Are we getting a new subclass this year or

“we’re discussing it internally but cant saying anything yet”?


I must admit I am interested by an answer on this topic…
I would prefer 4 subclasses at once cause… I prefer preachers, but I am not alone… and I am sure there are here people that wait for the new ogryn class or psyker…

Yes, I know… only 1… and surely sharptrooper ;/


I’d kinda want two more character options instead.

Tech-priest and Ratling would be pretty cool.

Ratling pretty much speaks for itself on how or why it’d be there.

Techpriest could fit pretty well too as someone serving for a higher purpose and really just tolerating the group it works with.


We absolutely won’t.

That got thrown out when Fatshark pretended they had to change their plans all of a sudden post-launch, even though there’s no way they thought the Xbox version was anywhere near ready.

We were never getting subclasses this year, that was a lie to sell us on preorders and keep early post-launch sales going.


There are still new stuff appearing for the classes.

Veteran Squad leader seem to be the one that would be the 1st to come out.

Better 1 at a time, more often, and letting them work the balance


Most likely behind a season pass.

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@FatsharkCatfish - do we have any answer from the other side on this question?


We are getting sienna 4th in Darktide this fall, yes.


I really hope so, classes are the best investment I feel they could be making at this point

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Honestly, as far as I could see over this months…
I don’t think any of the CM that are or will be, will ever be allowed to answer our questions

I worked for a Tech Company the last 5 years and it was exactly the same, they all make the same mistake as not informing us on the progress. Not realising, that is way better to say: “We are working on X thing, is not near yet, we sorry. But it will be DOPE when it arrives” than staying silent.

But that’s the truth, they all make the same mistakes…

So don’t count to much on @FatsharkCatfish or any of them, this post will have no answer causing more rage on the community that will end up with every player hating any new idea or release.

Also, want to take the chance to bring some light on the mayor changes that we’re requesting;
Most of the time, mayor changes cannot be made if the game wasn’t designed for it in the first place. Requiring a full remake of the Back End in most of the cases that barelly any Studio can afford… so I’m not really expecting much to be honest.

Let’s see how it evelopes over time :frowning:


Yes, it should be this (light) year.

End of Q3 maybe Q4 is my guess, how and why are they doing this so slow is beyond me tho, you thought they’ve learned after VT1-2

Hold on, I’ll ask.

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@FatsharkCatfish anything? :upside_down_face:

Yeah this. It was a lie to get people to play for more than 2 hours so they aren’t eligible for refunds anymore, myself included.

Fatshark are the single most dishonest gaming company on Steam.

3000 concurrent players on Darktide right now, 4000 on Vermintide. Lol.


The launch and the design of Darktide tells me that everyone from Vermintide 1/2 left or was replaced. There is literally no other explanation for Darktide to take 17 steps backwards in every single aspect. Its like they are re-learning to walk again.


Company mandated amnesia, or their production pipeline is either so strict or so messy that they didn’t allow for any scope creep at all when they forked off the 2019 version of VT2. Until they had to scrap their core systems and quickly throw in VT2’s systems to cover for it.


Took like 2 years for VT2 to get into good state. Not sure people would wait even 1 year for DT.

8 Months in and 2 maps with heavily reused graphical assets from previous missions.


Not sure there are better companies…

They really need to address the game problems…
And no… this is not “the locks” (finger) but more the impossibility to play it as a casual player (the moon). Everything needs too much time to progress in this game.
This is not bothering me… I play it too much.
However, their business plan is not well thinked… more players you have, more cosmetics you can sell.
Games need “hard core” gamers to give a fan base… but this is not enough. A sucessful game needs also these casual players…

About subclasses… they will come. After the release of the xbox version.