So is a new subclass coming or not?

Fatshark had said a new subclass every quarter. Can anyone confirm thats on track or not.

I can confirm that it is definitely NOT on track.

We’re coming up on 6-months since release, so there should’ve been at least one new class released so far. However there hasn’t been been a single mention or hint at any new classes coming, or even a recent reference to their plan to release new classes. Nothing at all.


Will know on the 18th

Back in January there was the Open letter which halted content release, which contained the classes


I don’t think for a second that they halted anything. Had they not issued that letter, I don’t think anything would be different from what it is now. There haven’t been enough substantive updates or changes to the gameplay or performance or other technical and design issues to justify not also being able to advance meaningful content over the past 4-months.

The still had to finish the crafting system, as crappy as it is, since it was literally missing from launch. They’d have to fix critical bugs and performance issues either way. They issued a letter saying “we’re pausing content to get the game in a better spot” but they’d need to get the game in a better spot either way because things were literally unfinished (“coming soon!”) or clearly broken.

Saying they were pausing content was a pure PR move to make it sound-like they were changing course. The reality is that they’ve most likely been working hard on the console release (despite their claim otherwise), and that’s why we aren’t seeing new content. Most of the staff are focused on getting it working on console. This is what they’ve done with every prior game BTW.


It was a very optimistic estimate to hype the game a little. It was never realistic. At least not in my eyes.
That said, they do have two almost completely done and some started (judging by the code). But I am also just guessing. They probably expected things to go very different. And that’s that.

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Oh they definitely halted the release thats for sure, but yes we do know that some files pertaining to content, be it new weapons or classes changed every so often

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+1, That’s why we get “content releases” instead of content releases.

I’d agree with you if they actually tried to design deeper class customization, like they said they would before release. However, instead of deep class customization they released 4 classes that, in terms of depth, are on par with Vermintide 2 careers. Releasing a new VT2-like skill tree every three months is something that even Fatshark could manage under optimal circumstances. So in conclusion I guess you’re entirely right. Theory =/= practise:


Think the only thing we honestly get hinted at is Ratlings and that’s it as another class. Kind of an ass backwards thing if you ask me as the Veteran Sharpshooter class already exists within the game.

So either the Veteran Sharpshooter will get the fabled sniper rifles that we would like to use or they will be introduced as the 5th class to pick that has them. After all if the player base has made one of every class thus far, then these small lads would definitely be it. Plus they are mentioned constantly within the game too through dialogue banter.

I would assume sub-classes aren’t even in the scope of what Fatshark wants to do right now from how slow things are going. Even then, trying to figure out what each one would do and how “powerful” they will be compared to the rest of the classes.

Yeah, classes feel like they are a long ways off to me before there are actually realized.

And to be honest, I don’t think Fatshark really thought through how to implement them either.

If a particular new class is a new sub-type within an existing archetype (e.g. a Veteran Tempestus or something) how does that get implemented?

Does it get made as an entirely new character slot, requiring them to be leveled up again from zero? That seems really harsh.

But then again, if they don’t level it up it sort of wrecks the “lore” for your character having a background as a “sharpshooter” for instances and now suddenly they are something else.

If they do allow the current character to use a new subclass, it would seem to make managing a set of potentially unique items between multiple sub-classes fairly onerous. But if it really is a new character from scratch, people are going to be so frustrated by having to grind everything all over again (then again, this is exactly the kind of thing FS is already doing with DT).

And then what do you do with entirely new archetypes in the first place? How do you manage character slots?

I feel like FS has painted themselves into a corner on this one, and highlights many of the problems with the silo’d resources and progression. Leveling up from 0-30 isn’t that bad by itself, but having to grind all the gear again from scratch and be forced to play lower difficulties until your gear is passable would be really stupid.

What they should do to give themselves some flexibility here:

  • Share all resources/currencies account wide
  • Each character slot still has its own set of weekly challenges that can be done (earnings go into the shared pool)
  • Item level is unlocked account wide (as it was in VT2)
  • All weapons and curios that can be used across characters can be shared (or transferred via a shared locker if you want to work it that way).
  • New characters/careers need to be leveled up from 0-30, but since their items and item level is shared, they can jump into higher difficulties (Heresy at least) quicker.
  • You have 5 character slots +1 for each post-release class.

The voice lines do no mean that Ratlign will come as an archetype (New body type), and if anything it mean it won’t happen.

This is a Longlas (If you’re afraid as it doesn’t look like it has a scope, don’t worry, the Kantrael Lasgun doesn’t have one in the insignia either.

As far as we know, the datamined stuff about the classes sometime change. And both the Gunlugger (Ogryn) and Squad leader (Veteran) look like they are quite complete already

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I suspect given the underwhelming amount of general content in the game, a subclass is probably not high on the priority list.

Plus, given that it’s Fatshark, they are probably waiting to see when they can safely release it as a $30 DLC without backlash.


Actually Ogryn has two voicelines that might seem throwaway at first:

“I need a bigger gun”
“When are we getting bigger guns!”

He also talks about being in charge and wanting to become a bone 'ead quite often. So its possible he could get some kind of squad leader class way in the future.

He also talks about wanting more armor. So maybe a crusher style class some day.

Has a number of voicelines about being in charge and running the team. Clearly pointing at the hypothetical Leader class.

1 of the Ogryn already is a Bonehead

The VT2 classes are quite cheap, moreso if you only want the classes in themselves

he complains that his implant doesn’t work right.

Still mean that Bonehead isn’t gonna be a class most likely


Honestly who can say if there will ever be any new classes. Feels like we’re just going to spend the first year after release continuing to wait for the game to release.

I know that’s hyperbolic and probably absurd considering how many hours I have gleefully killed heretics for. But i got the content hungries bro, I was promised 1 class per quarter and its almost 2 quarters later!


Within this year? Looks even less likely every passing day.

On why things are so slow, I’ve said this elsewhere, but my personal tin foil hat theory is that 80% of the FS crew is on trying to get the game out for consoles while a skeleton crew works on patching the PC version.


Less than a theory, if that weren’t the case, they’re in trouble either way.

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They’re probably quite a ways out. If I recall even some of the datamined subclasses existed in name only.