Significant drop in performance

My fps went back to normal and game freezes stopped happening when i uninstalled microsoft edge.

My settings were on the highest and I was having no significant frame drops. Stuck around 130fps, but ever since the update when they added grudge mark monsters it has had this weird stutter/jitter at random times. Like it slows me down and drops my frames to sub 30. People told me it was some mods, but I have removed all mods and played games as to where it still does it

Sadly uninstalling Edge didn’t give me any noticeable performance boost.

Tried everything, from lowering settings and even resolution, disabling Steam overlay, disabling mods, reinstalling the game, disabling Game Bar etcetc. Windowed, borderless, fullscreen, 4 or 6 worker threads, it all made no tangible difference.
Changing resolution changes nothing, the game for me maxes out at around 120 fps.

The only thing that really impacts performance, sadly, is the lighting category.
If I put all on lowest or off, I get a significant boost to 110 fps in the Keep (which usually hovers around 70-80 for me if I look into the main room). On highest, it dips to 77 fps.
Medium settings with 5 casting lights is almost the same: 80 fps.
Low settings with 1/3 lights: 83-85 fps. Barely any difference.

Enabling “Local light shadow quality” and “Sun shadows” at all simply chomps away 25-30 fps from your system. Probably because it’s very CPU intensive (wish I could let my GPU handle this).

My rig should be beefy enough for this (i7-7700k @ 4.2 GHz, 32 GB DDR4, 2080 Super, installed on SSD) but the game just says “no”.

Now, onto the actual test in a match:

Barely noticeable performance gains. I start with 100 fps which eventually dips to 80 without hordes and goes as low as mid 60s (and sometimes below 60) in hordes. Might as well just keep the lighting settings on or on high. If I play at max settings, I hover around 70-80 without hordes and low 60s fps (sometimes 50s or even 40s). So disabling those two settings will allow less <60 fps moments but will not result in higher fps per se. Just less dips into awful territory.

Hordes just absolutely kill performance. Your settings don’t really matter, resolution doesn’t matter, the game just wilts out and dies.
I remember this being not as bad a while ago (though hard to tell when, exactly - probably over 1 1/2 - 2 years) but something is surely amiss. It just runs poorly.

Please, if you can, do an optimisation patch, Fatshark. I don’t think we’ve had one in the past 2 years, if at all. The game sorely needs it.

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We’ve had one when the wastes came out actually, saved some disk space, and they sometimes include optimizations in their patches (like in the latest one).

Interesting. Performance for me has just gone one way and that one is down. :frowning:

Quick update to say I’m monitoring the performance complaints we’re receiving. Sorry I don’t have any immediate remedies for you.


There may be a problem with the latest patch (Dec) 2021

Current known issues
※ 2021-12-21 [Windows 10 (x64)]
1.Microsoft Edge
3.Razer Synapse
4.Updata NVIDIA Drive
5.Stop XBOX Bar Recording [Win+G]

Turn off or deactivate it
maybe can fixed it
These programs may affect FPS in this patch



I understand some of you have already exhausted these options and more. But can anybody else please see if there is any improvement in your issue after:

Disable the Steam Overlay

  1. Open the Steam client
  2. Select ‘Steam’ in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Select ‘Settings’
  4. Select ‘In-Game’
  5. Deselect the ‘Enable the Steam overlay while in-game’ checkbox
  6. Save your changes
  7. Launch Vermintide 2 as normal, and see if the issue persists

Disable any mods

  1. Open the Vermintide 2 launcher
  2. Select ‘Mods’
  3. Deselect all mods
  4. Save your changes
  5. Launch Vermintide 2 as normal, and see if the issue persists

I have tried disabling the mods, and my PC lacks all of those external programs now anyway. I’ll see what disabling the overlay would do for me soon.

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