Please adjust reward RNG, reduce frustration

Hey fatshark,

i like the game, but it is so damn frustrating getting adequate equipment.
The limitations of blessings and perks in crafting is one point, that is hard enough.

Recently played a damnation map with high intensity hunting grounds, it was a damn hard map and you need much luck for good randoms if you have not 3 friends ready.
We did it and it feels very good to beat that level, but then i got a reward which was a pain in the ass. bad weapontype, bad base stats, bad blessings. Thank you for nothing.
It is so frustrating to get even acceptable equipment. Beating a really hard chalange should reward you adequate.

From all rewards I got one, which was barely usable in terms of basestats.
Problem is when basestats are weak, the weapon is trash, you can reroll one perk and one blessing which can rescue a bad weapon, but bad basestats are an itemkiller.

In the last patch-thread of Patch #7 the User Tsavrvs has summed it up well and short:

No fun allowed :tm:

Why is the crafting system so limited? We are working hard for the materials so why we can’t craft the weapon we want? Please make it possible do reroll both Perks and both Blessings. It has nothing to do with Balancing, its just to frustrate players. I don’t say it was ment that way, but thats what it feels like.

It’s long enough to get lvl 4 blessings, the reroll costs many materials and there are a huge amount of weapons and the frustrating basestats RNG. So lifting this limitations would make the game not “too easy” but so much more enjoing and less frustrating.

At least please make hard working more rewarding! An Emperors Gift on damnation with hard modifier should give you a reward you can work with.


My guess is that Fatshark is either…

… suffering from a severe case of sunk cost fallacy. like they invested alot of resources in their whole itemization “system”. they don’t want to see / accept / come to terms with the fact that it is utter trash.

… or their Tencent Service Games (what was their name, infinite level gaming or something like that?) advisers screwed up big time and Fatshark just let it happen anyways. Now they regret their pact with the devil.

According to some rumours, one of the community managers recently stated on discord, that they are “discussing the locks internally and discussing possible solutions also”.

Well, maybe they should start a discussing simulator game or something like that. They could be really good at that xD


Both options sounds comprehensible :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s hope that the community manager is right and doesn’t just want to get attention.

Please Fatshark, make an effort and just do it. Lift the limitations and raise the quality of hardly earned rewards :slight_smile:

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Just remove the locks, its an easy solution that would require far less work and headache than introducing another RNG alleviating system like Brunts was suppose to do, and we all saw how well that worked.

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You aren’t alone. People have been saying it since they first mentioned the locks. As soon as they mentioned blessings would be locked I uninstalled the game and haven’t come back.


That’s a good thing to do, honestly.

It’s been announced back in December, I think? Even back then people hated the locks.

They’ve just made the crafting and item acquisition worse and worse.

I don’t care how much they’re discussing it internally anymore.

Until it’s changed, my interest in Darktide is just over.

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I know a lot of people who think this way. Personally i am here for the ONLY good thing in Darktide which is the stellar combat. But the RNG surrounding it is so bad i basically intentionally ignore it.

I take my “good enough” weapons and leave it alone now. Nothing can be “achieved” in the current system other than dissapointment. And i cannot even play the mission difficulty i want.


Yeah I have thought about it. But everytime I am about to reinstall I just think about mass selling and buying weapons, re-rolling, comparing stats, the frustration of bricking items… Aside from the great gameplay I really like building and experimenting with specific combos. But it’s just not feasible to do. I love doing:

“Hmm exorcist seems good lets try it on heresay. That wasn’t bad lets see how it does on damnation. Ok cool run that a few times”
“Now lets see if I pair it with deflector instead of slaughtere”

Etc. I spent so much time in VT2 just redoing maps with different weapons, perks, feats, blessings, and eventually taking my favourite load outs on the hardest difficulty. In this game I just get so frustrated with even thinking about the RNG it just makes me play other games.


I just play with friends who want to play, I don’t play on my own anymore. I don’t touch the itemization at all because of the locks and the multiple layers of RNG. It’s just not worth it for me to engage with that.

I still laugh at their whole “discover/explore the hidden potential of a weapon” as an explanation for this system. Go read the original dev blog on crafting, it’s a riot. Nothing they said is true. They literally just created what they said they wanted to avoid. They said that they were going to “take the lessons learned from Vermintide” to do this itemization system, so I joked with my friends that they took all the crafting feedback, pros/cons, and then created one entirely based on the cons because they accidentally read the wrong list.


so I joked with my friends that they took all the crafting feedback, pros/cons, and then created one entirely based on the cons because they accidentally read the wrong list.

That is so damn accurate, it could be the real reason/truth. :rofl:
I think you and your friends found out what they wanted to hide because of embaressment.