Class Overhaul Info Please!

Me when we are less than 3 weeks out from the update and the only information we have gotten on it is from independent websites and a 10 second “teaser” video.


God damn get a hobby.

A) 3 weeks is a still a pretty long way off
B) What are we even gonna do with that info before we can actually interact with the classes and see them in game? F all, this is just looking for stimulation through information.
C) This feels like complaining just for the sake of complaining at this point. We’re not even complaining about what’s in an update we’re playing now we’re complaining about not knowing enough about an update 3 weeks before it’s even releasing?

Just play another game or do anything else for 3 weeks christ this is a pointless thread.


What a poor take, TC was just asking for more information on the BIGGEST UPDATE the game has ever seen, it’s not unreasonable to want to know more.

I think the devs should show a breakdown of all of the classes and their new mechanics etc, like a walkthrough video explaining the ins and outs of the new classes and system in place.

This would help to inform players and also advertise to people that are still on the fence about purchasing Darktide since this update also doubles as a soft relaunch for the game.


Who says this isn’t coming? Again 3 weeks is still a while. Though what you’re asking for doesn’t make as much sense when you remember these aren’t “classes”. It’s a giant skill tree allowing cross branching, so blitz and ult abilities aren’t really paired up. They could show off individual abilities that are coming and I agree that’d be cool but still ultimately pretty pointless to the actual players other than generating hype (which is rarely a good thing on the player end anyway).

Despite calling what I said a bad take I notice you give zero real argument about what we’d even do with more info on the classes before we can actually interact with them. Again you don’t work on FS’s marketing team, you shouldn’t really care about how it affects potential extra sales nor will the actual marketing team likely ever read OP’s post or yours.

So yeah nah I’ll stick with what I said before. This thread is here to whinge for the sake of whinging, or OP just trying to entertain themself till the patch actually arrives. FS isn’t our mum, we’re not toddlers, there doesn’t need to be continuous check in calls, we know the main thrust of what is coming and won’t be able to form any real opinion of it till we can actually get our hands on it anyway.

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Agreed OP. I want more info so I can theory craft




It would be nice to see what we are getting for those of us who haven’t built god roll items of every type. Being able to focus on generating weapons for the future playstyles would actually give people something to do and give a reason for people to come back to effectively prep for the new classes

We do know a dev blog is gonna appear before the patch


you’re inflammatory emotive hyperventilation in your responses in this thread are certainly in-line with infantile behavior. The OP wasn’t complaining, and you’re behaving like a colossal ass - absolutely no one is obligated to justify their curiosity to you nor are they required to construct a dissertation outlining “why” they’d like to see FS release additional information. \


We are “free” beta-testers here for Xbox release, part of the job, remember :grin:

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I’ll admit I came out swinging and maybe I’m misinterpreting OP’s tone. The meme and “me when” format feels pretty passive aggressive to me. If it had just been “Hey are you planning to put out more info before release? Could we get a rough idea when we’ll get more info, would be fun to start theory crafting builds to try when it releases” I’d have gone yeah sure and moved on.

Kinda sick of the dreary tone around here. About crafting stuff sure fair enough but complaining about not having more info 3 weeks off a big update just feels a bit much to me. Auric missions were pretty damn well handled in the last big update so I feel like we can let them cook a bit here and just see what it looks like when it’s actually available to us (or y’know at least wait till closer to release to start getting anxious about pre patch info).


I agreed OP too.

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They definitely need/should show more about the update, as this is the patch that has the greatest chance of drawing people back to the game.


This game needs a bigger player base to 1: improve matchmaking times at off hours and in small population regions, and 2: to ensure it gets more invested into it with more future content.

Both of these things come from people either coming back to the game or new people joining the game.

This update needs marketing and hype to ensure that, videos showing off “how cool” the new stuff is in a prominent place to entice old and new players to the game.

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I’m with the OP. It’s crazy that there hasn’t been a drop of official information coming out already. Lesser patches have received more information at this point ahead of time.


Rarely, usually we get info the week before

Tempestus scion, karskin and Stormtroopers should be a Sub-class of the Veteran, with Locked Weaponary unless you choose the class, it locks out all other weapons.
the Ryza pattern and Lucius Patterned Hotshot lasgun they come with scope. Un-ads is Full auto with Vairing rates of Fire. while ADS is Semi Auto.

with special could be Thermal Sight, Penerating shot (double ammo useage for Peneration of Cover and enemies) Rightous fire (Cadian) . allowing Burn stacks on enemies. ammunition is a Power-pack that allows you to fire 300 Shots. you re-charge it not with ammo boxes but at medical station repsneting Power syphoning that your doing you will only get 50% hp and 50% ammo. but clear all curroption as normal. the trade of is Limited ammo, no regular use of ammo boxess, little to no supression but a las-weapon able to take on armoured Flak and Carapace amoured oppentinets. or atleast over penning them in the game.

while the Hotshot Vollygun is supression fire it an ult- with 15secounds of Contenius Fire and Special being Bracing so your not spreading all your shots.

the other special issue weapon in compensation of locking out the other weapons, is the Hotshoit Marksman rilfe 50 rounds total, with 5 round ammo boxes socped Siemi-auto. with a special of scraificng the 5 rounds for a Single super shot.

yeah it’d be nice if they unbuttoned their lips with some of the massive changes to the game that are coming. especially these blessing changes that got datamined, even just a list of changed blessings with a little blurb saying ‘we made it stronger so it would be better’ would be appreciated.

I want more info because I want to get my friends back into the game when it comes out.

As it stands we all have jobs/families and have limited time to play. The earlier I can shoot info their way to get interested in playing this game again (as in, install because they’ve all uninstalled) the easier it’ll be for them to build interest and switch over.

So far only the ones I’ve told about know about this update, most of them didn’t even know that it was happening. But with basically no info they’re still not planning on playing it. If the goal is to get both old & new players back into the game, they need to push out their big updates and hype up how it’s fixing things that basically every review on youtube & steam is complaining about.

I think it’s very fair to want more info. More people interested = more players = game health.

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You want bro to have something meaningful to complain about? Tell that to the f**king company that hasn’t said anything in weeks.