Shade's Ult. Patch

Patch :
Allowed Shade to gain critbuff from ult even when hidden from stealth on backstabs.

Still no guaranted crits from stealth using Cloak of Mist and Cloak of Pain (second part of ult) in Patch .


Ah, so the changelogs were indeed about the guaranteed crit on first strike? I misunderstood it the way that they fixed Shade not getting guaranteed crits if she used Cloak of Mist while being invisible.
So it’s even weirder their fix doesn’t work.

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The wording of the “fix” is all over the place anyway. Its not clear what crit stat gets buffed and it sounds like you only get the buff on backstab.

The “hidden from stealth” line is just the cherry on top of the whole sentence.


I don’t get the wording nor what they meant with that line.

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Seems there was a bug where Shade didnt get the crit buff from “Cloak of mist” if she started the ability while affected by vanish or invisibility potions?

That could make some sense but I feel you’re grasping at straws. The patch line makes no sense.


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