If the Scoreboard was actually toxic, they'd take it out of VT2

Don’t believe the lies, do your own research. Check the forums here and Reddit and Steam. Use the date search feature to remove all the recent discussion. You won’t find abused victims begging for the removal of the scoreboard. You will find people asking for even more data on the scoreboard; more scoreboard was a real and frequent request.
There was no demand for this and no internal research showed them it was toxic.
Fatshark is either spinning missing features, wants game journalist brownie points, or both.
Speaking of missing features, don’t forget that Darktide doesn’t have modding support, so you and your 3 friends don’t even have the private option for scoreboards.

Fatshark is welcome to prove me wrong by removing scoreboards from Vermintide 2. If I’m wrong then it will increase sales of Sienna’s DLC class due to all the people returning to the game after toxicity was removed. Nothing to lose but toxicity, right?


The Scoreboard is a tool, and as with most tools it is amoral. How it is used, to what ends, and why for is what makes it good or bad.

The tool itself isn’t toxic; the people who use it to feed their egos at the expense of others are.


Have you ever had that negatively affect you in Vermintide?

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let’s start that each class has its own role, and that some class will always do less than others, but because it is the role of the class, has nothing to do with being good or bad.

And that in this game might be even unbalanced not ironically as in, at end game players are going to do countless kills anyway, especially with veterans’ grenades spamming them. (which is not a problem)

you are gonna end with perhaps even 10k of kills? maybe? in the higher difficulties.
why these numbers have a meaning to you? do you wanna compare with others? which could be even understandable, but the fact each class has its own role, why would you even compare your scoreboard with the other ones?

Because these numbers will be always different, due to the fact this game has rng elements.

this could be effectively increase the chance of toxic behaviours, and honestly i think Fatshark removed because this game doesn’t really need due to the fact is more ranged focused.

even DRG has some minimal scoreboard honestly.
anyway, I think the best solution is perhaps giving a personal scoreboard where you can see only your own scoreboard, if you really want to see how many headshots you did in a game.

numbers that won’t have a meaning in the next day.
best regards.


Sometimes, but those players usually died early on in a run and then rage-quitted.

I believe most of you also seem to misunderstand what was meant with toxicity. It wasnt about players being rude to each other, that was literally never a community complain. But you know what else the community complained about?! Every Vermintide player, who was also active in forums, knows it. Its the reason why the two words “green circles” have such a negative impact in the forums now. Seems like Fatshark was aware of it and now tries another way, so this doesnt happen again.

The term “toxic” is a spook. Green circles is a friggin meme. I’d take some circle chaser dying, abandoning, or otherwise making a fool of themselves and wasting my time over FS trying to nanny a nonexistent issue.


Yep, the whole green circles toxicity drama was existed only on steam forum, but not in the game, it’s kinda phenomena there is so much attention to it.

Agreed the people who want scoreboards gone are the minority of players and they will be the ones who don’t play darktide for longer than a month and quit. Scoreboard is a must for player retention and competition. For all those concerned with greencircle chasers they already solved that with the coherence mechanic.

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I am pro scoreboard but that is not what I want to talk about. I would like to talk about your tin-foil-hat-esque way of debating that would make any populist politician blush.

You try to give your conspiracy theory a factual paint coat. The paint coat is that you say people can look up complaints about the scoreboard here, on Reddit, and on Steam and won’t find anything. But that excludes any internal complaints they may or may not have received and are not publicly available.

Even if your first part is factual (I haven’t checked, but let’s assume it is) and even if they have received no complaints on other channels - how exactly do you come to the following conclusion?

no internal research showed them it was toxic

You completely make that up, because obviously, you cannot know that.

And then we are not even talking about the completely twisted logic of them having to take out the scoreboard in previous games. It’s absolutely normal that newer iterations of a game series have different features - or the lack of them in this case - than previous ones.

But at least you were able to put off some steam by posting that nonsense after a hard day of 16 hours of labor in the industrial slave pens of Tertium just to come home and be beaten up by your ugly ogryn wife. How do you like that for making up facts? :laughing:

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Vermintide scoreboard is also very inaccurate.

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So they should have made it better, not remove it.

Removing a feature that is not bad at it’s core instead of first trying to make it better is the laziest thing possible.

Fatshark didn’t learn on Battlefield 2042 hard lesson with scoreboard.

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@MJD You’re right about more data, I want my Accuracy numbers on the Scoreboard.


I sure do want my scoreboard and to know what I have done, how many I have killed and so on. Not to mention we compete with our friends who does better!

I agree that the “reducing toxicity” argument has no merit. Playing as Iron Breaker on V2 i almost always did the lowest damage. Fatshark didnt even have a stat to showo how much damage i blocked (which would have been the team highscore almost every time).

Did i get abuse? No. people who played understood that not every class is about maximising their own damage.

The most ‘abuse’ i got was when V2 players would run off, die alone, and then (if they were host) end the game for everyone in a rage quit. thank god that wont be a thing in Darktide

toxicity can mean lots of things besides verbal abuse.

for example

exclusive behavior
selfish behavior
voluntary omission of assistance
verbal abuse is just another much more direct form of toxicity, of course you cant really prove or disprove that a scoreboard had an impact on any of this.

the argument “i never was verbally abused” doesn’t really defeat the toxicity claim as it is just one aspect.
not to mention that personal experiences carry little weight as they can vary tremendously.

all we can do is speculate on what FS intentions really are with limiting the pursuit in scoreboards,
my best guess would be they are convinced for one reason or another that the scoreboard incites
uncooperative behavior as that seems to be longest ongoing complaint.

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Sco - Sco - Scorebooooard.

Lets face it, its one less thing they have to program, so not putting it in saves them time. You should at least have an after battle report… Even if its just for each character, seen by each character. There has to be a way for us to actually see ’ what build works better '… when am I taking less damage, more damage… doing most damage depending on weapon used… Right now its just barebones an lazy…

Personal skill, your team and the RNG of the director dictates that more than your build.

Does any of this take prioity over unplayable issues in the game? Like people need an “At a boy!!” that badly, steam forums discussions are about actual issues, all i see here is scoreboard whining… official forums my eye…

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The one and only thing I did not like the most in VT2 is scoreboard.
And it creates the most EQ challenged players who just like to judge other by it and get mad of it at lower difficulty.