Premium cosmetic clipping (Store and imperial edition)

Issue description:
Some cosmetics clip through character’s heads, specifically referring to the premium store bundle helmet for ogryn and the helmet from the imperial edition for psyker.

Upload Supporting Evidence:


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)


Yeah this is horrible, and i cant belive that such things can happen… dont they test the models they implement into the game??
We did pay real money for those cosmetics…
I did a little ressearch and hope they fix it… looks like they didnt fix those problems in the other games.

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I made a post about this but it was lost among the others.
I’ll add a few additions to the psyker one:

The cloth on the collar clips through the metal
The cloth on the front of the chest is too high/forward off the chest model which makes it clip through everything and hide the aesthetics. Compare the imperial edition advertisement image to the in game one and you’ll spot the difference.


I noticed this too, you can clearly see some sort of belts through the cloth sometimes, frankly this is really embarrasing, specialy for paid cosmetics. I just hope they listen and fix the problem, i don’t know what to trust anymore with these shoddy practices and, frankly, shitty management to reach these situations.