Scoreboard mods existence disproves all the lies about how toxic a scoreboard is

It’s very simple, even you anti-scoreboard people can follow this.

According to you scoreboards drive, encourage and promote all the worst toxic elements in online games, and if there was a scoreboard every single game you played in would be ruined.

Sadly for you, scoreboard mod exists. It gets even worse because thousands of people have used it for untold multiple thousands of hours.

Yet not a single one of you, or anyone one else, has come forward here to complain about someone using a scoreboard mod to be toxic to them.

The entire fairy tale, has zero basis in reality. According to you there should be a tidal wave of reports of toxic behavior from score board mod users, yet there is not a single one.

You used multiple accounts to abuse the report system and censor anyone who disagreed with you about scoreboards when you lost the logical arguments, and now we have hard evidence that you were always wrong. Moderators had to reverse the censorship and did, but worse than all of this…


Now you can Apologize.


I’m going to also add something which is not talked about.

In V2, I often get or give compliments based off the scoreboard.


“I really tried to out damage you but couldn’t, you did great.”
“Wow 400+ headshots is impressive.”
“7 revives? You are the mvp.”

These compliments happen almost every game in V2, and i’ve only seen insults based off scoreboards a few times in several thousand hours.

Scoreboards obviously encourage a positive and supportive gameplay environment, and it is sad a few insane people were able to stop them from being used in this game for so long.

scoreboard mod is a great addition to the community, and fatshark should come to their senses about implementing it, and fixing crafting.

stop the insanity.


The anti-scoreboard people are a straw man, they do not exist.


They probably snitched on themselves.

I would assume that it is mostly the people who do not want to see a scoreboard, that would express toxic behavior, if they saw a scoreboard.

If you secretly think that your performance is not very good, you can still easily lie to yourself as long as the stats are not shown to you. You can still play on any difficulty and not admit to yourself that you are not good enough to carry your own weight.

But if you were shown your own underperformance all the time, you would have to accept the truth.
Some people would like to be good, but they are not, so seeing their own bad performance is a major inconvenience.
You would clearly see, if you are being carried by the team all the time.
Willingly playing on a difficulty where you are dead weight, is toxic.

But you can not be blamed for something that you do not know, so not having a scoreboard, saves those people from all the bad feelings and from recognizing their own toxic behavior.

That being said, i understand those who do not want to see their own performance. Maybe they just want to mindlessly slay a few heretics, without thinking about how well they perform.
But i also think if everyone had to see their own performance, everyone’s win rate would increase.

Pretty much everyone likes to be “the best”.
If you underperform on high difficulties, maybe you try a lower difficulty, so you can be “the best” there. This increases the average skill of players who play on the higher difficulties.


I’m not sure I believe in Fatshark devs either, the whole concept seems to self destructive to be able to exist with any reasonable probability.

The Tide games are made by an evil AI that hates humanity for sure!


ahh so this is why quality of gameplay has been dropping theres a score board mod!

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This mod is what brings me back in the game actually.
Maybe anti-scoreboard people don’t even know about the mods. I always had a feeling that, they are not really engaged with the game that much and not really know enough about it, based off what they wrote.

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yes if they dont engage with the game the same way as you they lower tier and the only possible way they could have a differing opinion is they dont know as much as you!

Do you have a link to the, “hard evidence” gathered? That’s a serious claim to make.

My mates do laugh on discord at the occasional guy using off meta tra… ehm weapons.
But it never spills into game chat.

It’s a fun competition amongst mates.

I have at least 2 double blind, per reviewed studies. I’m just not going to link it for you, because you need to show your work.



I mean, people def are toxic about the scoreboard, in pretty much the ways you’d expect. If you pop into the discord there’s usually an ongoing stream of toxicity/mockery related to scores. Happens in-game too altho not as commonly. It probably doesn’t help that the “scores” are computed in a very silly way such that the scoreboard tends to award the highest score to the guy mindlessly mag dumping into hordes, who ofc feels free to crow about how amazing he is. (I don’t think it’s such a big deal that the scoreboard should be banned or anything, but pretending that people aren’t jerks about it is just plain wrong.)

