Are we getting a new subclass this year or

Buddy, I’m not even sure we should expect Xbox this year.


Why should they when it’s literally Fatsharks fault? The company was supposed to BUILD ON the successful foundation of VT1/2, taking everything that worked and further increasing the scope of the game? What do we get instead? A mess with little content and then scrambling to patch a sinking boat with duct tape.

Like for example one of the features that worked well in Vermintide was the fact that your bots were your other characters giving your great control over the type and armament of your bots. Why the f isn’t that system ported to Darktide? Why not?

Or the Red weapons. Red weapons gave the ability to build your own perfect arsenal and then enjoy the game without worrying about RNG and it didn’t result in people losing interest in fact the opposite, since your honest work was rewarded with what you want. And here what do we get? A horrible clunky RNG trash fire that will never give you exactly what you want.

+A ton other things that for some reason got left behind and will have to be re-learned the hard way all over again.

It’s a tragic irony, in a way, that this is a 40k game after all.


Yes, Fatshark has more than earned that title after their duplicitous behavior with this product. From their shameful business practices of: over-pricing cosmetics, using micro-transactions in order to manipulate customers so to incentivize additional expenditures into the game, withholding content from paying customers in order to sell it later at a guaranteed market mark up, ignoring feedback from countless critical passionate fans while also doubling down on negative aspects of the game, manufacturing lies prior to release in order to inflate sales then failing to come through on any of it.

Of recent memory no other developer has given me this much of a negative experience; and that’s ignoring the controversies that Vermintide 2 had.

From the above what stung the most for me personally was seeing feedback from passionate fans not get acknowledged at all during “Beta” period. There were so many informative posts, fascinating discussions, as well as academic analysis of Darktide’s failings from that period - discussions I personally engaged in and others I didn’t engage but still had fun reading - all of that getting ignored was disastrous as it showcased where exactly this developer’s priorities were. Hence why feedback towards the cash shop and Fatshark’s later actions was so critical on this forum.

Yet, the most egregious of it all is withholding content in a game that was already suffering from a lack of content. For Kerillian’s sake, instead of releasing that content for players to enjoy it’s all just sitting there, gathering dust, because of inane reasons. Remember this game is losing players at such a rate that it makes no sense to not release said content.

If you think it can’t get any worse, all of this pales in comparison to the regression of meaningful features that past titles had; and we’re not talking about losing a few features here and there with the explicit purpose of fleshing out other features. No, we’re talking about slaughtering gameplay features wholesale with no substantial trade off. Then manufacturing dishonest clams during Darktide’s marketing campaign of having learned from its predecessor and it being a better product in order to sell the idea of the game to Vermintide fans.

The funny thing in all of this: after six months nothing has changed, at all. It’s all the same dance and tune. My sincere condolences to those of us out there who still defend this developer.


We’ll be lucky to get ANY meaningful content. Even more lucky if that content ends up being free.

FS has plenty of time to right the boat and gain back the favor of their community. At this point I don’t think there’s much hope things will magically change. It’s clear FS leadership really does not care; they are 100% profit motivated, they don’t care about making a good game and building a community around it.


This is what Blizzad did with Overwatch 2 PvE and it exploded in their faces so hard when they couldn’t deliver that it permanently damaged Blizzard’s reputation lmaooooo

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So what do you mean exactly? That they should stop what little communication there is? Or that they are so in incompetent that they can’t even say “hey guys we’re working on a couple of sub classes” because they will mess up even that bit of new content?


I think he mean that just like with OW2 that Classes were abandoned on launch and they are stringing us along

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Can’t say I disagree. I’ve been a WoW player for almost 15+ years and played all the MM content plus PVP in a lower lvl around 2k+ and M+ dungeons so I went hardcore at the time, boosting people as well (Which I know it was bad, but at that time… join them or die haha) and they literally didn’t adress any player’s concerns…

I see all this gaming companies making the same mistakes over and over again, and I can’t help myself but feel bad…

On the other Hand, I see Star Citizen which actually missed every freacking deadline and it’s community is bigg as frick, and they keep buying in game shiet and talking about how the game will be awesome in some years… for the last 10 years (Game’s good tho, I count myself among those) but they’ve an open roadmap and they make videos every week about what they’re working on

That just prooves how better it is to just say “This is what we’re working on” and letting hype increase around new features even if they will take 1+ years to actually have it implemented into the game

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Pretty much the second. haahah

The latter. They are afraid of saying anything about anything that isn’t effectively set in diamond steel concrete.

For example; Why did they cancel announcement of crossplay at Skulls only to announce it a few weeks later?

It was just an announcement they were going to add it at some point, no date. There was no reason to cancel the announcement of it at Skulls unless their current policy is one of extreme caution. That extreme caution is a reaction to their own record.

I think they should put out some broad plans personally, but they seem very wary of doing such a thing.


I think we might see an Enforcer sub-class in the near future. :thinking:


Possibly, but iirc it was available to all 3 human archetype via mods, while the other cosmetics that clearly were for a class penance were not

I’ve only seen it with my Zealot selected and “respect archetypes” disabled, at least thus far.

As opposed to the Commissar cap, which now shows up fairly frequently in the rotation across classes (having previously been a pink silhouette):

Wait so now the cap show even on the Psyker and the Zealot ?

With “archetypes disabled” yes.

Oh OK, I misunderstood, co Cap is still archetype restricted, but Enforcer stuff is shared ?


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I don’t know. I only found the Enforcer helmet this morning while experimenting with Fashion Randomizer on my Zealot and haven’t had the opportunity to look into whether it shows up with other classes yet.

tbh, they seem to have majority of the team working on the console Xbox port, hence why the actual new content is being so slow and drip fed to us in such small amounts.
I wouldn’t bet on having subclasses anytime soon before the port is done. Or hell, even before 2023 ends.

After the console (re)release, it is then when I expect them to start focusing on actual big content, more maps, subclasses etc.

It was kinda the same with Vermintide 2 (which even had long bouts of painful radio silences) and nothing here leads me to believe they have changed their development style at all, lol.


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