Gaslighting, toxicity, scoreboards, and crafting

Happy New year everyone.

They got you to play past the refund point in the beta, and that was the intent of the entire game.

The whole thing is an abusive gaslight.

I never see any toxic people in this game or v2 and I have 6k hours combined.

All I see are threads from a handful of people who say every single game they play in has 3 toxic people in it, and historically it was that we need to remove the scoreboards from V2 to stop these toxic trolls, but that was done for dark tide and still toxic people are everywhere according to some forum posters.

If you are the only person in every game who has problems with every other player, maybe you are not built for multi-player games, maybe everyone else isn’t the problem, just a thought. Maybe removing chat, banning people, reports, removing scoreboards, and mute functions will never be enough?

Scoreboard removal failed to eliminate all these masses of toxic people, I still read about how toxic all the players are in this game and how we need more punishment, yet I personally have only 2 people on block that I know of in 6k hours in fatshark games.

For more punishment we have calls that now we need to ban them, mute them, we really shouldn’t stop there! IRL punishment would be preferable, and to be clear this last part is my sarcasm but it would not shock me to see calls for IRL punishment, maybe jail time if they don’t like you in game, nothing shocks me anymore.

Removal of the scoreboard is really so that you can’t enjoy testing different builds to see how they stack up.

There never was a toxic player base in this game, and IF there was there is no reason, I can’t see my own stats, other than to deny my Autistic mind the joy I would have from testing different weapons.

You can pretend that I would be toxic if I saw other players stats, but that’s also just a gaslight.

This is the least toxic game in the modern world. No one cares about other people’s stats. I only need to see my stats, and why can’t I?

The reason is, they don’t want you to stick around, and take up bandwidth, so they are making the end game as toxic as possible, while gaslighting you all that you are toxic if you even bother to complain.

This is the same reason the crafting is so infinite, that is working as intended, to push you off from playing and using server bandwidth, and also to promote the use of real money to buy cool skins as that is the only thing left to do when you can’t craft what you want.

They got your money, no refunds, and since it’s working as intended no plan to fix anything any time soon.

Stay safe tonight, and don’t have false hope that fatshark is listening to you and is going to fix this before next year, vermintide 2 was in better shape at launch and it still took them a year to fix crafting that was 10,000 times better than this.


Kind of think you are right. I’ve run into a handful of jerks, but it’s just a handful.

Might be everyone I play with is a huge jerk but I don’t know because they don’t talk.

There was this one guy who really stood out. Premade on discord, recruited to help do penances… stopped communicating five minutes in, we figure he’s got a comms malfunction. We’e even talking about it for ten minutes, trying to type to him… nothing back.

Just before the end we’re in trouble, guys are calling out to him for help… and he suddenly starts talking again, was on comms the whole time not responding, and he has the gall to say he’s carrying us when he wouldn’t talk or help with the goals or respond at all for almost the whole run.

Then we wiped and everyone blocked him.

Another time a guy kept belching into his mic. I muted him and kept going.

That’s the exception. Not the rule. Anyone who is with someone toxic every round? Their problem is in their mirror.

Most toxic players are contained to one difficulty (T4) and they mostly get crappy over other players performance, scoreboards would give them more to harp on about. Best without them.


Once is enough. I aint listening to that. You guys can if you want.

just trying to understand this.

1 person bothers you one time, and we need sweeping changes to prevent another incident?

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I think the devs understand this as you do but will cater to the problem players when it suits their ulterior motives.

the scoreboard example is a good one… almost no one complains about it, tons of people use it to test builds, most people ignore it, but it improves end game and it takes work to implement.

If you don’t want to work to save money, cut the score board.

If you don’t want to have end game players sticking around to save money on server costs, cut the score board.

Then you can’t say the real reason is you want to save money, so you harvest the small group of complainer players who hate the score board and claim the score board is toxic.

BOOM scoreboard gone, you saved money, and you have a “reasonable” excuse for removing it, even if it is just a duplicitous gaslight in the end.

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I play mostly t5 and cata+ , but I do play t4 enough and I haven’t seen much trouble.

one incident was a guy who played elevator music, when we entered the elevators and air locks only.

for a fraction of a second i was like WTF, then I got the joke and couldn’t stop laughing.

that’s the fan base I know, and we aren’t toxic people at all. These false accusations are just a pile of poop.

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Strong disagree, the Tide games have attracted a weirdly toxic community for a co-op series. So far DT is mostly alright, no where near as bad as VT or VT2.

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An option to remove the chat box in the menu is just an option not a sweeping change.

Simple to do, optional for players what’s the problem with that.

Don’t understand why it might be a good option in the menu? Play more public games… You will soon enough.

Most of your preamble up there does not apply to me personally by the way and you seem to be trying to excuse toxicity in other players so you can have your scoreboard, something that was removed between VT2 and Darktide?

I Never played VT2 and I think a scoreboard at the end of the round would be fun.

But I’m still muting the entire team EVERYGAME.

The world I live in people don’t behave that way sorry for you if that’s the normal in your life. Really though is that how zoomers are? lol enlighten and old git…

But it is normal for people to avoid any communication with any other human being, because one human annoyed them once?

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Please excuse me pointing out hypocrisy in a recent post in a thread that i happened to look at.

I’ve been in precisely 1 (one) game with toxic people in my 200+ hours. About the same ratio as in V2.

“Toxicity” as a reason for not having a scoreboard is some reddit-tier BS.

Hit Sydney please.


You missed the part where he said: “if you’re constantly meeting toxic people, maybe you’re the problem”

I have around the same amount of hours in the tide games as OP. I’ve made friends, joined communities and learned so much about the game from kind strangers.

Darktide has been a bit more toxic than VT2, but that’s because there are designs in the game that force toxicity (Penances).

I know you’ll ignore this and blame me, the community, and the “toxic trolls” but seriously, tide games have a wholesome community


NGL Its a big self out that you have problems, if you have problems in this community.

The most tame, helpful and friendly community in modern gaming.

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Not by a longshot imo. Genshin impact and Honkai have been way more positive.

I’m 144 hours in, ran into 1 toxic person, put them on my blocklist and that was that. I’ve got almost every mission done on damnation. Scoreboards have been around forever and they are so fun. I really wish we would get it back.

Why do you think im a troll?

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mmm why am i not surprised. Meanwhile i would never have such an ugly encounter in a game like genshin impact.

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lol reported, reported for what, saying you live in a hugbox? quite the overreaction but makes sense


The huge number of friends I made playing both Vermintides? Yeah, I’m not the problem lol

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