Extremely poor performance since patch 2.2.1

Hi there,

1.My V2 Performance since last patch is horrible, I used to play in HIGH settings and my fps were from 100-120 in no horde and 40-55 in horde… but I played with that settings.

Now, since this patch I am forced to play in MEDIUM settings and my fps descent to 70-90 in no horde and 40-55 in horde. In Medium, before i played in High.

  1. 2.2.1
  2. DxDiag.txt (154.0 KB)
  3. Playing with dx12

My hardware is superior to Hardware recommended, so… what’s the problem with the performance in this game?

Thanks in advance.


Have you tired turning off shadows? That helped most people, me among them.

turn off sun shadows no more boost your fps like it was before 2.0
you get poor +10-15fps only with sun shadows off for the price of total eyecancer…
its not your hardware it the poor optimisation!

While I agree, also knowing FS’s glacial work speed, you might want to mitigate until they find(?) and fix(?) what they screwed up.

I have a similar experince and been fiddling with every setting on earth to find some FPS during hordes.

It seems the game, despite any prerendered frames setting, can’t render and run the game simulation at the same time. So both GPU and CPU contribute to the horde performance. First the CPU handles the current timestep, asks to render, waits with zero load and continues when GPU is ready. I think that’s why when not in hordes the GPU usage can be high and CPU lowish (with 100-200 fps) and then during combat both CPU load goes up a bit and GPU drops to low. I’d love to hear of settings which enable the game to utilize 100% of both if necessary, but my thinking is that this is not possible due to poor threading. Yes the game knows how to split some jobs to multiple threads, but can’t do anything while rendering. Their engine dev wrote the renderer needs some data to be locked during render so simulations cannot run due to having locked resources. And then one big CPU hog is the scripted part (meaning almost all of the game logic) which seems to not be either threaded at all.

For example, UI tweaks mod, which I assume to only modify how the UI is places / sized, eats a good amount of CPU time and is 100% done on the same thread that does all the rest of the scripted logic. Noticed that because in the keep I got under 80 fps except when pressing X for third person view with no UI bumped fps to over 100. That mod had to go unfortunately :frowning:

The single most experience enhancing setting was to install RTSS and limit FPS to 80 with that. (NVidia rate limiter is almost as good) Frametimes are very stable and CPU load is low if nothing major is happening.

Varying frametimes can make even 70fps feel like 20.

At the moment I landed onto overclocking my CPU and ram as much as possible (gained 20-30 fps), NVidia settings to forced 8x high quality AF, AA disabled (also ingame, both FXAA and TAA) but 1.2x DSR instead. Textures on medium, all shadow filtering on low, sun shadow on, shadow maps at [512 512], async_fog = true, fog quality low, volumetric quality low, skin shading off, AO quality medium, SSR off, local lights cast shadows = 0, particle lights on, particle shadows off, fog shadow off, worker threads 10, scatterer 0.25, lod anim 0, lod objects 0.85, lod decoration 0.20 and using DX12.

Cpu 3930k @ base 3500 all core boost 4375, ram 2333 @ 10-12-12-30-2, GPU stock 1070.

For some reason the game ran better with all 125 bclk. Never touched that before (with recent CPUs), but it makes some lanes run 25% faster and the diff between CPU idle and max multipliers is lower (44 vs 35@125mhz).

Hope this gives you any new ideas. And truly hope Fatshark fixes their game performance even if it meant no other content updates for the next 6 months.

I put shadows in low and I gained a few fps, anyway there are moments of desperation, like empire map… FatShark must really work in this, it’s NOT normal…

I appreciate the unexplained drops in performance are tiresome.

I think, the most notable obstruction our developers and QA have encountered is being unable to replicate these issues internally.

It would really me out if you could add your information here:


I will send out a reminder internally that performance-related complaints are still rampant.

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Oho, I didn’t know this thread existed! I’ll keep it bookmarked so I can point people in this direction next time I see a thread like this in the steam forums.

Are the devs trying to find this in the developer branch, or the production?

