The Tempestus Scion chest NEEDS to be fixed

Hello, I’m doing this thread in order to garner attention to this issue.

As you may have seen by now patch #17 added the tempestus scion chestpiece to the gamefiles. The problem is the model is looking considerably different from both the miniatures produced by Games Workshop and the JoyToy action figures.

Obviously we are not talking about the color, this brown color is merely a default color given to a few unreleased items. (The steel metal is also a template and can be changed to brass/gold etc with a simple click)
No we are obviously talking about the length and the shape of the cuirass as well as it being unconnected to the pelvis area, both on the front and the back. As well as the exposed hands, lacks of gloves and dataslates.

I will now adress the argument that “it simply cannot be done, that the tech just isn’t possibly there yet”
And I shall do so by comparing it to another cosmetic set ( Confessor-Resplendent Arlinna Durer).

A zealot set that was sold and will be sold again in the cosmetic store for 2400 aquilas, therefore a set, which according to Fatshark’s own words: have not “required a longer production cycle than usual”. As after all I believe it’s fair to remind you the Tempestus Scion set will cost 2900 aquilas.
Therefore you would expect considering its more expansive price that extra care had been given to it.

So how do they compare?
They are both based on miniatures from Games Workshop.

And here is the evidence that they are indeed able to model, rig and animate a metal cuirass to reach the pelvis.

As you can plainly see they were able to model and rig the cuirass on the zealot set to go as low as the pelvis area. There is simply no excuses as to why they are not doing the same for Tempestus Scion cuirass.

I believe we should complain about this, if Fatshark intend us to pay money for a “Tempestus Scion” set it should look as close as possible to the miniatures sold and manufactured by Games Workshop.

The set after all has yet to be put in store, if we are to complain it’s now. And it is not the set they intend to release tomorrow, as that spot is reserved for a few reskins that have been added with patch #17

It means they have two weeks at the least to contact whoever they contracted the cuirass to in the first place to fix it.

As a reference

You’re welcome to share this issue around you. Thank you for your time and attention.


Seriously? This was datamined/leaked. Simply because it is in “the gamefiles” doesn’t mean it’s ready to be deployed any time soon, even if it looks ready; the datamined bolter pistol is another clear-cut example of this, and that’s just one of many datamined weapons and cosmetics

There’s plenty of time for the art team to make their final adjustments before it actually goes live, and even if they don’t “fix” it, you should at least wait and see what state the cosmetic is in after it’s actually released before claiming it ‘needs to be fixed’.


Hate to break it to you but the art team doesn’t make a vast majority of these. A chinese 3d studio does, and so far barring minor clipping adjustments everything added to the gamefiles has remained as is when released.


that explains a lot. And here we are paying top dollar for labor that costs a minor fraction.


Yikes that’s bad.

Alas not the first time, probably won’t be the last. Still not over the Krieg vet cosmetic.

Whoever is passing QA on these should be personally and professionally embarrassed if this is the go-live version.

Also, the lack of gloves looks…terrible.


Mind providing a source for this claim?


Y’know, if you people stopped buying skins despite knowing about these sorts of issues, they might have some real incentive to fix them.


Fatshark seal of approval moment

Also fatshark moment to not release it as a set but as individual pieces

God I’m so glad helldivers is crushing it with actual good pro player choices and reasonable pricing rather than the fatshark’s middle finger to us mentality they have which only continues to fail harder and harder.


its ok variant 02 or 03 or 4 or 5 or 6 each for 1400’ll get it right eventually


I’m sorry but this genuinely the funniest thing I’ve read all day. What are you on, maximum cope?

“Simply because it is in “the gamefiles” doesn’t mean it’s ready to be deployed any time soon”
This has literally been their procedure for the past year but yes do go on. Patch or hotfix adds in new cosmetics in the files or adds in the Commodore’s Vestures tag to an existing item, then it’s added in the next two rotations.

patch #17 added both the scion chest AND coincidentally, by pure happenstance, also added cloth physics to the scion backpack that has been sitting in the files untouched since release. But it’s just a coincidence. It’s definitely not the next 2900 set.

“There’s plenty of time for the art team to make their final adjustments before it actually goes live”
If this company happened to care I would definitely agree with that statement. In fact I would even add they have an almost infinite amount of time avalaible to make the set good before releasing it. But I don’t believe they are such people :slight_smile:

“and even if they don’t “fix” it, you should at least wait and see what state the cosmetic is in after it’s actually released before claiming it ‘needs to be fixed’.”
I sincerely despise you. There has to be someone in there right? Can you please wake up, I beg of you. This right there, this is appalling.
“it’s fine to release a game broken you should wait until it gets fixed before criticizing it”
Well bloody hell I guess in that case I’ll be purchasing it when it’s fixed.

You do realise criticism is feedback right. That we are providing feedback so they can improve this sorry excuse of a product.


“It means they have two weeks at the least to contact whoever they contracted the cuirass to in the first place to fix it.”

I believe I already addressed this fact here.


there’s a serious amount of no glove veteran cosmetics when there should be literally none. maybe that one rogue trader livery coat, but the rest no. and the rogue trader one they did use for the premium one has gloves lol. and yeah they could round out the armor a little more but its no Krieg greatcoat, with the right colors I’d rate it 7/10 far better than most of what vet gets (for me its literally cadian sets or go home). gonna chalk this one up as yet another Steel Legion win.


agreed, the cosmetic dissonance fatshark has is tragic. its like they do the bare minimum, vets krieg uniform being a shining example of being incredibly lazy and immensely unsatisfying compared to its origin source. these are sold only with premium currency and as such i expect nothing less than PREMIUM level of care and consideration in their creations.


If you compare comic book superheroes to the movie versions, they have inspired adaptations, and sometimes complete reworks. I have to assume its the same when converting a tabletop model to conform to a universal character model. Maybe just a recolor would make the difference.

He is probably right. Cosmetics come in such ammount with such poor quality, constant clippings and not being art/model accurate that it’s probably outsource junior freelancers who’s making it.




Why are all those cosmetics so Emperor damned bad?!
Do they sell them to Warhammer 40k fans or people who just learned about existence of Warhammer?

Like well-meaning Granny - “Here kiddo, I’ve heard you like those games with figures, so I bought you some…”
How do they get green light from GW for those?!

I was at the depression stage of accepting FS game-making process, but now I’m back to anger.

FatShark attempting to make Adeptus Arbites cosmetic:


The mythical visored carapace helmet

O-one day r-right?


It’s particularly weird given how GW usually demands their stuff be digitally recreated practically identically to the plastic model kits in every detail (including bits oversized specifically to be durable as plastic playpieces). You play any other Warhammer game and ever unit and model and weapon is painstaking identical to the tabletop plastic incarnation. And we see that in some things in Darktide, like the Leman Russ tanks we see parked in various levels, perfect proportional recreations of tabletop tanks.


Look up the credits for Darktide. Most of the 3d character artists credited are from an outsourced chinese studio. A select few cosmetics ARE made by Fatshark (you can view them on their artstation) but they’re not really any better to be honest and full of clipping issues so I’m not trying to say the contractors did an especially bad job.