That's Unfair Devs! Tell about this to your buyers

In April developers of Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr close the game for russian buyers because our goverment blocks IP’s. NeocreGames said that they don’t want to lie - game will not work because of Statement regarding IP bans in Russia.

Why you Fatshark don’t write any message of this and don’t close sells in Russia? Look at last reviews in Steam. Game start with 80% positive and now Vermintide 2 have only 58%.
I think you need tell about blocking game to potential buyers in Russia or close the sales.

Vermintide 2 - great game, but I think that’s unfair for us. Sorry for my poor english.

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I can concede some communication from FS regarding the Russia issue wouldn’t be bad.

But they are not the ones you should be angry at, quite clearly. Whats unfair is the way the Russian government treats its citizens. They deserve better, they always have, but they are also the only ones who can do anything about it. My sympathies about your situation.

Hopefully if they release the IPs of dedicated servers, you guys will be able to get around the internet censure.


I know about stupid decisions of Russian goverment to be against whole Internet. That’s not mistake of Fatshark that game doesn’t work in our country. Don’t mean me wrong, I know it. But right now developers don’t give any official message about this issue. Many people buy the game and can’t launch it. Some of this can launch some times and then have SSL crash and can’t getting back their money from steam. That’s not right.

They can just refund it then. I see no problem.

The problem is their backend change though, which makes the game unplayble in Russian since 1.0.8 beta. You don’t even need to install the patch. That one you can call unfair.

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To refund money you need to play less than 2 hours. Problem - you can play hour and don’t getting SSL errors. Then play again hour etc. Sometimes that happens in start, sometimes in chest unlocks.

And nobody wants to install 30gb and getting error in the game without any aware messages from devs. They can just write official message to russian players or stop selling the game in our country like devs of Inquisitor-Martyr.
This problem start before 1.08 beta patch.

Most people that i know dont have any problems at all.

Most people that i know have this problems. So I am. You can check russian negative reviews on steam -
Also you can check forum titles on Steam too -

Грустно быть тобой. А если серьезно то у большинства людей с которыми я играл этой проблемы нет. У одного была эта ошибка в течении одного дня. Потом его провайдер все поправил.

Putting negative reviews on Steam due to issues not related to the game is not rational. But I see your point: obviously people are having issues.

It’s at 75% positive at this very moment.

I mean latest reviews -
58% for last 30 days

That’s right. I putting positive review but said to players - “game is good, but you can’t play this comfortable because country war against all internet”.
My point - developers need to do official message for all russian players that game is not working well right now. Or just stop selling it on our territory. That will be fair I’m sure.

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Out of curiosity, are you able to get around the censorship using VPNs? or are those illegal in Russia?

Maybe if you live in center VPN with good network will be ok option. But if you live in other towns you can’t play with VPN - ping is terrible and network is slow.
VPN is 50/50 legal. Illegaly blocking thousand websites and IP’s. That’s our country paradox


Have you considered overthrowing your government? :smiley: Kinda the sociopolitical equivalent of turning it off then back on again.

I actually can’t begin to express how much I sympathise with you. Who is anyone to block anyone from watching, playing or listening to certain things? F*ck. that. shite. There is no valid excuse in my mind.

And yes, I take my access to the interwebz very seriously.

It’s illigal. But goverment doesnt care if you use it. So everyone is using it.

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It is not illegal to use VPN, but thanks for spreading more crazy rumors about Russia.

In genera - no. To get access to blocked content it should be.

Any proof? Because 50% of Russian population is currently in gulag, and that is also completely true.