On the scoreboard topic

I mean, it’s a basic feature that nearly all games have. It is most definitely useful to see how you can improve as a player, or if you are playing your class incorrectly. It promotes questions and answers from other, more successful players. I know I’ve had the experience where a scoreboard literally changed my gaming life in that particular game. If it’s toxic to some people, have it toggleable. This is like controlling speech in my opinion. Have a chat filter. Same thing. This is the reason there are damage meter addons for most games as well. I would also like to see the health and UI of players I’m spectating when I’m down. It feels so strange and restrictive not having all of this data being displayed. My 2 cents.


Why are you making another pointless thread about this instead of reacting in dozen existing ones?

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If you’re playing your class correctly you may not see a score improvement. Not all classes are about kills and damage.

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No, which is why you need as detailed a score board as possible so that you can focus on the numbers relevant to you. Toxic players will be toxic no matter the score board.

Yeah, this thread does not need to exist. Merge it with an existing one.

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Did you ever think that the reason is because I wanted to? I don’t want to become part of a never ending stream of responses when I can create my own title and conversation. I’m not sure what the snootiness is about, but it’s odd to me. I’m not a frequenter of message boards, maybe that’s the problem. But when I walk into a bar and start talking to someone, I don’t expect them to say, “That’s already being talked about over there, go sit in that group”.

exactly. I’m not sure what they mean about preventing toxicity. I had a game today where someone kept shooting barrels next to me and laughing about it…without a scoreboard.

To sum up (from the threads you skipped, I guess): People who want to know who to blame when a run is a failure and people who want to compete. Both are directions Fatshark didn’t want Darktide to go in.

I’ve seen the other threads. Those reasons make zero sense and a vast amount of players agree that you can already tell who the failure is. The guy running ahead and getting himself killed, the guy shooting barrels next to his team mates, the guy standing afk etc. People are going to talk smack, you can’t get away from it. Check out the post from a toxic gamer, it’s actually fabulous. The competition thing is absurd and is all about catering to the cry babies. If you don’t want to look at the scoreboard, don’t push tab. To think that this game will turn into WoW is absurd as well. This is a totally different thing. I can kinda see both sides of this conversation to some degree, but in the end, this game needs A LOT more bells and whistles that are stock in nearly every other game. We don’t even have tooltips. It’s not ready for release.

You forget people who want to improve. I have no interest in competing or comparing for the sake of deriding other players. I do want to see how I perform compared to others without being an a**hat about it.

Im a simple man. I see a scoreboard post and i pray to the emperor that he will deliver one.