Can't weapon swap when hit by rat bombers

New weekly: rat bombers

if you get hit by a rat bomber, you get knocked back an incredibly ridiculously long distance and are stunned for 3 seconds.


you are unable to swing your melee weapon or weapon swap after stun

GG Fatshark another weekly event that wasn’t even tested prior to launch

I’m honestly surprised no one has tried to sue Fatshark over false advertising of the game and how they can sell a game that isn’t even finished or works properly.

If Fatshark was a hospital and the developers were doctors, they would already be out of business by loads of malpractice lawsuits and possibly even jailed.

We all got duped…

EDIT: making weekly and/or monthly events that are made for 4 players to participate in with the decreasing player base is absurd. The bots die instantly after trying to melee rat bombers. I had a public match with my friend and no one joined and both bots died to the first wave of rat bombers.

Do not make group events when everyone who played this game with me a year quit because of it’s unfinished state. Do not make group events when the overall player base is so low that you cannot get a full group.

Nice April Fool’s Day joke.

While I in no way endorse the business practice of releasing unfinished products to the consumers, I’d say you’re overreacting a tad bit here.

A bug that slips through the cracks here and there can happen to even the best of triple A video game producers, even through hours of playtesting.

Reporting the bug to Fatshark so they’ll fix it as soon as they can is awesome, and we should definitely keep doing that whenever we can.

Calling for them to lose their jobs and even saying they should be put in jail, however, is not.

It certainly doesn’t help that people have also shown a tendency to scream at Fatshark to release something as quickly as they can, which could lead to events being rushed in an attempt to cater to the demands of the consumers.

Keep in mind that we all got this event for free. Fatshark is in no way obligated to keep updating the game, much less without demanding additional payment from the consumers for the work put into the events (though I cannot say how much effort it takes to make an entire event). Just report the bug, and move on. Insulting someone will not make them work harder.

This has been my White Knight-ing for the month.


You’re missing the whole point of the thread.

When Fatshark releases any new content, it always contains a bug that hinders progress. That’s called a game-breaking bug. If I cannot complete the map because of something I cannot fix (i.e. weapon swap or use my weapon), it’s broken.

On the other hand, when other game developers release games or new content, they come with minor bugs but they do not hinder progress or break the game. Even other SMALLER indie companies can make games better than Fatshark.

Every game comes with bugs. That’s a fact. The problem is that the majority of the bugs that are in Vermintide 2 are game breaking, hinder progress, and results in the inability to complete.

Fatshark developers are not good at their job and went way above their capabilities with this game.

They are drowning. They went from having 70k players every day to less than 5k and that’s just on Steam.

They went way above their heads. I think it’s time for them to either make a game within their capabilities or find a new job.

They basically stole our money with this game being released completely unfinished.

Oh please. Anthem was unfinished. I wanted that game really badly, but it just was unfinished, and came out for 60$.
VT2 isn’t even 40$, and it got WAY more content.

Game breaking bugs happen ALL the time, they simply usually only apply to a small minority of player.
By “the majority” of the VT2 bugs, can you make a short list of them ? Cause I’ve been playing for almost 400h, the last 100 has been done in the past month, and I have encountered ONE game breaking bug, a Slayer got stuck in terrain with his ult. I’ve seen a lot of AAA games containing more than a game breaking bug per 100 hours.

And about stats :
Vermintide 2 had an average 30k population on it’s release month, AND ONLY in this month.
It’s been 5k ever since then.

Vermintide never even got to 5k. The biggest average number they got was 4,4k, on release month.

Now if you wanna talk about peaking players (as your 70k is the peak player count the game got when it came out), the game sits on an average 10k peak player, while VT1 best peak ever was 6k.

It’s easy to tell people about steam charts, but you should read them better.

Btw :

This may not only be due to the game state :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re the one who doesn’t seem to know how to read the Steam Charts for this game.

Steam Chart - Vermintide 2

In case you do not know how to click on links, here’s a photo:

10k peak players since LOL nice troll tho :wink:

down right column, peak player for every month, I won’t waste my time doing the exact math but it’s an average 10k

I wonder… Plugging the peak numbers (From May 2018 onwards, as that’s when the population stabilised) into a calculator produces a monthly peak average of 10 878.545454… players. Doing the same for the average shows 4 110.23636… players. Also, the last five months the game has been growing. So how is the game going down again?

If you feel so betrayed and disappointed in the game, no one forces you to continue. Games are mostly played for entertainment and enjoyment; if it provides neither why play?


I paid money for the game so I should be able to play it.

That’s my complaint.

I wasted my money on an unfinished product that does not work.

Hedge even offered me a refund but then never responded back to me.

Everyone at the Fatshark offices are laughing their asses off because they ripped everyone off and most people like you are too dumb to realize we got ripped off.

Open your eyes.

There’s not even enough players to find a full lobby during peak times on the weekend. Less than 5k players per day is simply not enough depending on the area you live in. Unless I want to broaden my lobby search and play with the Russians with ping over 500 and be on a 5 second delay. Yeah, that’s totally fun.

Apparently, no one in my area plays this game. Good thing because the game doesn’t work.

