So no community update today?

Hi, former CM for Warhammer Online here, you’re talking BS my man <3


Correct, you have no idea about my place of employment, which is why your previous comment was pretty odd imo.

Again I don’t really know what you’re adding here. No one is saying this is a simplistic exercise. You’re acting like inter-departmental communication is like building the Hubble Telescope. I promise it isn’t at normal operating areas lol.

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I never got my infinite chaos black dye chest after my credit card was overcharged, where can I file a ticket?

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Frustrating is sooooo last year.


People like to extrapolate on their own experience, which seems to be your case. I cannot judge nor comment on how relevant your experience is without knowing a lot more about it, but the fact that I have various different experiences and conclusions means that your generalization is incorrect, despite the fact that it may be correct in your case.

How come that information isnt solid?

Crafting was supposed to be in before Christmas. Presumably it was supposed to release before launch, because you guys didnt wanna ship an incomplete game, so I’m assuming everything was supposed to release by November. If it was planned out weeks and weeks ago, what’s going on?

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So was the original release date.

Come on guys, dont attack each other.

We shouldnt be divided when a company fvcks us over like this and keeps repeating the same cycle and keeps saying its coming.

The game is obviously broken. They have known before the holidays. They know after the holidays.

They cant say it, but they released it obviously due to end of year and wanting Q4 to look better for shareholders.

They dont gives a rat’s ass about us. They got the money, the good devs that had enough probably left before the ship sinks and thats it.

But dont attack each other, there is no reason for that.

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This is such a massive bummer. I know it has nothing to do with you and I really do not envy your position as someone who has worked in Customer Service, but I really haven’t felt so badly about supporting a product in a long time.

The absolute disregard for the people who are still interested in this game getting better is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen from a developer before. If we were waiting for an actual patch it would be one thing, but we’ve been waiting for over a month for a blog post. Even a comment in this forum with the most basic information on what’s happening would’ve sufficed.

Instead, we’ve been getting a version of this comment for three weeks in a row; first the excuse was vacations, then the new CM learning how to write a post being the cause of the delay; and now there’s not even an excuse. And again, this never-ending waiting period is all just to know what’s happening with the game instead of an actual patch.

How is this okay? You can’t just call a game “live service” while not even doing the bare minimum to provide a service to keep the game live. We haven’t had hotfixes for a month, and no aspect of the game has changed in that time; not even the mission conditions. It has remained completely untouched. Not only is this not a live service game, but the amount of care (or rather, lack there of) put into it since release doesn’t compare to most other PC games on the market; big or small.

I get the challenges of game development are complicated to navigate and I’m sure the people actually responsible for this disaster are never going to see this comment, but I cannot BELIEVE the state of this game. It’s absolutely shameful and there must be a way for you guys to show the people who stuck around more consideration and transparency instead of asking us for understanding when Fatshark has earned absolutely zero goodwill.

You guys somehow managed to make some of my favorite games in the market while at the same time making sure I never, ever want to give you money for a product ever again.


Thank you very much for the official communication!

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Could we just get Sienna’s career to play for the many months you need to sort out Darktide?


I haven’t opined once about your workplace bud.

I just said communication between departments isn’t the Heraclean effort you’re making it out to be.

I don’t think that’s a hasty generalization. If your workplace has this level of issues communicating right after a major release then People should be examining the structure of working that makes it this difficult to inform and address massive issues with the launch.

This’ll probably be my last response, I don’t really see the point in engaging this further lol.


i hope the community update is pages long otherwise all this waiting is all for nothing


understand that crafting will not come. Anyways, the game is so awesome that crafting is next to useless (understand absolutely essential).
I can forgive them as long as they tell us something soon (understand: I don’t trust them to really talk to us and I can’t forgive them for having literally no respect for us)

And you wonder why no CM writes anything in the forum anymore. As soon as someone writes something, everyone jumps on him and let their frustration out on him as if he could do something about it.
There is no update → All are pissed
There is an update → All are still pissed off
Decide once for what and pull yourselves together.
The game is only 2 months out and some act here as if nothing will ever happen again.
I feel like I’m in elementary school here, it’s unbelievable.
In addition, the circle jerk on the negative steam reviews…holy sh*t rarely seen such an unpleasant community, with which I would not want to talk.

A lot of things can seem amazingly simple, yet for some reasons so many companies fail at them in some way. There are many case studies to show best practices - or at least to avoid the bad ones - and yet it doesn’t take a lot for a lot of things to go downhill corporatewise. And the bigger you are, the more difficult it is to change.

That was also said for Vermintide 2 and it was nothing but a big lie. Why should I trust your words ? All Fatshark do is lying. I’m not blaming you Aqshy, you’re only doing what you’re told to do but the higher up at Fatshark are clowns and liars.


In addition, the circle jerk on the negative steam reviews…holy sh*t rarely seen such an unpleasant community, with which I would not want to talk.

Unpleasant because this has happened in the past and should not be happening again

The game is only 2 months out and some act here as if nothing will ever happen again.

the game is missing key features that should have been in the game since it came out, and no word since then on if its coming

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Could you imagine if most product you purchased didnt work until a few months down the road…

This isnt kickstarter.