Protectus Pattern Psyker Livery (Needs Fixing)

So, The Lower part of this Chest Piece (Which Costs Real Money), Has a Giant glaring Problem, the Cloak is Attached to the Leg Skeleton, preventing it from being Free and Properly Effected by Physics.

I will State, this is an Amazing outfit and I Love it, but it is Actively Being Ruined because of this Issue, it needs Fixing, this is easily the Coolest Piece in the Entire Game for Psyker, but this is Bringing it down.

Now, this isnt something that is on My End, as this is a Problem with the Outfit itself, Please fix this when you can.

Wish you all the best of Luck and for a Speedy Fix to this Problem.

you dont have problem with hair being clipped by the backside of chestplate?

That dosnt bother me as much, As hair clipping through something is Incredibly Difficult to Stop at times, and Honestly, its not much of an Actual Issue, and in the Middle of Combat, you wont See it, but you Will see the Cloak not working properly and just Looking Weird.

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