86.94% of player base want Scoreboard in the game

According to independent research done on reddit, approximately 86.94% of gamers want a scoreboard in their game, so Fatshark stop pretending that people don’t need it and just add it to the game as it was done in VT 2


Not a scoreboard but sure I want stats at the end of my game.

But the score… I don’t need a score. That’s insane.

But I would appreciate to see how many dodges I did, how many attacks blocked, the number of time I died, how many time I have fallen on floor, how many teammates I revived, how many I liberated etc…
But a score… no thanks

Tbh, I modified the scoreboard mod to remove the score and display the kills by enemy type. Miss the horde enemies…


If you really need it, there is a mod for that. For me it is pretty obvious who did well in a mission. Besides, a scoreboard is a bad idea in a game full of nolife nerds (me included). I got scoffed at the other day for wasting 5 ammo, because someone had that show-exact-bullet-count mod.

I think you can figure out where this is going?


Sometimes the scoreboard tell you the contrary of what happened.
Example, you took damages, it lower your score… but sure if you stay hidden, your score will be better…
Other example, you use a weapon that has lot of ammos, then for each ammos “wasted” it lower the score. Now, take a revolver, you can waste a lot of bag / packs and get a better score than someone that took 2 bag when not full…
An other one… it doesn’t take in consideration if you damage enemies, only if you kill them. With a surge staff, you can seem to have not helped, if you consider what displays the score board… even if you were really helpful.


Sometimes I rush in, lose all grenades and half HP just to save that poor guy who made a stupid mistake. Now that looks bad on a scoreboard, so I guess I should never do it?

And like bragging rights for that dude who rushes ahead on 5+ and almost gets us all killed, because he wants more kills or something for better score?

No, thank you.

I swear to god this guy in my 5+ the other day said “If you don‘t rush you are stupid”.


Agree with you here…here several examples of what I would like…

I want useful stats, like how many time

  • we revived / liberated teamates
  • we died / fall

Data interesting:

  • material collected (scoreboard gives it)
  • medicae charge taken (same, scoreboard does it)
  • damages taken (same)
  • staggered enemies (same)

And stats interesting:

  • accuracy
  • weak spot hits
  • damages done by melee weapon
  • damages done by ranged weapon
  • damages on monstruosities / boss (scoreboard does it)

Additionnaly I like the fact the scoreboard count the kills you did… miss the horde kills.

But I really don’t want a score… I want to be able to compare what I did to see what is the most efficient weapon by example… or if I do better in my games…

Even if there was no comparison with others, it would be fine for me… as it can become toxic these comparisons.
But please, FS give us something to permit us to evaluate our contribution…


Such people will be toxic regardless and there is absolutely no point in removing information in some hope that this will make toxic players nice.

… as for score… if you mean a random number like the weaves had then that’s just pointless, but if it is a detailed breakdown of everything that you did during the mission then that’s amazing. I know well enough if I prioritised something over high numbers at points in the run.

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Yeah, so you know as well as I that this number says very little. It’s a poll for a small subset of gamers.

I never took this poll, I think the exclusion of a scoreboard is inexcusable, but yeah, be careful with numbers.

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Nothing will make toxic players nice. Still I don’t think adding fuel to the flame is the way to go.

Not to repeat myself, but there is a great mod and I do not agree a scoreboard is essential to this game. This is not to say that some form of summary at the end of a mission would be bad. Just not a priority IMHO.

FYI I never heard of that poll OP mentioned and I devour a lot of what internet has to say about Darktide.


I think that it should not take too much time to get this by the fatshark team of development.
I think that they should do it quickly. It tends to become toxic to see people arguing about the contribution of players just by the numbers of this "score"board.
Tbh, I would like that they give datas for you and finally the details of kills made in the mission, the total and yours.
I do not want comparison that we see in the scoreboard.

I mean, the game itself has characters yelling at you for not sharing ammo. But yea, some people are just gonna be dumb.

I like a good stats board.

Some of us have it:


With a scoreboard the bads will have to deal with people knowing exactly how they screwed up.

That’s the first step to solving the toxicity problem.


I doesn’t actually. It’s more damage, more staggered enemies, more revives.

If you need this, you die too many times :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless there is a comparison to the other players from your team, your numbers do not really mean anything.
You can not tell how well you perform, if the only comparison is your own stats from previous matches, when you do not know the circumstances of any of your performances (how much of the work your teammates did).

Literally everything can „cause toxicity“ or „become toxic“, because some people just are toxic.
As long as the scoreboard only shows real stats, and does not reward or punish anyone based on their score, the toxicity argument goes straight in the trash, every time it comes up.


The scoreboard mod is great. I love having the stats and it makes a huge difference for validating how you felt the match went and your impact on the team. Having stats is an essential part of the feedback loop for gameplay IMHO.

That said, if I were making a scoreboard, I wouldn’t bother with trying to tally things into a sub-scores and grand total “scores” like the mod does it. The “score” doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me are the individual line items and seeing where I did well or poorly. The “score” is stupid. The “stats” are what’s important.

So, I’d love to see the scoreboard mod clean things up, maybe just remove the “score” totals, and make the stats bigger and easier to parse quickly.

The other change I’d want to see is for your own stats to also include a % (percentage) column next to each stat, which is a % of the team total for that stat. That would provide a way to normally stats based on the actual quantities in the mission. Seeing where you contributed over/below 25% of the team stat would be great and much more useful IMHO as it would better let you compare runs and account for differences in the AI director, difficulty, etc.

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If this is an actual thought that you would have in regard to changing your own behavior, due to the presence of a scoreboard, then you are one of the toxic bois.

Also, scoreboards usually show „revives“, because this is a relevant stat.


The mod is great, but obviously need to be improved upon. My suggestions:

A lot of info there are just useless. Make it smaller and more objective, easy to read. Something like this:

Lesser Enemies killed:
Melee / Ranged Elites killed:
Specials: (Disablers, whatever they are, are all specials to me)
Boss Damage Dealt:
Weakspot / Critical:
Enemies Staggered: (if can make it work, its good)
Total Damage: (overkill is useless and a bad thing, not good thing to show)
Damage Taken:
Damage Blocked: (if possible, would be good for shield Ogryns, that spend a lot of time protecting the group).
Revived / Rescued:
Materials Collected:

And that’s it, everything else is pretty useless for most people. Too much information.
Of course it can never please everyone nor show everything relevant at the same time, so in my opinion, this set up would be optimal for most players.
(Considering my long experience with VM2 and other games like it)

Anyway, another option would be to make a way for us to tweak it ourselves, OR make more than 1 version of the MOD, which one giving out slightly different options, would be cool too.

Not just revives, but enemies staggered is good too. Also, even if someone has a LOT of damage taken as an example; that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if they don’t die and teammates don’t die or take much damage. It just means they “tanked” properly. It is common for shield ogryns as an example to take the most health damage. I’m not saying shield isn’t weak and that there are a lot of mediocre players using it, but it’s relevant.

I think if there is a health damage taken stat, there needs to be a toughness damage taken stat as well. The moba Smite is a good example of “bad” numbers not being bad. They have damage taken and damage mitigated stats on their end of game scoreboard and it makes you realize just how much heat the frontliners were bearing for the team.

Also being able to see team loadouts and blessings would pair extremely well with the scoreboard for showing those “invisible” stats like blessings or feats that make enemies take more damage and such.

It is fascinating how what would seem obvious to one person can be misunderstood by someone else. Or twisted. Not sure which one is worse.