Onslaught Series Tournament Rebalance Mod

Welcome to the Tourney Rebalance Testing Period! This is a mod developed between staff and the rebalance group consisting of Core , Incan , BlohBloh , RwAoNrDdOsM , Incoherent , and Sleezydru . Due to the game’s current live balance, we are testing some balance changes to give our participants more variety while still attempting to keep things fair and not outright banning classes.

You can find the mod here: Steam Workshop::Tourney Balance Testing

Patch Notes: Tourney Balance Testing mod changes - Google Docs

Join the Onslaught Series Discord to provide feedback: Onslaught Series


Solid changes, don’t heavily disagree with any of them. Some are what I’d consider band aid changes, but that’s to be expected when some things need a full rework in my opinion.

All of the ult nerfs are very warranted, like BW spamming Fire Walk.

Some nerfs don’t go far enough, like Pistol, which still remains an incredibly powerful Stormvermin deleter. Moonbow looks definitely better though, puts more emphasis back on headshots.

Incredible QoL changes for Engineer. A lot of this should be implemented in the base game in my opinion. Especially the Gromril Shot changes. Bombardier still needs something better in my opinion though, a better way to generate bombs via kills, like how GK produces bathwater.

If there’s one thing I don’t like, is the FK 50% heavy attack talent. Seems to be made for an aggressive Executioner type build, when you already get a DPS talent with BoO. I’d think it would be better if the 20% increased damage effect came back, to learn more into a support playstyle, stacking together with Bulwark.


yeah important to note this was cobbled together for tournament purposes so we’re avoiding anything super major. Band Aid is definitely a good description. We’ll probs look into a more holistic mod going on from this tho


I’m a little surprised you increased the duration of Cloak of Mist. Isn’t it kind of fervency on a shorter cooldown with your changes?

Morai hegs nerf also seems kinda soft, I’d imagine it’s still pretty abuseable with certain party comps.

Nerfing soot shield rather than famished also seems a touch odd.

Other changes all look really nice, especially the Engineer changes. Not too sure about the Wide Charge change, 50% seems kinda crazy but I’ll download today and give it a try to see how it feels. Other FK changes look pretty perfect though.


Executioners without the speed from Bull sounds like a one-way ticket to hell.
Hammer, Longsword, and M&S will profit from the reworked Talent a lot more.

The 50% one heavy will actually make the damage talent in the last row relevant. Going back to 20% will just rebirth a dead one.

Its also going to be interesting if that boost will allow the shield to do something with DW enabled.


Potentially Greatsword too. Though like Exe I can see it being a bit painful to use without BoO, especially if running Opportunist.

Edit: OK I tried it. Duration is too short for GS to get a lot of use out of. It might be appreciated by a wider range of weapons if the amount of power was tuned down and the duration increased somewhat.


Only potential issue I see is that stagger health being capped to 8 on shield bash is a little low, firesword being the exception. As shield weapons have lower DPS it would suck to have their THP generation also put in the trash.

Footknight changes look good, especially the passive range increase.

Might want to consider famished flames as -20% direct and +100% burn to tone it down a little. And 15% for soot shield is kind of a gut punch. Not saying it’s bad, just that it might be heavy handed.

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I suggest you try it. It feels perfectly fine in practice IMO. Even for a defensive weapon getting your health bar filled with a few heavy attacks feels a bit cheesy.


Wait something else just occurred to me. What purpose does Experimental Steam Capacitors serve now both of its effects are deafult for the Crank Gun?

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it gets to be a dead talent for once

nah good question lmao that one kinda slipped through the cranks cracks


Perhaps it could give less Ult consumption per shot or something like that? Might be a nice pairing for GPS. Probably a lot of options depending on what’s possible to do with modding. Faster cranking, more Ult gen per pressure stack etc.


Sorry to spam this thread. FK’s aura range buff is very borked. It doesn’t affect Comrade in Arms, for That’s Bloody teamwork it affects the range of the base aura but not the bonus DR when allies are close. For Rock of the Reikland it seems to be shorter range than the base aura (so it’s not doubling the new range correctly).

Tested using buff icons with a mate in keep.

