Gear Progression Need to be Fixed ASAP!

Switching all chars to check market is super annoying
I think everybody knows how bad it is so I’m not gonna explain it. I’m just going to point out solutions:
Why do you have to implement a Gacha RNG system in a CO-OP game?

Changes I would like to see:

  • All characters share currencies
  • You can check market for all characters at once
  • Have at least one item with 370+ modifier rating at a time
    (I have 350 hours in the game and I have not seen a single 380)

Collecting upgrade mats is a real pain. Let’s say I get 200-250 Pasteel a game that takes between 20 to 40 minutes depends on the party.
I have to play, give or take, 5-6 games to upgrade to orange. Not to mention lord know how long will I be able to find a decent one to upgrade.
And why one earth did you put +Experience % in Curio perk? At what level will you have enough resources to upgrade? IT’S 30!!
Would you spend the Pasteel that you work your ass off to upgrade a low level gear???

White to green = 150 Pasteel
Green to blue = 200 Pasteel
Blue to purple = 400 Pasteel
Purple to orange = 800 Pasteel
Total = 1550 Pasteel

Let’s say on average you get 220 Pasteel a game
That would be 1150/220 = 5.2 games
(assuming you play only Heresy and Damnation and you win every game)

To be honest, I don’t mind a long grind. But the fact that I have to spend my mats on an RNG system is absurd.

I want to upgrade more gears to try different playstyle and discover new and interesting weapon combos.
That is what supposed to be the fun of the game.
But it seems like the dev have another idea:
“ok let check the market every hour”
“yay! I found a 380 modifier weapon after 2 months”
or “yay! I finally got 4 perks that I want on my Curio after 2 years!”
“wow the game is so fun”