Entitled much?
If you stopped raging then you can open your eyes and see that you are in wrong here.
How many hours did you put into that game ? If lets say more than 30-40 then you already got what you paid for it.

I don’t think you understand what the word entitled means.

Entitlement: the fact of having a right to something that is not owed.

If you pay for a product, a consumer has an EXPECTATION to be able to use the product. If the product cannot be used for it’s intended purposes, then the consumer has a right to get their money back. It’s not entitlement.

I lost my right to receiving a refund while playing during the pre-release beta because Steam changed their refund policies the month prior of the beta being opened. Steam also stopped notifying users of their new changes with a pop up window when you log in so I was unaware of the new refund policies that affected the beta.

The game stopped functioning properly for me in April 2018 and every time I send in a support ticket, I got no response.

Total hours calculated equals playtime less than a month because it stopped working.

I’m not the only person who was affected by the patch that broke the game either but Fatshark chooses to ignore the countless bug reports on Steam. Then again, that’s when the majority of players left the game.

No other company can get away with lying to the consumers or making a product that doesn’t work.

Maybe look up the definitions of words you obviously do not understand before trying to make a post to make yourself look cool. All you did was just embarrass yourself because you don’t know what the word actually means.

Soo… still playing on that rig that doesn’t meet minimum spec?

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That’s the thing though.

You didn’t pay for the event.

You paid for the base game.

The event isn’t part of the base game and is thus something you’ve gotten for free.

As long as the base game works (which, as a fellow “Vermintide-r” myself, can say it does), I.E, the product you’ve paid for, then you can’t really complain.

If you haven’t paid money for something that doesn’t work (temporarily, might I add, as I am fully confident that Fatshark will fix the bug as soon as they get around to doing so), you aren’t entitled to receive compensation, as there wasn’t a monetary loss on your part.

You’re saying these quote unquote “game-breaking bugs” happens everytime Fatshark releases new content (even though I haven’t encountered them myself, but I digress), but as long as that content is free, you can’t demand compensation.

Hell, even in the event that Fatshark charged something like 1 dollar (arbitrarily selected) for the events, or these “game-breaking bugs” also happens in the DLCs they make, as long as they get around to fixing the problem, you, as a consumer of their product, are going to get what you paid for.

Let’s use an example.

Let’s say you go down to a Gamestop (arbitrarily selected), buy a game, and go home. You try to put the game into your computer, and it doesn’t work.

You can then go back up to the Gamestop and demand a new game, one that works, and they are obligated to fulfill that request, as you paid money for a product.

It’s a similar deal here, except you got the product for free.

You went to the local mission browser, queue’d up for the weekly event, got into it, and it doesn’t work.

You can then report what messed it up to Fatshark, and then it’s up to them if they want to fix it.

They aren’t obligated to do it, as you didn’t pay money for it, but from experience and a general understanding of human responsibility, I’m certain they will, as long as they figure out how to do it.

If they don’t, well, then they don’t. You didn’t lose anything, so you can’t demand anything from them in return.


You know you don’t actually own the game, read EULA and well suddenly yeah you are entitled :slight_smile:

Oh co’mon people, op just want proper game mechanics before release. We all know they made an false advertise upon us reguardless of whether they meant or not. Thus these hatee are pretty understandable / acceptable aint it? We should not defense fatshark all the time like theyre the only innocent in this everblossomed earth nor keep hating. Please know these unwelcome advices come from their love to this.

That’s the thing though, OP is in their full right to point out a mistake in the game and say that Fatshark should fix this problem as soon as possible. I’ve no problem with that whatsoever.

However, that doesn’t excuse wishing for them to be sued, for the developers to lose their jobs, and that they should be thrown in jail. It’s ad hominem at that point.

Criticism is justifiable, insults are not.

Fatshark didn’t really make any “false advertisement”, as this isn’t a paid product, nor did they ever make any claims which are proven null by the actual state of the product (the event, not the game itself).

I’ve my own pet peeves with Fatshark and the way they handle their game, but it’s not in my place to tell them what to do. It’s their game, and I’ve only bought what I expected.

P.S, I highly doubt that these so-called “unwelcome advice” from OP comes out of a love for the game, as they’ve already claimed that they’ve attempted to refund the game in the past, and that their friends have given up on the game. Attacks on Fatshark developers also doesn’t strike me as “out of love for the game”.

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I didnt know that he refound. Such a misguided soul i am. Yet we should not against him. Let fatshark handle all these. But for false advertisements theres no excuse for promising dedicated server. Although it was just an roadmap, it is clear ever since they put this in the main page it attracted the people - as it may seems ensure upcoming contents. And by this, this is what we called ‘false advertisements’

Hedge even offered me a refund but then never responded back to me.

You never even followed up on my offer of a refund. We asked you to DM with either a paypal email or such so we could refund you out of our own pocket, else we could squeeze a refund through steam provided you submitted a refund request that we could accompany with a request from our end. But you didn’t DM us, myself or Julia, with any information, so we can’t just magic a refund for you.

The game stopped functioning properly for me in April 2018 and every time I send in a support ticket, I got no response.

We reply to every single ticket, unless it’s abusive.

Locking this as it’s not constructive.

Please DM me so we can sort out this refund for you once and for all. Cheers.

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