So end game events difficulty balance in legend

Fort finale is way too hard for an average party. An experienced crew will breeze through it but an average party will get crushed like a bug. The moment you have to load in the cannon the event turns on a hose of constant infinite spawns. Spawning basic rats in this way would be bad enough because they trickle in from all directions like a never ending ambush. But the game also throws in sv AND monks. If you don’t go and get the cannonball within the first wave of spawns you probably won’t finish the event at all because the next wave of elites will arrive before you kill the current one and that just leads to a downward spiral.

The Convocation event is fine IMO. The only issue I have with it is that the level achievement for staying in the pool is simply impossible on cata. Even if the 4 players can survive inside the pool it’s just a matter of time until a blightstormer spawns and casts a storm from a location the players don’t have line of sight to. It is utterly impossible to defend against that and you fail the event as soon as anyone leaves the pool.


Your fort finale is way different then mine, maybe it’s bugged for you? This isn’t how mine is working.

Did they change timers and code on fort finale after Wom? I thought they only decreased or increased some spawns?

Also if the achievement is too hard, they should consider tweaking the achievement and not the entire finale that doesnt make sense.

The fort finale used to be really weak, just a trickle of clanrats and slaves. Now (on legend) when you get to the part with the cannonball it spawns an extra wave with 2 SV and 2 monks mixed in, this continues until you fire the cannon or escape out the gate, i’m not sure.

A good party will quickly fend off that first wave and then carry the cannonball over before the next one arrives. But what happened the last couple times is that things keep interrupting us. We go to get the cannonball, one guy goes down and he has the grim. So we go back to save him which takes time, it takes so much time that another wave arrives and then everyone goes down but me. So I have to abandon the cannonball and go pick them up, which triggers more waves and so on.

They need to tone things down so that it doesn’t just dump infinite spawns on you like this. It’s harder than the rest of the level put together and if you drop down to just one active player you may get to the point where enemies are spawning faster than they can kill them.

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Isn’t once the cannonball gets fired once, it just spawns another wave if you kill more than a certain amount of enemies, i never had it stack up on me and i have been in situations where we had to fight inside the fort For a while due to twitch boss. The event code which explains how it works doesn’t mention stacking of waves, thats why i ask if the code got changed or only type of enemies, if the timer and triggers are still the same, which from me playing, it is. So how do you get infinite spawns? Thats why i am asking if you have a different event, because i don’t have that, surely you wouldnt say ‘infinite’ if it wasn’t true, so maybe ur game is bugged?

From my experience the only thing that got changed is the composition of the waves.

Don’t have the new code but yeah monks also stack for me once you have to get the cannonball.

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It’s a bit different after WOM, two trigger conditions for the next wave, either 120 seconds or <10 clanrats and <10 slaverats alive; since 120 seconds is a long time, they are probably killing parts of the wave without dealing with the elites, allowing them to stack up.

duration = 120,
condition = function (t)
return count_event_breed(“skaven_slave”) < 10 and count_event_breed(“skaven_clan_rat”) < 10

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Thank you, so it is an issue of not knowing how it works, which is understandable because its not really easy to find.

That explains a lot. An experienced party will breeze through the event, but an average party might have trouble dealing with the elites. Especially elites mixed into the regular horde. If they are only treading water and picking off a few slaves here and there rather than clearing out the wave it would explains why more elites pile up over time.

It definitely doesn’t sound like intended behaviour. There shouldn’t be an “exploit” where you can unintentionally farm the event and spawn more elites than there should be.

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It is intended, thats a piece of code taken from the game.

Just because something is in the code doesn’t mean it works in practice the way the designer intended, like being able to quickplay Deeds. They obviously wanted to make the finale harder, which they did. But the way they did it can result in massive difficulty spikes, which was probably not intended.

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While I agree with Froh about HoM and Skittergate, I can’t agree about Convo and Fort simply because both of those maps are unique in encouraging team coordination.
At Fort most pug players (that I played with) try to defend cannonball instead of staying a little bit further so enemy flow comes from one direction - not every possible. I wish that they made Fort less static by making us borrow every cannonball, so it would be similar to Black powder (one of my favorite V1 maps).

If you disagree for Convo, try to do the challenge again “Stay in the pool” the whole ritual (if you’ve already done it).

I’ve done it before it got nerfed.

Now do it with legend skilled players instead =p

That was with legend skilled players. and it took a few tries, but we got it.

Challenge is supposed to be challenging. It’s some extra entertainment for those who feel confident with the game or simply have nothing else to do. As someone said already terror events shouldn’t be built around the challenge. Challenges are built around the idea of completing the event in an unusual way.
Try it w/o books: I hardly believe you will have any problems.
I did Convo challenge but I don’t remember terror event state at that moment.

Legend challenges should not require cataclysm able players. Only legend able players.


This doesn’t contradict my opinion in any way.
If someone plays legend regularly - that doesn’t mean they’re legend able. If one can complete fullbook legend map doesn’t mean anything - you can do that with bots. A deep understanding of game mechanics (and bugs :wink:) is what makes player legend able.

being able to beat legend with 2 grims regularly doesn’t make you legend able? what?

IMHO monks are just not fun at all. Mix them in with a horde and you’ve got an unreasonably hard time dealing with the monks as they fly at you at 200 mph.