Psyker premium extreme costume clipping


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Issue Description:
Not quite a bug maybe, but there’s some head/hair clipping through the new premium Psyker costume helmet when jogging, and some pretty extreme clipping when sprinting. Hilariously distracting.

The image attached doesn’t really do it justice.

The DLC Mortis costume does the same thing, head clips right through the plate.

Steps to Reproduce:
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here is the psyker mortis helmet, any time you move the back of your head clips through the helmet. also using steam

Same here.

It also happens with the collar of the “Munitorum Psyker Battledress (Bone Sands)” and the imperial edition facemask

Fyi, this does seem to be fixed.

It seemed to be fixed in a lobby, but the issue still exists.

Only the store cosmetic was fixed. All of the other clipping issues are still present in every cosmetic for Psyker. They don’t care, if they did this would be fixed by now.

Which ones in particular? I haven’t really noticed anything else.

Imperial Edition cosmetic helmet clips through the back of your characters head when moving. Imperial Edition Chest armor decorations clip into the armor making them not fully visible which makes the armor not match the advertisement picture.

Yeah it looks like I spoke too soon? I checked all three of the helms listed above after the patch and they worked just fine, but all three are clipping again.
As the poster above me noted, the chest decoration here seems to be clipping in a weird way.

Here is what it is supposed to look like:

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I reported the issue earlier today with the Imperial Edition stuff but it was a VERY salty report so they may not even look at it/bother doing anything.

Hopefully someone with more patience for Fatshark’s nonsense can get this looked at.

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