situation bc when kerri’s subclass was leaked, the main game wasn’t struggling with bugs and balance issues.

Darktide needs to run smoothly before adding anything else.

Talents need reworks, weapons need time to be fine tuned, psyker needs to be thrown out the window and redone.

Darktide needs time, its a fun game and I can’t wait for what comes next.

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Dark tide needs to:

  • Balance it’s current weapons (half the staffs are sorely lacking in usefulness - the other half is sorely lacking in blessings and that’s just Psykers…)
  • Fix Ogryn so he’s useful on Damnation.
  • Fix Psyker so his feats doesn’t rely on Brain Bursting which hasn’t been a thing since CBT. Give us stuff that improve our weapons damnit.
  • Fix bugs
  • Fix crashes
  • Fix performance
  • Fix crafting (no it’s not good enough to just roll 1 perk endlessly)
  • Fix the RNG shop.
  • Fix the RNG mission table.

Then they can consider adding more classes, but here is the thing. They want to make a new subclass every quarter, so all the stuff above… Yeah that either won’t get fixed and/or it will be fixed along side of grabbing more money.


I’m more interested in the question of if they will require a player to spend one of their bizarrely restrictive five slots on each subclass, and have to individually level each with all progression siloed off.

I expect that. No. These DT classes that aren’t V2 character, but totally are V2 characters, will use the exact same subclass system.

I doubt it. It would be really dumb and be zero reason. Having sublcasses all on one character just makes more sense in every possible way.

Oh yeah, we will get the new classes Soon :tm:

That’s FatShark Soon :tm: though.

Considering the game isn’t even close to finished and is riddled with bugs, balance problems, crashes, no meaningful progression mechanic whatsoever, RNG hell, no crafting… etc etc etc…

I would hope that FS tries to actually make the game worth playing before they create subclasses. Either way, expect things to take a lot longer than you think.

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Counterpoint: it increases maximum engagement time and minimum time to experience all the content! Those are both good things, right?