86.94% of player base want Scoreboard in the game

I don’t think he was misunderstanding you’re comment. I think he was just adding on how if someone actually took your exampled situation that way, then they only care about stats and are innately toxic.

I would ask feature requests on the mod’s wall on Nexus. If you consider the experience with Vermintide 2 scoreboard, I suspect the mod will be always more in-detail than an in-game scoreboard as long they are able to collect date in-game.

But that was exactly my point. Somehow I don’t see that comment the way you do, but the problem might be me. Cheers!

Nah don’t worry about it. It just looked to me like you might have thought he was addressing you with

If this is an actual thought that you would have in regard to changing your own behavior, due to the presence of a scoreboard, then you are one of the toxic bois.

Just wanted to clear it up. Just in case.

100% of people don’t want to reroll perks at hadrons looking for that one that wont roll. We have been telling them this for ages and nothing changed :man_shrugging:

There are more important things than a stat sheet at the end of the mission but I wish you the best of luck.

Feels like shouting into the void trying to communicate with fatshark.


Damage blocked isn’t useful(best way to prevent damage is to kill/stagger the enemy, not hold block; lots of damage blocked might actually be indicator of low skill). Damaged blocked for others might be. (as in enemy is aggro’d on someone else and ogryn is in the way)

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That’s what I meant. But dunno if it’s possible to measure that like that.

And this is why a scoreboard is a bad idea. Gamers™ are going to Game™, and they’re going to latch onto any excuse to blame and harass others, no need to give them more fuel.


I don’t need to compare my performance against other players. I need information about my performance and performance of team as a whole. How many kills, how many specials killed, ammo wasted, % accuracy, coherency, T and HP dmg taken, etc…

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In the absence of full stats for each player, one approach is that you get three columns of data on the scoreboard for each reported metrics:

  • Your number
  • The total team number
  • Your percentage of the total

The latter item is key, because providing a % would “normalize” the data across runs, difficulty, etc. Anything you score more than 25% on means you’re doing more than the team average. Dosent matter if the whole run only spawned 500 enemies or 3000, the percentage adjusts for those absolute numbers.

I’d LOVE to see a stat board formatted like that (modders, hint hint…)

A scoreboard is important.
And hey, like the resources notifications, you can always add an OPT OUT option.

Hyper based

I want a stats hub in the hub. :triumph:


Not really…
You cannot compare someone that use a bolter, with someone that use a shotgun (me).
Same goes for psykers with a purge staff, or a zealot with flamer.

The scoreboard doesn’t really give me lot of infos I need.
But if I had the infos I, in one post, described, and could compare several games, then here you can see the difference and when you were bad or good.
Example. Today I took the boltgun… guess what… I did the bigger damages in the team (surprising, isn’t it?). This doesn’t give me any information (except that the bolter is too good).
But if I compare that with my other templates, then here it can give infos.

The amount of pre-emptive pearl-clutching and hand-wringing going on in opposition to scoreboards - an integral part of the gameplay loop for a great many players - is what is insane.

It amazes me how many people think the solution to 'someone might say something unpleasant ’ is to take away access to basic factual game information from everyone. It is a complete failure of reason, a fairly unhinged take on the causes of toxic behaviour, and demonstrative of an inability to cope with even the potential for interpersonal conflict.

Get a grip please. Displaying facts about the game is not “throwing fuel on the fire of toxic behaviour”. Give me strength.

If you don’t reinforce the player experience with feedback, either for satisfaction or for helping you reconcile your impression of a game with the cold hard numbers at the end, you’re going to struggle to retain players.

In a world where we have already plummeted from ~85k concurrent players on release, to hovering at ~5k since February, is our priority seriously “someone might get snarky about the numbers”?

Add a report system if you must. Punish toxic players instead of sterilising the player experience as espoused by the cynical sophistry on display in this thread.


Not pre-emptive. Look at the patterns for games that have them already, and look at the discussions around this game once the scoreboard mod started to be used.

It’s happening right now. Fatshark isn’t going to have the manpower that other games have in order to keep up with the targeted harassment that will happen.

Those who are against the scoreboard aren’t against someone being snarky in game, we’re against votekicks for not having meta weapons/classes, having a temper-tantrum over a group not kicking someone not having a meta weapon/class (negatively affecting the match), and the spread of poorly interpreted information. This happens in games with scoreboards all the time and is already happening in Darktide. Just check out the thread about the hate for shield Ogryns.

Also in what world is having a scoreboard more important that fixing core concept issues in a game that has had over 95% of the playerbase drop out because of said issues with the core concepts?

I’d much rather have them working on those issues then giving some inattentive players ways to stroke their epeen.


You don’t need a scoreboard to tell someone’s class or loadout.

I do agree with this though.

We don’t, but scoreboards give justification for people to harass someone about it. It allows the spread of incomplete and/or poorly interpreted numbers for those who want to dictate how other people play the game. Someone with the scoreboard puts out one or two screenshots of the scoreboard as ‘proof’ that a class/weapon doesn’t perform the way they want it to, and that spreads throughout the community.

Like I said, we’re already seeing the start of that happen here. We had it happen in the Vermintide games. We don’t need more of that.


Sure but then again it’s not like a majority of the community (or even close to it) is toxic and acting in that way.

Again, I can agree with this, but if the scoreboard isn’t the source of the problem, but only an enabler for the toxic few, then the scoreboard becomes a pretty moot point. Especially so if you look at the positive aspects of having a scoreboard (even if you don’t appreciate those aspects yourself). If people want to act toxic, they’ll use any reason for it, or be toxic for no reason at all. I doubt that changes much if they’re toxic because they had a bad day or because it’s a charming personality trait.

Vermintide 2. I played plenty of meme builds (usually not the OP ones) and definitely ended up on the lower end of the scoreboard quite often, but I rarely saw any toxicity from it. I didn’t do much of the mid-low difficulties but I dare say that most of the toxicity I saw took place on champion difficulty. If my experience rings true it might be more effective to shut off chat in champion difficulty rather that removing the scoreboard :slight_smile:

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