Strange behaviour on some weapons

  1. Elven Longsword:
    Clicking left mousebutton to fast after letting the right mouse button go results in a push instead of a light attack. Doesn’t happen with glaive for example.

  2. Mace and Shield: FIXED
    If you make pushes to fast in a row you wil end up doing light attacks. Doesn’t happen with other weapon/shield combinations.

  3. BH Crossbow:
    Sometimes reload animation is extremely slow. Only happens with BH, so maybe it is actually not a bug with the weapon.

  4. All weapon shield combinations:
    If you start blocking in the moment you do a shield bash the game will need a long time to realize that you are actually blocking after the shield bash.

  5. Sienna’s Dagger:
    The Video dispalys that it is possible, to get the first charged attack very fast, in a row.
    Charge youre attack (not to long) briefly lift youre finger from the left mouse button and charge again. With the right timing you won’t get youre second charge attack, like with other weapons, instead you get youre first again.

  6. Switching from siennas dagger to fireball staff has quite often a long input lag.
    Might of course generall happen with any melee ranged switch on sienna.

Most of these problems are avoidable. But especially the bug with the Elven Longsword is quite annoying.
Most of them are easy to reproduce.


Lvl 15 talent to not consume ammo on the guaranteed crit.

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So its intended that you don’t have to reaload? I thought you still have to reaload but won’t consume ammo.
Also why is the reload animation sometimes in slow motion?

The animation still plays, which is extremely annoying.
The slow reload happens quite alot aswell, for whatever reason.

The slow animation came after they fixed the issue of the double shot, where when you aim and shoot the crit, you would shoot the other bolt immediately without control.

What about the other weapons? Also i have the feeling that sometimes youre push gets canceled if an enemy attacks you at the right time.

Nobody else noticed something weird with these weapons?

Already did a topic. Bardin’ dual axes also have the really small window to close heavy attack via block. It’s the real problem with slayer, at least for me.

I think the second point i mentioned got fixed. Can someone confirm? Can’t play right now.

  1. There is a talent that allows you to save loaded shot.

Can confirm all other bugs except for #2, but pushes were unreliable pre 1.0.7 in general, idk if they’re fixed.

But that belongs to bugs section.

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Not sure if intended but try and goof around with the Elven 2H sword’s push attack, the period after the push - swing - [ any other action ] is VERY long compared to any other weapon that i have tried.

That’s standard for all 2h swords, not just Kerillians’.

Litteraly unplayable

Hey, that’s my fav weapon in the game… was, until the bug. One more reason not to touch this game.

Loved it before 1.0.5 power nerf. But i get radically worse results with that weapon, opposed to other cleave/control weapons.

And i feel like i make a mistake if i ever make the ‘‘intended’’ push-attack.

You just need to play 50 hours with it, until it becomes an extension of your mouse.

Yep, absolutely right.

Everything is.

Got any of these bugs fixed?

#2 probably, though I am not sure. Also #3 is not a bug, just a really long reload time on crossbow.

Everything else is still there.

Yeah two got fixed. Im pretty sure 3 was a bug. But doesn’t happen anymore. Don’t get the slow motion reload animation anymore.

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