Are you joking fatshark - Update the steel legion set across the board

I saved my 2500 Aquilas for months in till the steel legion skin came out and got it thinking oh well it didn’t have a tube or nice helmet but the jacket looked cool,

But today I load up the game and what do I see but a new steel legion helmet for 1400 Aquilas, so $13 because I got to pay for the 2100 aquilas as the smallest pack, BUT why couldn’t you just update the og helmet and make everyone happy for once


And even though they are increasing the price of the skins, before you would get weapon skins for 2500, now for 2400, they only give you the 3-part set. It’s a rip-off.


Not even the og steel legion one was a Weapon skin, a charm for the weapon and 3 part armor set all for 2400 which is why I still have that 100 up there, But the pants looked like crap The helmet looked like crap and had no tube for the gas mask which at the time I just put down as they couldn’t do it but clearly they could all along

I’m just so sick and tired of this crap I don’t want to put any money in the game because for one I’m broke as a joke, And two the only skin I have paid for now just seems like a waste of money since it’s so much lower quality, I don’t want to buy any of it because what’s the point if 4 months from now I’m gonna have to drop another $15 on the game for skins alone because fatshark wants to now make it look better for a price


I like the helmet - I also like the camoflaged legionairy skin.

But this pricing is prohibitive.

Original Steel legion skin: Helmet, jacket, boots, rifle, shovel, trinket: 2400 Aquilae
Camo Legion skin: Helmet (with partly reused asstes), Jacket (simple recolor), boots (simple recoler): 2400 Aqilae
Actually new SL helmet: 1400 Aquilae

And all that while the Xbox-free-aquilae-controvery remains unresolved…


Oh look. Fatshark fragging it up again.
Anything new?


For real, Time to hope and wait for that free 14k aquilas so I can use it on fixing my steel legion character look


The new camo scheme is cool. At least this model has a properly fitting coat and webgear, unlike the abysmal Krieg Veteran cosmetic.

But being just a recolor with less stuff for the same price is a wee bit silly and pure bottom-tier effort on FS’s part. I guess at least they’re not charging the Krieg Premium, though not far off.

All they need to do is add the gasmask tube to the helmet and it would have been fixed and fine,

I know I wouldn’t be mad at that point I would have been happy to see the one thing I didn’t like about that helmet being fixed once and for all,

And maybe would have even thought about buying the new helmet to change up the looks every now and then,

But now what I’m not gonna do is buy it now after all of this so I don’t make the devs think it’s ok to do this for all of the new sets they make,

And I’m for sure not giving fatshark a dime anytime soon after all of the other crap they have pulled in the last month alone.

Ever stop to think that the people who did buy the original set don’t want the hose attached?

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You ever sit and think maybe people who drop all of their pre order money on a lore armor set, Maybe just maybe would want said armor to look like how it does in lore and not a GI joe model from goodwill that has a few parts missing


This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone suggest such for any gas mask cosmetic. Every comment I’ve seen regarding hoses has been regarding the lack of them on cosmetics that should have them, never seen anyone mention they were glad the hose wasn’t there or that they wish X mask didn’t have a hose. It’s possible, but certainly haven’t seen any such voices raised.

More to the point, the actual Steel Legion models have gas mask hoses, and generally people want the more accurate recreation.

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This…10000000% this. I bought the original because i wanted the original and like the original without the hose. If they had just changed what i bought id be effing pissed. Frankly i dont want the new one. If they had just added a hose for no reason…HELL NO thats not what i effing bought.

Id file for a refund that second.

Dont take away what other people bought just because you saw a newer and shinier version of the product.

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They fix the hose and then ruin it by having the goggles off

Why fatshark why what compels you to do this.

To make people buy the next one that has the hose and goggles down. Gotta get that triple or quadruple dip. It’s also probably why there isn’t even a hint of customisability to any of the cosmetics, that way you can choose to have goggles on/off, hose or no hose, other helmet accessories, etc.

Also the gas mask without the hose doesn’t even make any sense. If there’s no hose there should at least be a filter, without something like a hose to a rebreather pack or filter it just looks like something worn for a certain kind of play. Although finally getting a hose to something but having the goggles up also renders it a bit nonsensical.


Actual cosmetic customisation cuts into lazy cosmetic refresh sales.


Do logical gas masks and hoses have any value in a video game where we are protected from nurgle’s influence anyway?

Yes, verisimilitude.


Well aesthetics are gonna be driven by opinion and that is why some have them and some don’t.