Rogue Trader Psyker "Premium" Cosmetic problems

So, once again, we get a set of “Premium” priced cosmetics, and like with the Krieg Veteran cosmetic, the Rogue Trader Psyker particularly has some significant problems.

Most of the new cosmetics this set are neat for the concept they’re representing, so I won’t throw too much hate there. However, the Psyker feels particularly…unfinished. Like there was a set of armor intended to be modeled under the outer vest that just isn’t there.

Now, I’m not sure how this looks on a Male character, this may just be on a Female character, but the outer layer of this cosmetic sits several inches above the character’s body here, there’s a full hand-breadth’s gap between the shoulder and where the outer red vest is resting, same thing with the chest/belly/back areas, just empty void, and the fancy print sleeves just kinda end somewhere up there clipping into the inner black vest, it doesn’t look like they’re properly joined.

From the front, this causes the whole thing to look comically oversized

And from the back, we see all sorts of issues. The fancy-print arm sleeves just clip through everything, the character’s back, the bag on the belt, and the pipes just disappear clipping into the sleeves. The bottom of the shirt under the belt clips into the pants. I’m not sure how much of an issue this is with a weapon equipped, but it looks really funky in the purchase preview.

For something that’s being offered as a “Premium” item over typical purchases, this one doesn’t look like it’s finished or ready for sale.


It’s even worse!

The Psyker Rogue trader chest is just a recolor of a chest from another set that were on sale a couple of months ago :laughing:


Ah, good old extra time and extra effort at it again.

I have a particular suspicion the artists are being made to churn out these sets as quickly as possible to minimize the cost of them in man-hours and thus increase profits from sales. Sounds like the sort of thing managers would demand.

To quickly head anyone off, yes, I do think that is why we see such recycling of assets.


i honestly just think it’s hilarious because of how absolutely awful these new cosmetics look, and they have the balls to make them the most expensive line yet lmao :joy:

i haven’t even been playing this since it first launched on pc, but i was playing early enough to remember there being weapon skins in some of the bundles. i wanna know who’s buying these? lol i remember seeing a topic either on here, or on reddit, and it was someone saying something along the lines of, “at least we don’t have to worry about fatshark releasing cosmetics that look out of place”, and now we have literal pirates. and not even cool space pirates. like, jack-frickin-sparrow pirates.


I’m afraid people will always buy them, no matter what. They could bump the prices up to £30 per set and people would still buy all of the sets. I think it just goes to show who the real customers they want are, and it certainly isn’t me.

As for your comment about the styling of these sets, you’re absolutely bang on with the Pirates of the Caribbean in Space comparison. I think they’ve leant in way too hard on the piracy thing, especially as Rogue Traders encompass such a huge variety of different peoples who have acquired the licence by various means, and no two Traders are alike.


That’s the thing rogue traders are supposed to be the educated gentleman pirate
Basically the Stede Bonnet’s of the setting

These sets really fail to capture any of that. Rogue traders are usually incredibly rich and are apart of households that have thousands of years experience with being rogue traders. They look like well rejects.

Rogue traders are supposed to be the elite of society usually having wealth that well surpasses that of planetary governors.


There’s every chance all cosmetics, including the ‘premium’ ones are outsourced to low cost countries, so they can pay pennies on the dollar for them. That way FS can not only screw the customers, but also the artists. Every single cosmetic for this game screams loudly that they’ve been made hastily, for as little money as possible.

The correct retail price for each of these cosmetics is undoubtedly half or even a quarter of what they’re selling them for.

But, of course, as long as there are people who buy them, they will continue exploring even higher prices for them. That’s what all the horrific dark design and frustration design of the grind, RNG and crafting is about, after all. They want people to be frustrated by the crafting and the inability to get what they want, so that people might spend money to feel better and get something else they might want - namely cosmetics.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure a good chunk of them are outsourced; in-house Fatshark only has 4 people credited for character art, further down there’s an Adia Digital Art Co., Ltd with 16 credits for character art. Nothing wrong with outsourcing, but when you have a lot of issues putting it all together and charging a premium for the sloppiness? Then yeah.


Yep, Chinese company. Not that FatShark is in any way unique in outsourcing this stuff. But it puts the absurd prices into a very interesting context. Considering Adia’s other credited output in other games, they must be paying them next to nothing for the cosmetics. Especially when you consider just how many of the cosmetics are reused assets with small tidbits swapped around, and sometimes just a lazy color swap.


Attire for the strong-willed, enterprising soul who has decided “nah, getting laid’s just not for me”.

Gods below… I get that we’re supposed to be rejects, but why do these fückawful “premium” cosmetics have to look like we fell through a combination Spirit of Halloween thrift store?


Never ever known them to make outfits that fitted correctly or didn’t clip in some fashion since Vermintide 1! Accept there will always be issues and buy them regardless or don’t by the badly made outfits.

You have two choices.

Ahh, I see another one made the mistake of having a female character.
Well, you can’t just expect clothes being made for you.


They don’t even fit the style that Darktide is going for, in my opinion.

There would have been no problems if Fatshark had released sets similar to what you get in Owlcat’s “Rogue Trader”, but instead they chose a Jack sparrow Halloween pirate costume for grownups.

In my opinion, there is no way to save these sets and make them not so bad.

They could have at least made a sexy female pirate suit so we could have something to look at, but Fatshark, as usual, does not make sets for female characters.

Artwork from Owlcat’s Rogue Trader:


I really hate this, covet the Veterans and Zealots fancy hats, and am about to hand over an unreasonable amount of money for the now much more basic ass tricorn with a stupid hanky over my face because i missed it the first time and still want more Psyker drip.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

That’s a very diplomatic description. You’ve got more patience than I. Credit where it’s due.

Maybe the art team was playing the Cyberpunk 2077 updates in their downtime and got confused when they had to go back to work.


It saddens me that we came from a semi-reasonable system that Vermintide 2 had to this vastly overpriced FOMO drip.

I can earn these on Warframe, I could even earn these, albeit very slowly, on Anthem. Remember Anthem? I remember. I still play it sometimes :broken_heart:

And I say semi-reasonable because I came from the age before horse armour.

I was there the day that Bethesda sold the horse armour. Whose laughing now?

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Tod Howard.


tencent owns most of fatshark’s stock. tencent only understands MTX gouging. no amount of you comlaining will ever change it. go yell at tencent.

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low cost countries like china maybe? fatshark assured us tencent would have no effect on their games

Premium cosmetics are so horrifyingly bad in this game IDK why people would buy them. Male versions are usually bad enough, but the female versions are sometimes downright comical.

I see no quality, I see no passion, I see no care.

It is so heavily contrasted by the amount of care, detail, and visible passion going into maps, especially the new ones it’s hard for me to understand what the hell is going on. If it is outsourced, IDK why they haven’t found another company to do it yet, and if it’s in-house IDK how they are still working there.

My wife and I drop a few hundred bucks on PoE each league, but in that game basically, each skin (especially from supporter packs) looks like someone’s wildest personal pet project. In Darktide, it’s like each made by the intern who is just there for the hours who forgot the deadline and had to scrape something together ASAP. It’s downright shameful what they are trying to sell as “premium”.

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