The Elf is still a very powerful hero on champion with video proof

So there’s been a lot of complaints from elf players lately due to all the nerfs the waystalker class received since the betas.

Complaint No 1: She isn’t viable anymore on champion and above: That is absolutely false. She is still very powerful on champion and above. She is an all rounded hero who is able to able to taken on most situations the game throws at you. She can kill specials from further ranges than any other hero because she has no ranged drop of damage. She also has access to the most powerful melee weapon in the game - the spear which lets her solo hordes on her own as long as there’s enough room to manoeuvre. In an open field ambush, she has no equal. She isnt weak at all.

Complaint No 2: Her spear nerf. During beta there were many complaints from other players that the spear was over powered. Why though? Well, to put it simply, it could do too much. It could increase your mobility by 15% propelling you further due to animation cancelling, push more enemies than other 2h weapons due to such a high push/block angle, and just face roll hordes of enemies due to its crazy over the top attack speed. It could kill so much quicker than any other melee weapon in the game. The developers always knew it was over top - - Community feedback only confirmed that.

Complaint No 3: Her hp regen nerf. This just had to be balanced. During the beta I found that I could be incredibly reckless when playing as the waystalker. It really didn’t matter if I took too many hits because I could simply rely on my hp regen, stacked with the regen ticket, to bring me back to full health. It only promoted reckless gameplay.

Complaint No 4: She doesn’t have enough ammo now. Again, that is false. She had access to way too much ammo during the beta. 50% of your ammo back on ability use meant that you could nearly have infinite ammo. There was hardly any down time on being able to use her bow, especially the swift bow. It also meant that a high level elf player could kill enemies before melee heroes could even get into melee even on champion. There was no penalty at all in constantly using ammo. Now elf players have to actually think carefully when they should actually use their ranged attacks. Not just mindlessly spam.

The video below shows that I have no issue with ammo at all. That’s because I’m not constantly spamming at hordes of enemies as if I had a machine gun. Most maps have about 2-3 ammo boxes throughout the map which is plenty. In fact I think it’s still too much. Then there’s the rangers’ ability that produces ammo on special kills. The new ammo change makes this skill actually feel useful now. This isn’t an FPS. It’s an action game which focus mainly on melee with ranged support.

And to add to this, in the video below I don’t even have access to her 20% ammo back on talent and still had no issues with ammo.

The reality is that now she is more in line with other heroes. The waysalker was simply too overpowered before. Fatshark made the right decision by tuning her spear and her traits. Of course, elf mains are going to be upset about their favorite hero being weaker than before. It’s totally understandable but she desperately needed balancing. However, im still finding her other two classes to be way too weak when compared to the waystalker. There are also elf weapons that I still find to be under powered such as the 2h sword or the 1h sword. Even the dual daggers, and dual swords feel really weak.

The video below is a completed run on champion with four bots who I would equate to being below average skilled players. The video just confirms that she is still a very strong hero on champion. I’m using 4 pieces of white gear, at 5 power and the necklace is an orange 207 health regen trinket, as show during the first few seconds. I consider regen to still be strong on champion as it stacks with the waystalker’s regen.

In total I had 275 power which is only 53 points of power above the recommended 222 champion power level.

I rate myself as a fairly average skilled player. So, a highly skilled elf player could do a much better job at show casing just how strong she can be on champion and above.

Screenshot of the end results:

Screenshot of the end results on same map and same difficulty with four bots but with orange gear:

Notice the boss damage value. The second run was with two bosses.

Part 1:
Part 2:

TLDR: The elf is still very strong and needed those nerfs to bring her in line with other heroes.


“Very powerful” LOL at shooting the team in the back with arrows and sucking up heal pots/kits.

Why dont you show us a screenshot of the elf in legend. Champ is whatever, it got toned down at launch.

  1. why do you take so much damage? Sucking up resources much?

  2. Your playing with other players, they wont give you all the resources like the bots do. You wont get all the healing packs, bombs, pots.