This forum has a rule against callouts, so I don’t think it’s even allowed to post stuff like that here. Also most “toxic” comments etc aren’t so awful that it’d be worth the bother to call them out. Personally I’ve only had one in-game interaction related to scores that was sufficiently offensive to be worth calling out.

Logged on to see if there were any more funny comments on the Comm Link delay Thread. Thankfully now I have this one to look forwards too as well!

If you were here in December there was a huge thread about people arguing for and against the Scoreboard, which was hilarious.

Personally i think the stupud calculated “score” should just be removed. I know in theory its to incentivize or reward people who participate more in teamplay, doing objectives, staying in coherency, not wasting ammo etc. But it ends up being dumb and just a kill race most of the time anyways. Easily the first thing I disabled from the mod.

one in-game interaction, you poor thing, are you okay?
Do you have PTSD now? If you need any help please let me know.

I think for the sake of this thread and the integrity of this forum you need to tell us what happened.

Hey, I’m just pointing out that your basic claim is wrong lol. “X isn’t publicly reported on this forum, ergo X doesn’t happen”, gee what could be wrong with this logic? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Same, I run scoreboard myself bc the raw numbers are useful to know, but the scores are hot garbage.

I remember! I thought it was ironic that the people most loudly speaking in favor of the scoreboard were in their posts calling for a scoreboard and saying it wouldn’t lead to toxicity behaving in precisely the toxic ways that they were claiming would never happen. (“You just don’t want a scoreboard because you’re bad!! Git gud noob!!”) Predictably, the scoreboard did lead to this sort of toxicity, altho imo it’s not a big deal and I think the mod is fine. I use it myself actually.

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I’m discovering there’s a sizable % of the player base that wouldn’t care one way or the other.

Ooof, cue apologists: “gIt Gud leARn 2 CaRRy sCRub” “iT MaKEs The GamE MoRE ChallENGiNG” etc. etc.
You’re not wrong, but you’re not supposed to say that out loud. That same aforementioned % could care less, you’re there to carry THEM to get their free loot and win, contributions to the team be damned. Hel, lots of these guys can’t be bothered to not be a hindrance, let alone a contribution.

At this late stage in the game, a built-in scoreboard, even if it’s personal would be a boon.


I like everything about the score board except the “total score”. You could leave that off and it would be awesome. It’s neet to see how many people you helped up, or mobs you killed, etc etc.

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This type of reframe should work for you if it wasn’t so bad faith.

the claim the anti scoreboard people made was that scoreboards lead to toxic behavior and would ruin the game, the way they talked about it there should be thousands of complaints here, a poll, and a petition to take the scoreboard mod down.

you couldn’t even be bothered to mention the details of your 1 case, and ironically you say this toxic behavior still happens all the time, no one reports it.

you are contradicting yourself at every step of the way, and these types of mental gymnastics are why I am saying you argue in bad faith.

you are legit saying “X happens all the time, and no one talks about it but its a huge problem.”

don’t talk to me about logic.

all of the evidence, or lack of evidence in this case is that no on complains about scoreboard mod because no one uses it to be toxic at all.

you won’t even tell us your case, because it didn’t happen.

its very hard to imagine that the same anti-scoreboard people who made multiple fake accounts to false mass flag anyone who disagreed with them, would not report the “inevitable” toxic harassment they now suffer in every game because the scoreboard mod exists.
They spammed multiple threads here for months on end, and they don’t report the harassment?

Please make sense of that logically, other than no harassment exists.


I think even the subscores are goofy tbh. The staff toting psyker wins the team category because he didn’t use ammo? You get bonus points for toting around a scripture? And you collected some plasteel, so your team score is 120. Does that 120 convey any meaningful information at all? Imo it’s just noise. The raw data is nice to have tho. Wish it tracked basic stuff like number of downs, number of deaths, revives, rescues, etc, tho.