Boy, I sure love logging in every two hours to maybe get an RNG shop upgrade!


Endgame gear progression being tied to a shop is insane. This cannot remain if long-term engagement is intended. It is terrible game design. Players should be encouraged to complete Damnation missions for the best gear, not spend a paltry 50 hours farming up a pile of money, only to check shops at xx:57 and xx:00 every two hours to maybe get a 3% upgrade or a second chance at crafting rolls. It’s mind-numbing, not challenging, and not fun. I literally have no reason left to play the game because I’ve already done everything worth doing and can’t improve my character anymore beyond “playing” for five minutes to see if the shop has something good.

Please add a tier above Master-Crafted oranges that’s exclusive to Heresy and Damnation. Give players a reason to get good at the game and play the hardest difficulties. With the way gear progression and Plasteel drops are currently, there’s no reason to get better or engage with gameplay.