If the Scoreboard was actually toxic, they'd take it out of VT2

Id like a scoreboard
but id def use it as evidence against players not doing their job or playing the match poorly

I just wanna know how well I did, man. It’s easier to improve with more stats to track my progress. How’d that voidstrike staff I just unlocked compare against the surge staff I’ve been using? Hell if I know.

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I would LOVE to see how I performed.

Leaderboards are a dose of reality. It also makes no sense how they’re toxic because you can only see them AT THE END of the mission anyway. If a person is going to be toxic, it’s because that’s who they are, not because of numbers that they can’t even see yet.

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I hate that end game stats have been removed. Absolutely hate it. It was a HUGE part of the re playability. You could see what was working and what wasn’t (min max playstyle), stuff that felt strong, perhaps wasn’t as strong as you thought and vice versa. How many elites did I pop, and did I do much damage to the boss? And what’s wrong with a little competition. People are too soft these days. (one thing all score boards in games do is focus too much on killing and damage, Really need to show damage absorbed/blocked and defensive play)

What happens now when there are no stats to show different builds can work. People will leave when they see class with a non meta weapon or still be as toxic yelling at someone for not using the right weapon.

hell you already see people blaming low levels for dragging them down in malice when the low levels were last to down, and killed most of the elites…

as much as you can say the scoreboard encourages the toxic, it also counters it.

without having a bar to raise/ aim for… I for one, will get bored much sooner.

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