Significant drop in performance

At first I decided that it seems to me, but no, all 6 friends whom I interviewed have noticed a significant decrease in performance in the last few days. It does not depend on the game settings, or the power of the hardware - everyone noticed a drop in the average FPS and statters.


Thank you for letting us know. Could you share your PC’s specifications with me please?

i7-8700; GTX 1070; 16GB DDR4 RAM; Windows 10.

I know I’m not one of your buddies, but I gotta chime in - since 4.2.2 I have to set my settings to lowest just to run around 50-60FPS reliable and even then I get drops to as low as 15-20 in CW.
My specs are Win 10, RTX2060 Super, i7 8700k, 16GB RAM. But more importantly I have some videos on YT showing much higher picture quality with decent fluent FPS that I have recorded using this same PC that hasn’t changed since 2018.

You sure about DDR3? Because that sounds like doomed combination.

Complete removal of Microsoft Edge fixes performance issue.

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Wait, what?


Yes. Tested by me and at least 4 other people who also started having performance issues these days.


That’s weird XD Pity that removal of MS Edge would most certainly break Windows update routines. Happened to me before.

Good to know… I’ve never had fps problems since I upgraded my CPU but noticed that also the last couple of days. Ryzen 9 5900x,gtx1080ti and 32gb ddr4 ram.

Never liked edge anyway.

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Latest update has indeed destroyed my FPS. Basically unplayable.

Are you guys talking about fps drops after the new launcher changes? Im wondering if i should restore my pc back and undo the changes myself.

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My performance so low the fish have got lights on their faces. Seriously taking large FPS hits.

Ok so I did some benchmarks before and after removing Ms Edge, and frankly found no significant difference. Here are the results:

Video quality: High with turned off cinematic crap (like lens effects), scatter density and blood decals.
Resolution: FHD
Specs: W10 Homr x64, i7 8700k, RTX 2060 Super, 16Gb DDR4 3466MHz

Benchmark Scores (with Edge → w/o Edge):
DX11, 5 worker threads: 99 → 102
DX11, 8 worker threads: 103 → 102
DX12, 5 worker threads: 106, stutters like hell, disqualified
DX12, 8 worker threads: 107 → 110 (still microfreezes though)

Meh, lets see in game.

ADDED: Not really.

I don’t think it’s Edge either and I have no idea whether the new launcher window even has anything to do with it although | suppose it can’t hurt to try using launcher_workaround in the properties/betas tab.

Without Edge, the average fps increases by 10 frames during waves.

Don’t take this the wrong way but based on the 2 video clips, the 10 frames could be resulted from really anything to slightly different enemy compositions, gas rats aoes, etc.
You really need more controlled test or sample size to test something like this.

Its clear there is an fps issue from what I’ve been reading but solely placing the blame on a browser that windows comes preinstalled with is pretty odd conclusion from all of this. Under normal circumstances you can’t even uninstall edge without going trough some hoops.


Ok. Tests with fixed amount of enemies with all other despawned.
40 marauders, 5 raiders, 5 monks, 5 gas rats + 1-3 random specials from map spawn.

With Edge installed - 43 min fps, avg 49 (?) fps.

Without Edge installed - 61 min fps, avg 65 fps.

This performance problem occured after game laucher was updated with “simple runtime installation used to provide web-based content in the launcher” few days ago. That was the only reason I started to suspect Edge at all.


Well I give it that’s at least more consistent test especially if you repeated it couple times.
Guess you could also try the benchmarking tool vermintide has but other than that got nothing more to add.

Yeah I’m aware of this and it is probably related to the fps issues, but it could be something stupidly simple as launcher staying open in the background while taking up resources. Removing edge just makes this go away because the animations whatnot are not playing while ingame.

Eitherway I’m just speculating, I don’t even have vermintide installed at this point. Just felt like pointing out some flaws in the earlier testing.

Yes, but I want real statistics, for now it looks uncompelling to say the least.
I mean, what is the averaging window length for that single-number FPS counter up there? Does it exclude outliers, does it weigh the draw times, where is the overall statistics?
In theory the most obvious way to compare performance would be plotting draw times as a histogram containing all rendered frames.

Also my performance issue started before the Edge update you mention - right around Halloween actually, and I’m not talking like 10 FPS - I went from solid 55 to down to 15 during some events. This is not exactly marginal.

Not disputing your results per se - they are just too incocnlusive. I mean I cannot replicate your results - simple as that, and the benchmarking tool - while not providing full statistics (for some reason, FS?) and not even having fixed spawns and RNG - provides larger sample averaging across the entire runtime.

But actually we might be talking about to different causes that’s all.

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