Lack of a scoreboard is still infuriatingly inane

Don’t think people stopped caring just because no one talks about it anymore.
Having to go through the hassle of installing, enabling, troubleshooting, and updating mods - just to have this absolute basic functionality in game that we can use as feedback for our playstyles is SO frustrating.
Why not just have a simple toggle in the options menu to show or hide the scoreboard for those players who seriously have a problem with it???
Anyone who really wants it is going to use it through mods anyways, the stubborn position of the developers is just making it more difficult…
Now more than ever with the new talent trees and builds, my friends and I always talk about how much we would like to be able to see how things worked at the end of the round and compare.


You don’t understand bro the scoreboard is toxic because it shows you how many kills you got and it is a cooperative game not competitive. :joy:

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If I make a veteran build based around killing specials and at the end of the round the ogryn skullcrusher with a shield got more than me I wanna know so I can rethink my strategy…
It has nothing to do with competition…


I know I’m being sarcastic. It’s really stupid they remove the scoreboard and then still let there be a mod one anyway. And that’s even funnier cause their original stance was no there won’t be any mods allowed.


Honestly, just make a ‘best of’ scoreboard where your performance in a given round is compared to your average performance and your record high performance, and show it only to you. That’d be neat.

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The fact that the scoreboard is one of the most downloaded mods shows that Fatshark is delusional, though anyone who has been around long enough should have known that by now.


Fair argument.
I glad you have option to know - mods.

With ingame leaderbord losers like me, I won’t play that game because of pros like you, that will blame sht out of me if Im just chilling and playing with nonmeta build. And I won’t have an option to hide it.

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the ramblings of the insane


You know who download mods?
Ppl who download mods.

You know how many of core audience do this?
I honestly don’t know but around 5% or less.

ok but no one would be mean to you, and I know that because I’m one of the people that would be mean to you and there’s like 5 of us in total

I’ve got a spicy hot take regarding that, but you wouldn’t wanna hear it.

Anyway, imagine still being salty about an issue you can fix with the click of two buttons.



For people who seek peace in games even 5 of you is enough.
I have no problem with telling people to fo but I know others that will take that much more seriously.

I seek peace and you are disrupting it by not letting me have a built-in scoreboard, the NAP has been violated and you must be destroyed

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Community management is something that is bigger that your desire to not pressing excess buttons.

U lb.

the community would be better managed with a built-in scoreboard, everyone wants it and no one that matters doesn’t want it

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Wow, what a chad uberme…sorry, uberplayer I mean.

But I have sad news for you. Even if you’d be part of dev team, with such weak a…s arguments nobody would do what you say


no fatshark wouldn’t do what I say because they are silly little swedish creatures, very unfortunate circumstances

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That’s the sort of solid logic I’ve come to expect from the ‘we need a score board people’…

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yes it is unassailable logic, I am glad we agree

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I think Darktide should have an official, built-in, mod selector.

With a big scary warning and a checkbox to agree.

Each mod would be generously donated some space in this forum.

Which would be reachable from a “Support” button from the mod selector.

Costs to Fatshark:

  • Copy-paste programming.
  • Legal stuff.
  • Community managers to vet mods.
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