Because there is a history of the betas always improving the performance, while once the beta is pushed to production, we get the performance decrease.

I don’t understand why they have trouble recreating this, while you literally have to turn on and off shadows, and it’s obvious that it has issues with a 30-50% FPS increase/decrease.

Should I turn on shadows, do a dxdiag and then turn them off and do it again? I don’t have any crashes, but once I go from the keep into a run, I gain 30-50 FPS when I turn off the shadows.

we got the fps downgrade since day one of the 2.1.0 beta start, recreating this issue should be no problem! its just a poor excuse…

users can still download any pre 2.1.0 version from the https://steamdb.info/search/?a=app&q=vermintide+2 and ez compare the performance…
and the Dev’s can still roll back too if they dont know how to fix this downgrade… excuses like, we dont know how to recreate this performance issue or, it must be an issue with a 3rd party software ect are just a shame!


they just see your hardware specs in the dxdiag, not how much fps you have :wink:

If Fatshark can’t replicate the problem then they won’t know what the problems is and they won’t know what to change/fix. From what I’ve read, it seems to be something specific to certain rigs, and Fatshark would have to get a computer that’s just like it and see what they actually need to do. Unless you’re suggesting that they should roll back the game to before 2.1 and lose centuries of progress in Fatshark time? I’m expressed my frustrations with Fatshark in the past, and I’m still really annoyed that they can’t fix a simple visual bug like the sword&shield that I’ve posted several times now, which has been acknowledged for months, but I’d give them some patience with this at least. Personally I haven’t had many problems with performance and actually am quite happy with how the game performs, but that might just be because I’m used to playing poor games.

wich progress? lohners crap and few glitchmen tweaks??? oh i forgott the two maps…!!! and its not about specific user rigs, just read few of the thousand treads in all those forums and the description of the user rigs… you may find max 2 out of 20 with alsmost the same specs, and even people with an over the edge high end rig notice a performance downgrade… so no, definitive not a local user issue :wink:

I dunno man I think the emporium is a good idea. Just needs more and better cosmetics.

Are you stuck living in august 2019? The beastmen have been nerfed over and over again. They’re not nearly as strong as they used to be and now they’re significantly rarer as well. They’re still not a good faction because they’re underdeveloped, but other than that they’re functional and work fine.

Yeah, the 2 maps. People have been asking for new maps sinc time immemorial, and now you want them to revert that and lose huge progress? You do know how important maps are, right?

Uh-huh. Sure. I saw like maybe 5 at most. I don’t experience it, and no one I know experiences it, and I have like 8 people on my friends list that I actively play with. Doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be fixed, and better performance is always appreciated, but I think you’re exaggerating the issue.

Well what is it then? If it’s only some people that are experiencing it?

5? maybe just here, and 5 topics dosnt mean 5 people… every topic have many posts from diferent peoples!
on reddit are lot of topics about performance and the steam forum have the most!!!

“5” xD roflcopter

you can download the pre 2.1.0 version from the steamdb ! just do it and even you will notice better performance and better hardware efficiency on dx12 !

maybe 5 at most :joy: you make my day wk thx

Yeah, link me the hundreds and thousands of threads on the steam forums then.

It’s also plenty of people saying that they haven’t experienced it, or in your case it’s just a couple of people arguing on your thread.

Okay, show me.

No, I do not notice any better performance.

If I have to read any more of this I will shoot myself in protest.

of course, had exaggerated something @thousands of posts

No, I do not notice any better performance.

yeah you rollback and start the game and check it in less than 1min? xD
where is the video? just proof it wk

Or maybe because I checked it before? And the fact that I PLAYED on the patch as well and I don’t remember any performance issues. And why on earth WOULD I get better performance? Do you even know what the patch changes? You know that this doesn’t affect everyone, right?

So how many is it then? If it’s not 5, and if it’s not hundreds of trillions, then how many?

ok maybe you have a 6000€ over the edge high end pc and get your desire fps and maybe cap framerate too, good for you…
maybe you just monitoring the fps only