Should Brutal Momentum be Nerfed or Changed, and if so how?

Somewhat recently I got Antax conbat axes with Brutal Momentum and headtaker on both Veteran and Zealot and it’s pretty crazy. I had good rolls with tac axes on both as well, and while strong I wouldn’t say as gold as the Antax. So my first question is should it be nerfed so axes can really singke target damage and have to rely more on pushes to stagger horde?

I’m not an expert on a lot of the back end terms and what they mean or do, so my next question is how would Brutal Momentum even be changed? Simply reducing the timer really wouldn’t change much, as even the t1 BM is strong if you consistently hit heads. Also I would like to see it changed so it’s more useful on the Ogryn clubs, but that might be more of an issue with head hitboxes. Change it so it’s just a cleave buff instead of ignore hit mass? Maybe a damage buff to chain head shots together? I’m at a bit of a loss on how I would change it.

As lot’s of people have mentioned, things like pinning fire and Brutal Momentum might not be changed until we receive a crafting update to try and reduce people’s gamer rage, but I’m not sure how Brutal Momentum would be changed because it would probably have to be a complete rework.

Edit: Honestly a bit surprised by the amount of pushback this thread got, I honestly thought more people thought Brutal Momentum on Axes needed a change. While Personally I still think it could use a change I guess I get why most people wouldn’t want to change it.

No, why should it be nerfed? Who is it unfairly effecting? Also there is a skill component to it in that you have to aim for heads and that’s easier said then done when you are in the middle of fighting off a horde while trying to deal with doggos, muties, trappers, etc.


Could be turned into a savage sweep. Weakspot kill increases cleave by 200% on t4.




been so long had to go do a run with it , and i dont think so , doesnt seem to hit problem territory, you could trim one of its max cleave targets if its overperforming but doubt its nescessary myself.


Single target weapons shouldn’t have amazing cleave as well, it’s not properly balanced.


You want to make axes useless against hordes?
Because without BM, they are pretty bad against hordes.

It is not like they are overpowered right now, so it is fine.


I started to use the CA without BM…
Believe me or not… it is very strong.

Oh and… to be honest, if CA is nerfed, we need to nerf again PS as, again, this weapon would be tooooooooo strong.

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Only thing that should be really really REALLY nerfed right now - is Hadron tendency to brick good items upon Consecration. It will result is significant boost in player retention and will improve recent rating on Steam by at least +10%.
Talking about any other nerf at this point is meaningless :slight_smile:


As much as its stupid that the best weapon in the game is some dumb looking axe with a couple average blessings…I think we can maybe leave it alone for another 3 months and see how other weapon releases and maybe even a new class change the dynamic.


Personally I’ve never had a problem with having it always be consistently active, even in high intensity situations. With the tactical axes it is a bit harder, but since with the Antax every attack is an overhead its very easy to so.

And the reason why I feel it might eventually be needed to be changed is that its a must have blessing for Axes, and it makes it really hard for practically every other weapon to compete. They might need a single target damage buff if it is changed, but it seems weird from me from a design standpoint.

And this is probably less a problem with the axes/perk itself, but I wish something like the Chainsword/Eviscerator were top tier over the axes.

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With power blessings and a good stat roll axes weren’t useless against hordes, they just weren’t as good. And I honestly feel that they are overpreforming imo, and if I had to change them I would probably change BM somehow but make them do more first/single target damage to cement their role.


Seems like a non issue right now.
It’s strong but it’s not a real issue like the power sword.
Powersword was so strong damage wise every SS would just run it and nothing else while not even realising how bad the mobility on it was compared to other weapons.
It’s not as good as the heavy sword 9 for horde clear but better ST and can manage hordes pretty well anyway.
It’s probably the strongest melee but it’s not in such a way that it just removes all competitors to never play anything else.
Zealots use all sorts of weapons while the SS used just power swords.

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I used both axes for awhile before I got Brutal Momentum, and the difference for me was night and day. While it didn’t neccesarily preform differently against few targets and made horde clearing way easier.

I mentioned that at the end of the post, but I was still wondering how people would think to change it if they wanted a change to it. Catfish said they were discussing crafting so I’m hoping we’ll get something along on that with the big May patch.

I definitely feel that way in Zealot, but on Sharpshooter as I don’t have power cycler I feel I’m kind of forced into using it on Damnation. Catachan Swords don’t have enough ap damage to compete, the shovel has the 3 target hard cap etc etc. Might be a skill issue, or that I haven’t really gotten other good melee weapons on vet but that’s how I’m feeling on it.

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Obviously BM is better in horde clearing… and I would say “hopefully!”
But, this is not a night and day. Without it, you can yet kill a lot in hordes

When I say I started to use axes without BM, I don’t joke. Off course, I keep using it… but actually my main axe on my zealot doesn’t use it.
I will repeat something I did some time ago and that, when I said it several laughed but that now is something that everybody knows, Heavy Swords IS the weapon to clear hordes, not CA with BM.

Sidenote: Please don’t post several posts when you can do one with all answers you want to do. If you select a text you see a “Quote” option appearing. Then you can quote what you want.

Also, sidenote 2. I would say that deathblow, brutal momentum, shock & awe and devastating strike should work the same. Maybe a number of swings related by the tier of the blessing.
But, while I think they must change devastating strike in priority, cause it is useless, I don’t think that CA with BM is OP and then should get a nerf. Also, think that it is not only CA that you would nerf by changing BM but lot of weapons. So, not sure that my above proposition is… pertinent

If you want to nerf it, just make it like Thunderhammer’s Shock and Awe blessing, but with decent numbers:

On weakspot kill, ignore 10-40% hit mass, stacks 5 times. Lasts for 3 seconds.

Numbers can always be changed, but now it takes a bit for the buff to get going, so you don’t insta-cleave through hordes like the actual cleave weapons. It also gives you a reason to choose Antax.

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Pretty much this. If we get the upward adjustments the Chain weapons desperately need, and some buff to PS to actually make it better than Caxe it will be fine to have a fallback weapon that is a good for general use.

With the eventual dif 6 it would already take a heavy hit for not being able to one-shot all normal enemies on Zealot after a few strikes. That’s the main strength of the weapon, you can just brainlessly chop-chop and put all your attention into dodging incoming attacks.


Lol… PS is better than CA about horde killing (which is the purpose of BM). But sure it is not against individual threats (even if it is more versatile than lot of weapons)
Well, we won’t start again the discussion about this