The 4.3/4.4 Changes to Shade's Ult Are Bad – Analysis and Suggestion

Yeah I guess I’m not exactly going that far, just saying I think it’s in a pretty good spot right now. On the hardest base game difficulty I find it to be extremely reliable.

Your experience on cataclysm is valid. It’s the same problem every stealth character runs into in every elder scrolls game at high difficulty. Backstab sleeping peasant => “Help help I’m being repressed”. I see that crits + muderous prowess are your only gateway there.

I really don’t like the idea of internal cooldowns on invis but I think I see what you’re aiming for. The thing that seems kinda cheesy to me is the light attack crit slaying on ult. You can just delete so much with 4 seconds of guaranteed crit. When I used it I kind of intuitively did power attacks which was probably suboptimal. It also highly favors attack speed which is just weird for backstabs.

I feel like changing four seconds of crits on ult end to something like 5 guaranteed crits on ult start could work. That way you need to be judicious about where you swing but have more time to do it.

The other thing I want to say is I like the idea of not relying on vanish at all, making a high flank sapper build with cloak of mists, but the other talents on that row are basically useless because of how hard backstabs are without vanish. There’s some potential to shift the meta away from vanish to give CoM some interesting new identity as well.

Well shade did have some pretty broken builds before the patch into becoming super OP.
What they changed though made shade pretty broken in the other direction, since now not just your killing power did go down, your survivability dropped.

Personally I feel that these kind of characters generally suck in every game. Either they are way too strong which makes them survive but be too OP. The other option is they are too weak and don’t generally survive very well. The last thing can also end up being a skill curve that is higher than the average character in most games, but the result is the same. People wanna play the class yet they keep on dying cause the survivability is too low or too difficult.

I do not see an easy solution though for any assassin melee kind of class. They always get the same qualities like high backstab damage (which really doesn’t fit this game at all), and some kind of invisibility based survivability. In some games it can work, but defo not in a horde slaying set-up like this.

Though in the end you can definitely make it work, but if you ask me with all the elite killing power on many of the other classes, I see no real use for shade players unless they are EXCEPTIONALLY skilled at what they do. They are out there, but more often than not you will find a liability for the team rather than that skilled shade player that actually makes things easier for the team.

PS: Anyone running some sort of cloak of mist setup before the patch had an easy time of course so you can hardly count that as a great shade player. It also makes sense that it got nerfed, just the nerf kinda scewed the elf over in terms of survivability as well. Doing something about the damage output would be better, instead of making a squishy character have more trouble surviving.

In my case I never liked playing shade (or anything like it) much anyway, not in other games and specially not in this one, but I am interested to see where they go from here :smiley:

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