Skulls 2024 Summary: Announcing Secrets of the Machine God (June 25, 2024)

finally beheading the rotten old crafting system?

(Stylized beheading of Robespierre - aftermath of the French revolution)


factorio players probably managed 2-3 games in that 5+ years, honestly. let’s not pretend they’re a good comparison to anything but excel players.


Even every Factorio update post has people snarking in the steam forum (yes that wretched hive of scum and villainy!) about why not this and why not that etc

Truth is, Factorio was a tiny game started by a tiny one man company with a new fresh take on the crafting genre thats practically spawned its own game genre all on its own.

It also kinda just worked for the most part and expectations were low. They also gave regular updates about internal processes with extremely detailed descriptions of how, why and what they were working on.

Darktide by comparison comes from a decent sized company with monetary backing and two previous games with directly comparible systems that they STILL messed up somehow!

There is a good reason why Factorio gets away with a long term dry spell and Darktide should not.


If I don’t get a seat in that pic (I want Ben’s spot), I’ll be so cross with you.


thats alotta text adding so little nuance (sorry)

obviously DT is a different product, my point is you as a dev set the expectations people have from you not the other way around, but what happens with FS is they give out one catchphrase, or a hint etc. and because its ambiguous people start speculating which gets out of hand very quickly

they also went the route of over promising and underdelivering.

Whereas under promising and overdelivering is just way healthier.

yes thats the whole point but i don’t agree with you that it has anything to do with the size of the company, and instead wholly about managing expectations

I am so excited to see George Costanza holding a Moonlight Greatsword sign the Declaration of Independence.


Just for clarity, do you mean mine?

You cannot just discount it. One person juggling everything compared to a supposedly well oiled team with cash and PR dept in place. That makes a huge difference.

V1 I forgive them, even V2 I kinda forgive them as it took a long time to become the stable, content heavy game it currently is. By now I woulda thought they had it down but it seems they built from the ground up again.


that just strengthen my argument tho, one guy managing expectations vs a company with multiple people dedicated to just communication if anything they should be much more organized and professional, which they just aren’t

ofc, i can discount size? if they had said from the beginning hey we gonna release it in XYZ state and then never touch it again

AND THEY ACTUALLY DID manage to do that, I don’t think a massive outrage would occur, I firmly believe that people would be “really why tho” and not “FK FS”

The fact that they are large with backing imo has little impact on how expectations are created, at least it doesn’t directly correlate. What is communicated to us is by far the largest part in what’s creates expectations.
(ofc you can argue that larger companies usually have investors who want a return, which more often than not leads to these practices such as live service since they are more profitable)

They themselves set up all the expectations we had about the game and then failed them themselves.
As I said:
overpromising and underdelivering
instead of:
Under-promising and overdelivering


Im not sure if you are misreading me, but thats what Iv been saying.

Fatshark should have done better (imo with the larger resources and manpower at hand.)

Everyone understands the dry spell in Factorio and had low expectations, (imo because one man team building a new game genre)

I feel I made plenty of nuance, you disagree, so on some things we disagree, whatever :wink:

The point is we both think FS should have done better at communicating :blush:


but you first answered to me and started disagreeing, even tho you argued for the same thing?
natually i thought you opposed

thats why i said you didn’t add too much since we said the same thing just differently :sweat_smile:

anyway my factorio comment was a reply to Aqshy/Exanima about the "damned if you do damned if you don’t comment,

it was meant to showcase how a few guys did a prime job at communicating than a huge supposedly more organised & professional company that is failing at the basics, refuting her notion that FS is somewhat excused at this point. Basically, I was saying they did dig their own grave by misleading expectations from the beginning.

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I see! We got some wires slightly crossed :grin:

I was replying to Jackle mostly. I was kinda saying that even a game with low expectations like factorio gets haters in forums, but I should have made clearer which bit was intended for whom.

Idk, point is I agree very much. I may be unable to articulate properly what I was tyring to :face_with_monocle: My apologies for any misunderstanding.

One of the main things Iv been surprised at is how many systems FS screwed up and too ages to sort, when they made most of the same mistakes from V2 but this time had a bigger, better, more experienced machine.

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I try to listen to everybody :wink:

Let’s hope they release the 3 variants… but I fear the worse. They will surely release one variant and so, more chances that we don’t like it…
considering we only have 1 bolter instead of the 3 variants since the beginning… I don’t have too much hope on this :confused:

Was there any news from the bevy of game showcases over the weekend?

Nope. Why would there be? Fatshark clearly has better things to do than tell us what they’re planning.


Ok but too be fair the slew of complete and utter dogsh*t that was thrown out to us not only makes me appreciate Darktide more, but happy that it isn’t associated with all of that trash. Like seriously that was awful.

Fumes from the PC Games Show looks fun but I haven’t been able to play the demo yet.

However I would most likely expect a dev blog talking about stuff either this Tuesday or Thursday.

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I call dibs on James Madison! (I’m short)

Edit: I circled James Madison just in case :blue_heart:



Can you introduce extending character rooster if you will get enlighted in future and give us new class ? I am currently 5/5 because i play with multiple friends on multiple characters.

I know you are not doing it now (no surprise really), but IF you will plesae keep that in mind that a lot of people got already 5/5 characters.

Thank you and wish you sooner enlightment of emperror than later.

you can use a mod (unless you’re on a console) to open new slots… I have 6 chars (and mainly use 2)