Sitting at [SPACE] Next

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Having many connectivity issues lately. I’m sitting at the [SPACE] Next screen with the logo spinning for 7 minutes. Time to play Overwatch.

Whenever I see the word space written down…

More helpfully. If you’re still getting this, is there any chance there’s a pop-under firewall message or something? As a guess, it might be that as you’re getting handed across to different servers, something in your local Windows is blocking it… hence it just sits there. You’ve probably got it covered, but thought I’d try a suggestion as no one else had replied.

Assume you’ve fixed this. Nice.

I get this quite a lot. Maybe 4-5 times a week I’d guess. No rhyme or reason so no repro steps.

Has happened when loading into mourning star from character selection.

Has happened when loading into mourning star from a completed match.

Has happened when switching characters and loading into mourning star.

I’m sat staring at the loading screen that’s been here 10 minutes now.

The amount of my life I’ve spent staring at this loading time for unnecessarily long periods is beyond thinking about.

If you’re on PC I can recommend this mod very highly. Bye bye Mourningstar waits…

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I feel kinda uncomfortable installing mods. I don’t want to muddy the water so to speak.

That said I’m typing this whilst enduring another 10+ minutes of that ****ING loading screen so I’m getting more and more tempted by the minute.

The loading screen hangs in this game are truly medieval.

Make that 15 mins now… Fml.

They’re a few minutes of install effort, but I can guarantee that you will wonder how you managed without.

Ive saved maybe 30 hours with just this mod alone.