  3. Notice the boss damage values, notice that bots give you bombs/pots when you run out.


I agree, I did not play the elf in the beta because of how op she was. After the nerf I tried her out and have not had any problem with ammo, I feel this is because I play her like other heros and I am very selective with who I shoot. I do not find her at all weak as a hero in fact I find her a bit stronger and easier to use then other heros so I can’t imagine what she was like before the nerf


I disagree that shade is underpowered. Shade is not a solo class nor is it a carry class. You have to play shade in a careful manner and taking out all the specials you can. You have your team to take aggro of many enemies, but shade is still very good at taking down specials alone. The dual daggers are not underpowered either, they just don’t hit many enemies. The high crit chance makes them perfect for the 2% ult on crit trait as well. With ult you can one shot chaos warriors with one light attack which is very useful. Not to mention the boss damage she does as well. Just play shade in a very careful way and keep in mind that you are mainly there to deal with specials, revive teammates in tight situations, and do large boss damage as well.

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interesting. so in your opinion she doesnt deserve a buff?

What is this a proof for? This can be done with any career, not even using range. Its no wonder u get high dmg values if the other team mates do none. The point is what does waystalker bring to a team after the nerfs, what not another career does better.


No she doesnt, because people like you are the reason we have other people crying right now about nerfs.

I said it in the beta and I say it again: complaing about range careers will either get them nerfed to sht or melee careers will get buffed to hell and back.
And look what what happened, it will be an endless crying circlejerk, Shade is FINE aside from her shtty bugged ult, she has so much damage with 15 its unbelievable and the only thing you need to do is stand behind the boss which is just as easy because you dont have aggro 24/7.

I can guarantee you, when they fix her ult everyone and their mother will jump on Shade like they did/do with Unchained right now.

because im not skilled enough with the elf do to legend with her. i main the dwarf and kruber who i have done legend with.

i never once used a med kit or a healing potion. if you watched my video you would know this. also i took less damage than the bots by about half.

i think i used a totaly of two or three potions in total. thats about the same amount the player would use when playing with real players. potions are quite plentiful in this game compared to vt1. also i only used 2 bombs which again is what you would normally use if playing with others.

yup and i didnt even use them all to do damage.

well the video says otherwise. show me proof through a video that she isnt instead of just saying it. i bet whats wrong with you types of players, that think she is under powered, is that youre simply playing on a difficulty that is too high for you.

I do not understand what you are trying to say.
You imply Shade needs a buff, I say she doesnt need a buff.
Than you say that Im a type of player that think she is up?


youre right it can be done with any career which goes to show she is now more in line with other heroes. what does she bring to the table…? really dude… do you even play the elf…

you said the waystalker isnt powerful enough. show me why she isnt.

in regards to the shade being weak or not, im not so certain on that. i hardly ever see anyone play her though which indicates to me that she simply isnt up to par.

I never said that about Waystalker, please reread your posts, I wasnt the one you replied to initially, I just jumped in on the Shade discussion.

To be honest, I couldnt give a damn about the careers - bring the player, not the class, I play Zealot and Shade no matter what.

i thought u were replying to the OP. my bad on that one. but if you think im against nerfs… oh boy are you wrong on that one.

But what does this do? In the end it will lead to exactly what we have now:
People crying about range careers being nerfed, ammo reduced, talents lowered, etc., good people will still be good and bad people will still be bad.


people just want the game to feel balanced

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Waystalker sucks at champion, because of friendly fire.

Handmaiden is ok, but not great. Given she is in between tank and dd.

Shade could do lots of dmg, but I have big problem with crowd control. Suggestions?

Overall the ammo and regen nerf was very hard on her. Especially if you liked hangbane and if you used the ammo regen passiv at 15.

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What IS “balanced” in your opinion?
Everyone having the same score at the end?
Everyone having the same waveclear / single target damage?
Everyone having a jump/dash/regen/one shot ability?
Even IF that would be the case, it still wouldnt be balanced because good players will utilize their class better than bad players.

Because I dont see why you would make a MP COOP game then, instead of a SP game.

Wow, get a life man, your personal vandetta vs every ranged character is this game is just more more pathetic.

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Her ult has a few bugs, but other than that I think she just has a higher skill cap and needs a different mind set to play well.

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