Edit: Also Inspiring Blow description has the 200%, but still says 0.5 seconds.


no need to apologise lad we need all the info and feedback we can get :smiley: thanks for letting me know


Very glad to help. Found another small thing. Bulwark description doesn’t appear to be updated to 15%


Alright my mate and I did a few hours of Cata bot duos, me as FK, him as Engi. Here are our thoughts after a bit more playtime with the mod.

FK changes feel amazing. Having wide charge by default feels game changing honestly. Inspiring blow is :ok_hand: Didn’t play around with new Ult talent much so can’t comment on that. Duration increase on Have at Thee also felt nice.

Engi changes are also awesome, though you might have gone a little too far with GPS’ Super armour damage. We got a Chaos Pat at the very start of righteous stand and they got uhhhh, mowed down real fast. With my FK holding them in place we barely had to back up before they were mostly dead. 30% might be a healthier middle point than 40%, though they were lined up nicely and he was using armour piercing slugs, so that probably contributed quite a lot. Will have to see how others feel about that one. New Full Head of Steam is really nice, but perhaps it ought to linger for like 5 seconds after dropping from max stacks, otherwise you can only get one kill out of your crank gun before losing it, which makes it weirdly antisynergistic with the crank gun itself. Still really good for your melee and ranged weapon though, so it might be fine as is. It let him one shot a bunch of specials with GR which is certainly very nice.

We didn’t try it out, but we’re both a little concerned that the AoE nerf on top of getting rid of the interaction with trinket traits might make trollhammer specifically on IB kind of a poor choice. Probably still fine on Engi. Also not sure if that monster damage nerf was the right way to go about MW Pistol. RV kinda doesn’t have a boss killing weapon otherwise, so I’d probably prefer to see it brought down more in other areas. Also doesn’t do anything to stop it mowing down SV patrols. That’s all hypothetical though so again will see what others think about it.

I also played a few rounds with Pyro and yeah, she feels pretty incredible with these changes. Will need more playtime to get a better feel for that though.


Ok so Steam Capacitors one function atm is that it stops you from dropping pressure stacks when you score kills.

As for full head of steam if it turns out to be a bit finicky on uptime we can always convert it to power% per stack

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Just a little bit of Footknight feedback

Have at Thee! & Inspiring Blow - Would be nice if they also procced on staggering special units.

Bull of Ostland! - I’d opt for more consistency. i.e lower stack limit but increased attack speed per stack & duration. (e.g 5% per stack, 10 second duration. Stacks 5 times.)

New “Wide Charge” - Solid with Bret longsword & Mace/Sword.
I’m conflicted on this talent tbh.
What other ideas did you have to fill in this slot or for FK in general?


Hold on now, that could be too much. Have At Thee’s duration is already buffed to 15s in the mod, shouldn’t need more buffing in uptime. If on staggering specials, then why not on staggering bosses too? Would lead to near complete uptime.

Speaking from experience, it’s already consistent and easy to maintain high stack counts with Bull of Ostland. What would the benefit of this change be? For the tourney this would probably be a nerf of 5% attack speed due to enemy density being so high, unless they decide to do Cata without Onslaught.


What do people think about increasing HS’s aura size? Does it fall into the same camp as HM aura? That is to say too impactful if more of the party had access to it more of the time? It feels so small in base game it might as well be a self buff, and unlike FK there’s little reason to stick that close to a ranged class. If you’re trying to create space for him seems like you’re better to do that at a range where you can’t accidentally pull attacks into him.

Also @Velsix I’m inclined to agree with you on buffing FK anymore. The other buffs he already got are very good, and honestly Wide Charge by default feels incredibly strong on its own. Like I’m not complaining or saying it’s too much necessarily, but he feels STRONG to me in this mod. Incredible levels of control and very respectable damage. I know this mod is primarily for Onslaught tourney though and I really have no idea how he fares there, so hard for me to judge.

Also agreed about Bull of Ostland. Was having no trouble getting max stacks in base Cata. If there aren’t at least 10 enemies near you do you really need 30% attack speed for that situation? Especially with the change to the base Ult meaning you can easily get max stacks against patrols or high armour density generally, which is the only situation it was previously hard to do so where you’d really need it.

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I wish I could say the same tbh
Times I’ve got less than 5 stacks from a horde and more than 5 on a single boss.
Baked in Wide Charge + Onslaught density doesn’t really suffer from this, just base cata.

Anyway that 5% could be moved to Crowd Clearer or just take the suggestion and bump it to 6 stacks.

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