The Gear Progression loop is just horrible as even with crafting it relies on RNG store. Give us option to Craft Weapons! Give us gurantee rewards from missions!

Skipping aside the riddiculous comment from Hedge about cratfing weapons not fitting with setting (lol, but Cash Shop does fit) despite having a Tech Priest and us using salvaged stuff all the time: the gear progression is HORRIBLE.

Even when crafting will be added the loop now is to camp RNG store, wait for refresh, switch operatives, check for god-roll. None? Go do some mission, receive no reward, wait for store to refresh, switch between operatives, check for god-roll. None? Go do mission (or not, whatever), wait for store to refresh, switch between operatives, check for god-roll. Got one? Nice. Oh, it’s only one ONE character but it’s a weapon 3 classes can use? Well, shame on you, cause gear is not shared loser.

Ok, but we got our White/Green/Blue God-Roll. We go and concecrate it to master craft. Let’s say crafting is available, so we get traits we want and properties we want. Ok, cool.

So now what? Well, back to do some mission, receive no reward, wait for store to refresh, switch between operatives, check for god-roll. None? Go do mission (or not, whatever), wait for store to refresh, switch between operatives, check for god-roll.

It’s just bad. Like it’s just camping store for refresh and checking rolls…

Give us optin to craft weapons so at least we can craft our own White/Blue/Green/Purple/Master-work weapons an so we are not tied to 60 min refresh cycle. It’s just bad. Also give us option to pay extra craft mats to max out the stats on weapons we craft, anything to give us alternative to RNG store. Or at least for Emperor sake: give us GUARANTEE gear rewards from missions. Heresy or Damnation should give MINIMUM a purple gear with chance for master-crafted.

Also for Gods sake! Why I can’t use same Combat Blade between my Zealot and Veteran?!! Why do I have to roll on store for every character if they use 80% same weapons. Why my currency and craft mats can’t be shared. It’s horrible design for progression. It’s like playing some RNG mini-game…

You know what your Hub feels like? Like a bad shopping mall.


But Benny89,

if you spend less time grinding for materials or shop camping, you spend less time in the game and maybe get less tempted by the MTX-FOMO-Aquila-cosmetic shop (which is totally not immersion breaking and fits absolutely perfect into the setting of course).

YOU KNOW YOU WANT SOME OF THESE SHINY COSMETICS… you just have to stay a little bit longer in game :crazy_face:

jokes aside: 100 % agree. It is a nice looking but bad feeling 40k shopping mall.


Yeah. I was surprised to find out how gear progression in this game works.

Checking a store every hour for potentially better gear is not fun


I love it. :+1:

This is the only purpose of this hub.

The only thing what i miss would be dropping the buyed items with a bright light from above so everybody can see it for a while :innocent: (like COD have done this with boxes if i remember right).

I wich more people would understand why all this randomnes that makes the game so much worse is there for.

I don’t know what they’re waiting for to implement the ‘Refine’ option at the forge. This will likely spare us the armory-check loop and get us some way to get the stats closer to 100%.

They need to first figure out the proper predatory pricing model for offering in game resources for real cash.

That’s when they’ll add the full “crafting” system to the game.

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Nah nah nah that not even what refine do … it will only allow to reroll one of the perk so even more rng… From what info we have now it is not possible to increase the weapon stat or perk ><
if you want a god weapon you need to find a lvl 400 white one in shop and upgrade it. And if you whant better number in one perk you need to reroll it and will only have a tiny tiny chance to get the same perk but with better number on it …

At least we have a CM post telling that they don’t plan to link aquila and crafting mat so if they do we can show that back and tell them they lied to us.

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The time-gated RNG lottery shop is indeed such an absurdly bad idea that it’s difficult to imagine someone actually coming up with it. Best case scenario it’s a holdover from when the game was classless and was supposed to have completely different progression. Worst case, it was designed to be the most annoyingly unrewarding time-gating mechanism possible in order to inflate playtime and number of runs past the cosmetic store.

If this is the correct wording from the CM then you should be worry´d about it.
This doesn´t is a “No we never will do this”.

Just a example i have in mind … Blizzard guy “we don´t have any plans to release diablo immortal on pc”.

This wording let the possibility open to do this at some point.

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I don’t remember the exat wording buuut it was more in live with “we will not do that”

It was a response to me and it’s here for the record.


Exactly that, thanks !