For the love of god give us more ressources/rewards

This game is so fking grindy, it’s not even fun anymore. I have 300hours on it and still struggling for ressources to craft new gear so I can play different builds. It’s seriously pissing me off how this game is not even close from being rewarding.
You have to spend hundreds of thousands dockets before a decent roll and even then most likely youre gonna get shitty rolls on the perks and blessings, who also have to be collected by consecrating new weapons… jfc.
Now let’s talk about the rewards, I got a fking purple 309 shovel for completing an auric maelstrom that took me 39 minutes!, WTF, thank you fatshark ?

Here are the things to make the game alot more enjoyable :

-More ressources when finishing a match
-Better rewards when winning a match, give us 3-5 options to choose from and select 1
-Guaranteed gold and lvl 4 perks/blessing when finishing auric matches
-Let us re-roll ALL the stats, not just 2, and let us reroll as many times as we want
-Let us swap items between our characters, it’s frustrating af to have a good weapon that you can only use on one character

Do that or keep seeing people leaving your game.


Thread assimilated fellow veteran.


Fun side note:
Everybody complains about the hardship of earning level 4 Blessings … anybody of you ever tried to farm a specific level 2 only blessing? There is no real way to make you at least guarantee consecration will deliver a level 2 (not even with weapon-rating) lest the one you wanted.
Looking at you:
“Ceaseless Barrage”

Some of them are quite nice and fun to create a build arround them. Even though those builds most likely will not be meta but they will be unique …


Yes, I tried to farm it for a week (average 3 hours a day or so), gave up and set up filters for the shops with the browser extension with notifications, and found it in there a day later.

Mfw people don’t like playing slot machines for progression:


If you are unaware, Fatshark said that sometime this year they are going to have an “itemisation” update that is supposed to help with RNG issues.

When that will come out, or how much it actually change, is still completely unknown.


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