Combat axe needs a buff

After brutal momentum rework combat axes feel a little weak to me, i know before pre rework they where a little op, but at the current spot i don’t see any way why i should use them over any other weapon, eviscerator, chainaxe, heavy sword, catachan sword, power sword or crusher. For example the new eviscerator do better anything that combat axes can do like horde clear, kill elites and boss damage, the same goes with chainaxe and the rest of the weapon, i know the mobility is slightly better on combat axes but this doesn’t make a substantial difference.

My idea for make them great again is just increase cleave, i know that with brutal momentum you can clear hordes efficiently, but still it the feels a little weak when you kill a enemy without hitting his weakspot, abruptly stoping because the low cleave or when you don’t hit the breakpoint of a enemy, abruptly stoping again on his weakpoit, making the fight less efficient and fun.

With this said i feel that just some better cleave would make the combat axes better, not because you will kill faster or anything (but you will) i mean this just because the feeling of the weapon will be better, it will make stagger small enemies on the slash (just like any weapon with the avarage cleave) and most likely become popular (i don’t see many people using the after BM rework).

Thanks for reading, if you want to come and say something like “they are super op, i use them all day” i really wish you the best and keep having fun with them. But im not having enough fun with them as i used too, i really want a improvement on them.

Idk, the fact that it have Brutal Momentum already make it a pretty strong weapon.

Your argument is it’s weak if you aren’t hitting weakspot which is not really that much of a problem tbh.

It’s probably the only weapon that can kill multiple bruisers this fast with light attack
if you can get a good one ofc, but that’s more of a crafting problem. if you really want a buff then they probably could just up its unarmored/flak damage a bit so it could hit somebreakpoint easier without putting too much strain on player’s plasteel.

Other than that it’s one of the better melee imo.

you are literally proving my point (using BM and hitting only weakspot), i hate that it works like a power sword that you need a blessing to make it usefull (even though, power sword with PC and BM is better at anything that combat axe do × 10) , im no noob on the game i have 1300 hours on, i know that without brutal momentum that only 10 enemies will have taken like 10 more seconds to kill thanks too how brutaly you stop after hitting mass, and that was my point i literally said that was easy to clear small enemies using BM and hitting weakspots, but thats the issue when u don’t use BM or hit non weakspot it feels soo bad
And i don’t know what are u talking about that there is no weapons that kill that few anemies faster, new eviscerator can kill them as fast if not faster with light attacks and with no perks ,blessings and skills. And im not gona talk about if u put blessing on it becouse that 11 enemies on cleave that my eviscerator have plus the variety of blessings that it can have is far larger than any combat axe

Idk why you wouldn’t want to use BM on it or find it hard to hit weakspot with 1300+ hours but alright, it’s bad weapon if you prefer it that way.

Also I’m not sure how this is faster.


why u wouldn’t use power cycler on a power sword?
because is so baaad without it, thats the point, it needs a rework

why u wouldn’t use BM on a combat axe?
because u are bad and obviously can’t land 100% of weakspot like i do on meat grinder, what a response.

u should be able to experiment with weapons without feeling like is a punishment,
and not because “is the meta and i must follow the meta”. It should be for fun and the feelings that the weapon gives u.

but here ms metagame only know about meat grinder and delusion, in real game u really never gets stuck in an attack, never fail a weakspot or u really thing that an eviscerator (that not just hit but stagger and can go through maulers. ragers and 11 yea 11 enemies ) stack up to the sky with perks, blessings, skills and keystones like martyrdom do any worse at killing anything (and faster) than a combat axe in real gameplay, u are lying.

If u are having fun with combat axes its fine, good for you.

I am here just to discuss what im feeling and know about just like the amount of people that play combat axe (that it has to be very low i see them once in 50 matches maybe).

if u want to show me another clip of why the things i say are lies, just don’t send a meat grinder post that u put keystones and skills only when it suits you.

No u.

Joke aside, hope you can find someone that will agree with you. Good luck. :wink:

I agree with you that “mandatory” Blessings is a bad design choice - but at this point many players have spend so much time in grinding for these blessings that completely altering that design would probably create the next shitstorm. That said on my Zealot I used to run Headtaker and Decimator and even without BM it felt very powerfull.

I disagree with you that Caxes have become weaker. I only use the Antax V as I like it’s animatgions - thus if the other marks have a problem I can’t say. When the Alteration to BM was announced I thought like you. But considering how easy it is to hit the head in combination with the additional weakspot damage means it handles hordes as good as before. The only real difference I notice is that BM thanks to the mentioned WS damage increase now also makes it better at fulfilling it’s original role of high single Target damage. So what you call a nerf (which it read to me on paper as well) turned for me out to be a buff.

The only reason we don’t see 2/3 of the playerbase run BM Caxes anymore is due to the fact that more iconic 40k weapons like chain- and powerweapons were finally buffed to reach similar states of usefulness - that is a good thing.

No - Caxes should not be buffed.

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Rashad beats out the MK15 micro-Evi on every single test.
Antax beats it on some not others.

Combat axes remain some of the single best weapons in the game. All that happened is that other weapons are able to compete now. combat axes can push-attack stagger groups of ragers. Pretty much no other weapon can do that. The special attack can stagger muties out of charges. They’re easy to use and incredible against every threat in the game.

They don’t need anything, neither nerfs nor buffs.

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Yeah as someone who plays zealot a LOT and has used every melee weapon extensively all I can say is that the combat axes with brutal momentum are by far the zealot’s strongest weapon.

The only thing the eviscerator is better at is the fact that it’s shred special does a lot of dmg to bosses.

But then when you look at the Rashad for example, with full stacks of Headtaker and around 10 stacks of momentum you can one shot an entire pack of shotgunners.

I don’t think there’s a single weapon that does that.

On the other hand I do agree that it is kind of boring that the Combat axe goes from meh to best melee in the game with just 1 blessing.


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