So no community update today?

I would sign on everything else you wrote, but I cannot understand this, I can interpret it as criticism either on people leaving negative steam reviews (in most cases justified, IMHO) or on people criticizing the people leaving negative steam reviews (unfair).

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Thanks @Aqshy for the info.
I actually can’t wait to see that community update, and I really, deeply, sincerely hope your game designers have understood and adressed the deeply embedded issues in the metagame systems’ design and that y’all communicate about it in a clearly and carefully worded manner.


Not a design issue. Its a management issue. Big one on top of that.

Explain how ?

This. At least Apshy saying something and I appreciate it.

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Core gameplay is amazing. The guns feels amazing. The melee weapons are amazing. The levels are beautifuly designed. The music is top notch.

The MTX is crap. The crafting system is crap and was pulled out. The general management of the game has been crap and has been a repeat across MULTIPLE fatshark games. The decision to silo each character with no shared inventory or currency is crap.

This is all management stuff. Heck, the no communication isnt Aqshy fault per say. Thats management.

Communicating on Discord and Reddit instead of the official forums tho is most likely CMs deciding to do that but there could be a higher level direction to stay silent on official platforms due to the perspective it gives to the media.

The update was that there is no update

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Glad to hear something official, even if it’s “We don’t have any news yet”

Whenever the community update comes, I’d really like to see something like a bulleted list of stuff that is confirmed being worked on and can be expected in the next content drop or bugfix. A lot of people are getting increasingly angry about being left in the dark and imo some transparency would go a long way.

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Fingers crossed for Friday! :smiley:


This is what I call metagame systems design and this is what is killing the game, as we both agree on the fact that the core is amazing.
This is game designers’ fault.

Same, this is a design decision, not a managerial one, and again agreed. If managers are deciding on that (for some reason), they’re actually doing (bad) game design instead of managing.

Honestly the least of my worries.
It is an entirely optional supporting system. Agreed, the prices are in the f2p mobile game and that is a joke ; agreed, the skins are mostly ugly ; agreed, there is no preview and refund ; agreed, the tactics and the communication around those are predatory ; and ten times agreed, I would have preferred a VT2-like system with money price in the ranges of 5 bucks for a full set, in order to not feel sullied when I want to support the studio ; but I understand the need for a continuous income after the spike from the sales. I can’t see myself using it as it is, both because the game is not in a state I’m willing to play it in, and because the prices for cosmetics are outrageous to me ; but if they changed that I’d have no issue with the system.

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Dude, the weekend basically starts on Friday after work, and making a community update might make them work overtime, eating into said weekend. Update Wednesday-Thursday next week, hotfix Thursday in two weeks, and a minor patch in another two. Maybe.

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Don’t worry for them…
I think that the person that pointed that they could work at 100% on the console port is right. CatFish confirmed they work on that and Ashqy said we will get a hotfix patch…
So, we will get nothing except deception. At best we will get a minor patch that solves 1 or 2 bugs.
Crafting will come but after they release the game on the xbox, and after they take vacations for their hard work…
This begins to look like a monstruous joke… or a nightmare.

I decided to change my evaluation to thumb down if I am right and nothing come tomorrow or if it is a minor patch (I guess nothing will come as they do that for 3 weeks).

The worst is the CMs when they say that they are excited… excited of WHAT ? nothing is nothing.

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Your product manager should be able to tell the community when the next release is without even telling us what is in it. I know this because i am a product manager. I am asked to do this by my customers on a nearly daily basis.

There’s no reason to be so precious about this.
“Hello, yes. Our next release will be on mm/dd/yy. We’re still working so we do not fully know what is will release. We’ll update soon”. That is all anyone here wants.


Maybe I am wrong, but for me an hotfix is not new content, it is bug fixes.
You don’t delay 3 weeks bug fixes if you don’t give new content.

The comm is really problematic. They said they were so excited to announce things, they said we cannot now, we prepare the communication etc. And now… just bug fixes ?
Seriously, I can’t believe that…


not today. not tomorrow. MAYBE next week.


Pretty good argument for a refund, just link them to that community post, list a bunch of unfinished features of the game and you’re set. This is a false advertisement for a live service title, completely disingenuous to call it an active title.


I feel like the reason we are seeing delays and issues here is the same reason that Darktide was delayed and is in the state it is in.

The development team or management is just painfully slow and lacks any kind of nimbleness.

Maybe it’s led by committee, or has a project lead that jerks the project all over the place as they have no clear vision and keeps changing their mind, or maybe the art and code pipeline they have set up is incredibly inefficient, or maybe the engine is some kind of nightmare to work with.

Either way, it seems mad to me that they thought they could do the live service game model with such slowness in the company.


How did you keep them warm for so long? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Joking aside, take your time, meanwhile there’s not much left to lose, so focus on quality instead of… well the usual. So, please, no more PR talk and beating around the bush. :+1:t3:

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