Fellow Players,

I want to warn you about the aquila cosmetic store.

In November '23 I bought the Death Korps of Krieg skin for the Veteran for 2900 Aquilae - that is in turn can be bought for 13,49 € - which equals 1/3rd of the games price in total. The higher then average price (most sets by then used to cost 2400 Aquilae - which was already a huge price increase over what you’d pay at release for MTX) was justified by Fatshark with this being premium cosmetics (in contrast to the usual cosmetics they charge you real money for). Whatever you think of this I saw what I would get and decided - as a dedicated DKoK fanboy - that it would be worth for me to allow me to roleplay a Kriegsman.

On 21st of February Fatshark released Patch 17 where they they altered the chest bag of the chest peace and in the process had the lower end of the coat’s backside stand away in a stiff unnatural manner - as they were made aware in this post: Patch #17 Notes - Live Now! - #110 by Hrod-Ward

While such a thing can happen, now, 6 weeks and 4(!) hotfixes later the cosmetic still looks like this:

Remember that this supposed to be a “premium” cosmetic - above the average quality of the usual MTX. But as they are currently not in store (and haven’t ever rotated back into the store since november 23) Fatshark can’t earn any money with them - thus they obviously have no incentive to fix this.

So when you think about buying cosmetics be warned - they will rotate out of shop and when they are broken later (for whatever reason) then FS hasn’t any incentive to fix them timely as they cannot earn any money with it (due to their own decision to use FOMO as extensively as they do).

Of course there might be a good reason for this - maybe they are working on larger improvements of said cosmetics like adding the missing tube or enlarging the collar the fix clipping issues and resemble the original more - but there are no indicators for this other then my wishful thinking.

As it stands now one of the most expensive cosmetic in game is broken for 6 weeks and 4 hotfixes and FS shows no intention to fix it so far.


Don’t give Fatshark money. Ever.




As much as I hate to say it about my beloved Death Korps…

I’ve regreted buying it since it was released. It looks awful compared to other art presented by fans and Games Workshop.

Don’t buy the cosmetics unless Fatshark shows signs of improvement, folks.




I refunded this cosmetic almost as soon as I bought it. Learned my lesson there fast.

The Krieg Vet looks like someone’s comic-con cosplay made from disparate army surplus bits, not the actual Forgeworld models, with tons of clipping and modelling issues making it feel like a free user skin not a professionally produced studio asset. And Fatshark charged an additional premium for it and passed it through QA.

The initial chest rebreather was sized 2-3x too big in all respects and it looked like an absurdly huge breadbag that clipped through everything, they got it right on the psyker, but instead of fixing it on the Vet they just flattened one dimension and pancaked it.

Then they broke it again doing something else to the chest rebreather (but not fixing it to be like the Psykers appropriately sized bag), and mssed up the coat.

This thing is never gonna be fixed, Fatsharks QA process here is nonexistent.


This is a brief reminder that the cosmetics shop, the only part of Darktide which gets regularly updated, is supplied content by an entirely separate, subcontracted studio.

The only updates Fatshark push which aren’t bugfixes are made by somebody else.


How hard is this to do, they did well on the armagedon and chemdog coat regarding physics, why cant they just put in on the krieg coat


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